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Oct 20 and 21 ~ The Aviators Honor Departed Pets

WHO:The Aviators Club on twitter

WHAT and WHY:  will be flying it's quarterly tribute (memorial) mission to honor pets and anipals both known and unknown who've have gone

OTRB  <---- OverTheRainbowBridgein the past three months.

WHEN:   It is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 1:00 PM EST~ (which is 12 NOON Wisconsin time).

HOW:   If you would like the name of your departed pet called out in tribute during this flight please feel free to contact any one of these folks:

The Aviators Club @TheAviatorsClub

Dear Clyde @DearClyde

Shelly @Shelly338 <----  Shelly is the team leader for this mission

Twitelien @Twitelien

* * *
Australia and New Zealand Quarterly Tribute Mission
Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM AEST (Brisbane Time)
Mouche Cat @clingycat  is the team leader for the Australia and New Zealand mission
* * *
Recent Aviators Taz, Daisy and Buddy  also known as @3DogsWhite will be flying the October 20th mission. If you have the name of a departed pet or pets you would…

Blackie and Me

Blackie was my first dog.  Actually he was a 'family dog'.  I rather suspect he was initially chosen to give my two older brothers some responsibility in caring for something of their own and to act as a 'calming' influence to their own exuberant personalities. As my mama also had a brand new baby boy to care for, realistically Blackie became my mostly full time companion during my waking hours and my daytime babysitter. Blackie was my first dog.

THE ESCAPE ARTIST ~ Family legends and lore say I made my first escape from my baby crib at age 9 months and made it several rooms away before I was discovered. This was pre-Blackie in our lives. With Blackie, another family legend says I was found a quarter of a mile down a fairly busy roadway making mud pies just off the shoulder of the road with Blackie lying on the shoulder of the road (facing me) curled (curved) like the top half of a full moon as his attempt to protect me. No harm came to me or Blackie for the 'mudpi…