Oct 20 and 21 ~ The Aviators Honor Departed Pets

WHO:   The Aviators Club on twitter

WHAT and WHY:  will be flying it's quarterly tribute (memorial) mission to honor pets and anipals both known and unknown who've have gone

OTRB  <---- Over The Rainbow Bridge in the past three months.

WHEN:   It is scheduled for Saturday, October 20, 2012 at 1:00 PM EST ~ (which is 12 NOON Wisconsin time).

HOW:   If you would like the name of your departed pet called out in tribute during this flight please feel free to contact any one of these folks:

The Aviators Club @TheAviatorsClub 

Dear Clyde @DearClyde

Shelly @Shelly338 <----  Shelly is the team leader for this mission

Twitelien @Twitelien

* * *
Australia and New Zealand Quarterly Tribute Mission
Sunday, October 21, 2012 at 7:00 PM AEST (Brisbane Time)
Mouche Cat @clingycat  is the team leader for the Australia and New Zealand mission
* * *
Recent Aviators  Taz, Daisy and Buddy  also known as @3DogsWhite will be flying the October 20th mission. If you have the name of a departed pet or pets you would like called out in tribute, please feel free to leave their name in the comment reply here.

You can follow this mission or follow what the aviators are up to on twitter by finding their hashtag #theaviators

Here's the story of how the 3DogsWhite and myself  found the aviators on their last OTRB mission:
The Aviators




If you are interested in joining The Aviators please contact    The Aviators Club @TheAviatorsClub  .
* * *
You can find me @grammakaye on twitter.


  1. Thank you so much for this blog post Kaye. You have easily become our greatest supporter. much love & hugs xo

    1. Taz, Daisy, Buddy and myself love all our anipals on twitter. There are so many wonderful anipal groups and organizations there. Between my own twitter account and the three doggies twitter account, 'time' can be a limiting factor to engage in as many activities there as are offered.

      We were blessed to have found The Aviators and be invited to participate. We love their missions. It'd be a shame of 'wasted blog space' not to put forth every effort toward this remarkable group of anipals, furriends, friends and animal loving people. Glad we got the Australia/New Zealand information update in. Happy flying Mouche! ~ Kaye

  2. We have these anipals to call our so far

    Whiskers Mark's kitty
    Brandy Pam's doggie
    Shadow ~ Alex's kitty
    Sawyer ~ Amanda's kitty

    Luv Daisy for all @3DogsWhite

  3. Kaye they are so Cute, I could never have gotten skipper to sit still for such things, and my wife's dog was a mini pincher wouldn't wear sweaters either. Bill

    1. Gosh, I missed this comment Bill! Please forgive me. I adore these doggies and I'm very proud that we as a team can contribute in any small way to something 'good' in this Universe.

      That lil Taz has gained about 2 lbs. since he and Daisy arrived last year. His blue sweater is now pretty tight. I'll have to be sure to mention that to the daughter. She so loves to go shopping for the doggies and doggie things. The two little ones mostly wear their sweaters for short 'ride-outs' when it is kkkk-kold outside. Thanks for visiting me Bill and leaving a comment. ~Kaye


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