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The Maid

It was an important week at our home. It always is when a family has a break through versus a break down. My daughter was able to express (and make me believe it) that she was/is afraid that I would become too obsessed, too consumed by social media (i.e Twitter) as to not be present and available to connect and interact with her.  Here I thought it might be about her wanting me being more 'the maid'.  My daughter has many personality characteristics that are very close to what my own Mama's personality was (her grandmother). You will see where 'the maid'  plays a part in this.

There are various main components and vast family dynamics at play here on this one.  The first one is I have a 'thingy' about not being 'the maid'.  I do a maximum of 50% of all household chores including cooking even though my daughter works full time.  50% despite my Twitter addiction and now this blogging stuff. I usually 'hold the line' at 50% even.

Last weekend …

Earth Day

EARTH DAY~ Trying to Leave Petty Behind
No this post is not about Tom Petty. It is about the small, often unimportant grievances that sometimes agitate, irritate and annoy a person i.e. "me" on this totally beautiful Sunday morning (Earth Day) in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It has everything to do with coffee or what I deem to be my lack of it after just having brewed the fourth 12 cup pot of the morning, so that I could so very much enjoy my very own fourth cup of coffee.

You've probably seen/heard quotes from folks who love their guns indicating they would only give up their gun when it is pried from their cold, dead hand.  You've probably seen/heard quotes from entertainers and stand-up comics that indicate they'd only give up their microphones when that mic is pried from their cold, dead hand.

That's how I am about my coffee. I very much expect at my end that someone will be prying my cup of coffee out of my cold, dead  right hand and my TV remote out of my …

@3DogsWhite Unsuspended & other Twitter Stuff

This is a follow-up blog post to Twitter Suspended My Doggies @3DogsWhite

I received notification from Twitter Support via e-mail dated Monday, April 9 at 5:11 AM (Pacific Daylight Time) that upon our appeal reviewed that @3DogsWhite were scheduled for unsuspension within 24 hours.  There was no indication of why the suspension had originally been triggered, another 'read the Twitter rules' message was included in their verbiage.

When that unsuspension had not happened by the morning of Wednesday, April 11~ I sent a reply to that same ticket help number that they were still suspended. Only thing is  I got a reply back from Twitter Support saying that help ticket had been closed.

So I then had to send another help request to Twitter Support that requested they were scheduled for unsuspension but had not been unsuspended yet and I made sure to include the original ticket help number .  I think I also included in that message that the Twitter Rules had been read.  The only reply …

It Was An Accident ~ TWITTER STORY about "Language"


Image credit: Bing Images  Ding ding ding ding, that is the bell going off in my head! I'm so 'losing it'.  I had a twitter accident this past weekend I think it was. I only put the pieces all together just today.  A person whom I consider a dear tweep (and still do) was in distress over not being able to post pictures. Sometimes she posts pictures, sometimes sayings, she always funny, she always loves me, sometimes her stuff is a bit bawdy for my personal taste, but I love her and I 'get her'. It's her choice, she's my twitter friend and we've been friends for a good long spell now.

That very day while I was in direct twitter (as opposed to being in Tweetdeck), I noticed all the Instagram pics from other tweeters could not be viewed there, but those pictures were visible in Tweetdeck.  I rushed to RT (retweet) with reply my dear tweep with my gush of what I had noticed happening on direct twitter that day.

Thinkin' it was the next day when I …

Letters From Mama

Last week our Tulips finally came to full bloom here in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We have experienced some quite cooler weather and intermittent chilly winds. We had quite a lack of snow this past winter. We have no abundance of rain so far this Spring. Fire danger throughout the state of Wisconsin is very high.

 I was low on camera batteries last week. I failed to get out and get pictures of the Tulips then.  I got out to take a few pictures of our Tulips today, just a few minutes ago. Not delightful is my shadow seen taking the photos in every picture overshadowing the Tulips. They aren't usable to upload into the computer and post here. I find myself too exhausted (exasperated?) to try it all again.  Some days there is 'no win' except that prominent shadow of mine means we certainly do have some very bright sunshine here today.

Amidst all this, I got a wonderful memory of how all of this today reminded me of  'letters from Mama', the letters I would receive from Ma…

Twitter Suspended My Doggies @3DogsWhite

Subtitled: So Far Not A Happy Easter Weekend

Crump! Crump! Crump! (These being said in lieu of bad bad baaaaad other words, I'm a trying not to think, let alone say.)

When one bad word pops up into my mind, I 'crump' it away!  Bottom line is so far I'm not having a Happy Easter weekend and it is only Saturday!  I'm about worked up to "pissedamonious" which is standard and used cuss word in this household that I feel no moral or ethical need to block from my mind or mouth. For those of you who do not follow along my blog regularly.....

Pissedamonious ~ any combination percentage of beyond peeved, sanctimonious and acrimonious. It is prevalent and happens in our home, the social media, politics, and in the world at large.

I first directed that word at myself early this morning upon awakening. I have put off a dental need for too long until now it is almost an emergent situation. I'm aching and in terrible pain and doing everything in my power to hold it…

SHORT TAKES April 4, 2012

Oh!  I so lose track of time. Just about at least once a day there is just a little short something or other that happens. I tell myself I should write that down.  Then I promptly forget to write it down. I figured out my own remedy, we'll see how this works out. I'll put all them 'short happenings' here into Short Takes with a date on it. After I get enough of them to make what I consider a proper length blog post, well then I'll publish it.
* * *

Your Room Is Too Messy

A few weeks back I had to have that "your room is too messy" talk with Grand without directly saying "your room is too messy".

I began with an entrance I've have used before ~ "Wow, looks like a lot of electrical cords and electronics on the floor in your room. You know that's one reason I don't hang your clean laundry up in your closet or put it in your chest of drawers. I might fall and break my hip or worse break one of your expensive electronics."


OH La! @Oprah & @OWNTV

Subtitled: Dear Oprah

To those of you who think I'm writing to 'bite' Oprah ~ I sure am in hopefully a gentle, kind and loving way that the strength of my opinion (as it is) will shine through to her. If that's not the type of 'bite' you were looking for here in my place of opinion (not NEWS, but opinion) then go on and depart right now.

FIRST, I am quite taken by Super Soul Sunday only thing is I have far too many unwatched recordings and several I started to watch, couldn't stay up with them and the time demands of watching them and needed to erase to make room on the television recording system.

NEXT, it took me 24 hours of incremental watching to get through 3 consecutive hours of Dr. Wayne Dyer's THE SHIFT which aired for Super Soul Sunday yesterday. I was blessed by it and yet I was aggravated by it ~ too much time all at once for my brain to process.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has the ability to articulate with fluidity and smoothness some processes that b…