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@OlCracker ~ A Love Story Begins

OlCracker ~ My next lifetime hubby
@OlCrackeron twitter, not just a 'twaffair'  ~  Yes, I saw this pic, a tall man with striking facial bones, strongly sculpted arms (guns, they call arms like that guns), wearing a cowboy hat, holding a fine looking chicken. What's not to love about that?

Not being a completely  'shallow woman' affixed to a person by 'looks' only, his bio said he was an ASCAP songwriter. That intrigued me.  I've been putting song poems together since I was a teenager. Many of them were what was then called 'novelty' songs.  In early adulthood the music would come to me for some of the songs poems I was writing. Though I couldn't write the music down, I could at least sing how it was supposed to go. It was a creative outlet, it was fun. In my early adulthood, I had a very good time and some success with originating and selling some advertising jingles and donating one of my produced original songs to be used as the background …

The Aviators

Twitter  blessings ----> THE AVIATORS 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 the biggest twitter blessing of the week came while I was helping  Taz, Daisy and Buddy@3DogsWhite with their twitter account.

They had received a tweet from Lolly@LollyMadonna  about a 'memorial flight' scheduled for 5:00 PM Eastern Time. I didn't understand what that was about.  Me and the doggies stumbled upon something beautiful. Right then it was 4:00 PM Wisconsin time which is 5:00 PM Eastern time.

We found THE AVIATORS  (their twitter hashtag #theaviators).  We began to see tweets and retweets happening about a flight mission, a memorial flight for all departed pets and animals who went OTRB <---  Over The Rainbow Bridge andGTRB <---- Gone To Rainbow Bridge

  ~  For those of you who do not know what the concept of The Rainbow Bridge is, here is the story. People who love their pets and animals that die often find great comfort with this.

Image Credit:  The Preppy Pink and Green Puppy

So many…

This That The Other July 16th

Formerly known as "Short Takes" here is "This That The Other " for this past week.

Rockin' The Star Spangled Banner ~ Ms. Janet Hansen@Scout66com on twitter, a music marketing specialist and publicist out of Nashville, Tennessee asked me if I'd be interested in giving Madison Rising and their rock version of
The Star Spangled Banner a mention at my blog site.

Now, even though Ms. Janet knows I pretty much adore her, I will not go 'outta my way' to be obliging unless I listen and make up my mind for myself.  I'm a hard headed woman that way. Ms. Janet would expect me to be just the way I am.

 I enjoyed my listen and I enjoyed reading Ms. Janet's blog post.   The lead singer for Madison Rising is a U.S. Navy veteran. You can read more about them at Ms. Janet's Scout66com blog post
Madison Rising: Rock 'n Reverence Like You've Never Seen .  If you came here today with a limited amount of time, here with permission, their song video …

TAZ on Home Dog Grooming

Home Dog Grooming by guest blogger TAZ of  @3DogsWhite on Twitter

Itz wuz only 10 short dayz ago I was happily standing next to my sister Daisy in the backyard on her photo shootz day.

Thenz comes Sunday, July 8, 2012 ......


Our GK's daughter invested in a wonderful pair of pet clipperz cuz the professional doggie grooming place the last timez they uzed it rounded off  to a cost of $60.00 for one doggie.  GK's daughter made a wonderful soft baby blanket sling apparatus to keepz us safe when she workz on our heads, whiskers, ears, and trims our nails. Sunday's session was leash only out on the garage work bench. (FREESTYLINGZ)   GK's daughter called GK in several timez to calmz me, makez me feel securez. I also called GK in several timez to make me feel even more securez.
The nicest thingz about home grooming vs. professional grooming iz  GK called a FULL STOP BREAK TIMEZ OUT!  I gotz to run offz a lotz of tension in…

Mama Ain't Happy

Image credit:  Signs For Our Lives Quote credit: Who knows who originally said this?
Litany of Complaints Let Me Unload My Gunnysack Dear Daughter Life in America

"Gunnysacking is when someone silently collects irritations and slights until "the last straw is placed on them" causing an overblown reaction." ~   Definition source: Gunnysacking Wikipedia

Dear Daughter,

You abundantly fill my life with many treasured moments. I do my best to relay these to you when you are available to me.

However recently we've once again hit a 'rough patch'.  "Timing" is everything, right now the 'timing' for me to speak with you face to face is plainly 'not good'.  I do have extreme need to clear my mind of a few things any way I can (my blog) to cast out some irritations before they build so high that a nuclear detonation followed by an intense heat meltdown occurs.

MY PICTURES ~ Yes I did notice my 11th grade school portrait showed up on the li…