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A Pixie Named Dana and a #Pawcircle Too

@danapixie on Twitter Please meet this pixie named Dana!
We all know a part of loving a pet is the excruciating heartache that happens when as a responsible pet human it is discerned the quality of life due to medical conditions for your pet will not improve and it is far kinder to assist them with a final end of life care decision.
Intellectually, we are all capable of processing this, but emotionally it is still very devastating to have to let that animal go.  This was the situation we found ourselves in for our beloved dog Buddy this past week.
As many of you know, we simply wanted to Celebrate Buddy's Life and Celebrate Buddy's love, a #CBL hash tag on Twitter. Never have the words "Kindness Matters" meant more to our hurting hearts than this past week.  We could never possibly find all the right words or say enough "thank yous" to Dana for her kindness to our Buddy @3DogsWhite, Taz, Daisy and me. 
"Thank you, Dana!"
She stopped and made th…

Shelly's Adventure Mission #TheAviators ~ Maryland

@Shelly338 on Twitter #Whippet Power
Please meet Shelly a wonderful Whippet, a co-founder of  The Aviators Club on Twitter.
 @3DogsWhite are members of  The Aviators.  The Aviators fly three basic types of  flight missions.

"Porch Mission" when called for is to comfort any anipals or their pet humans in illness or crisis. A "Porch Mission" can be called for by any individual member.

Over The Rainbow Bridge ~  "OTRB Tribute Missions" are flown for anipals who have made the crossing to The Rainbow Bridge. The club leadership organizes these missions.

"Adventure Missions"  can be called for and done by any individual aviator.

When we knew our own Buddy of @3DogsWhite earthly time was shortened and this past week was his last time to fly in physical presence with Taz and Daisy, we called upon The Aviators and all our anipals of Twitter to take an adventure and by doing so we thought it would help us "Celebrate Buddy's Life" and &q…

#CBL = Celebrating Buddy's Life #TheAviators


Buddy April 20, 2002 to June 29, 2013
As it so happens we have come upon Buddy's last few days to fly before his last great flight Over The Rainbow Bridge.  Buddy is in end stage of life. His circulatory system has slowed. He has all the indicators of impending organ failure coming upon him very soon.  He has had several difficult and extreme episodes in the past six weeks. They took a lot out of him.  He does have an extraordinary need for rest and napping throughout each day now and during the night.
As much as our entire family would like to be the pet humans holding Buddy to our chests and willing him to be healed and whole, that is not the way it works. Instead, we hold Buddy to our chests daily and tell him how much we love him and how much he means to us.
Veterinary consultation, family conferencing, soul searching, prayers and a lot of tears have brought us to an end of life care decision.  Buddy is my Grand's (grandson's) dog and final agreement had to come betwe…


It Was A Good Year for the Irises
The "original" two clumps and two clumps only of Irises were located at the far end of this current bed three years ago.  My daughter who became the Resident Flower Gardner in Chief  took apart those two clumps, dividing them and distributing about anywhere we could on this property. She also gave away to other neighbors.  Our closest neighbor she made a flower garden for at the front of their home last year and indeed did transplant Irises into that one.  We had Irises blooming everywhere around us this season.

The "other side" at the front of our home

The Irises on this side were only just put in there last summer.  We were pleased they decided to bloom.  This particular pic may show you we have particularly sandy soil. The Irises do not seem to mind they are not given rich, black, top soil. My daughter is of the opinion they seem to thrive better just as the soil is. Frankly, I was skeptical about transplanting these here because t…

DAISY on Barkyard Drama

Barkyard Drama by guest blogger DAISY of  @3DogsWhite on Twitter

Introduction ~  Hello! My name is Daisy.  I have two brothers.  Taz is my brother from the same litter. We've never been apart our entire lives. When we were adopted in late Fall of 2011 we had to stay together. The gramma and her family that adopted us were delighted with that. Gramma has some trouble remembering dates and time passages, but she thinks we were born on February 2, 2006.  Not only are we now 7 years old, we were born on Donald Driver's birthday and live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For those of you who don't know, Donald Driver is a recently retired Green Bay Packers NFL football player and one of the most loved players in Packers history.  Taz and I are Maltese breed dogs.

Buddy is our brother from another mother (and father).  Buddy is 1/2 Jack Russell Terrier and 1/2 Rat Terrier. His birthday is April 20th.  He just turned 11 years old.  Buddy technically "belongs" to gramma's gran…