EVEN THE SHARKS KNOW..... The recent event of 25 Great White Sharks counted so  immediately close to an area of the California coast beach line is not an anomaly - it is a subtle warning message to American politicians - they are wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner, more precisely to be the main course of each shark's feeding. I can only hope that regular citizens have the common sense to behave and stay away until those sharks head back to sea. After all it was and is their ocean first.  
Getting back to those American politicians and those sharks: The only reason the sharks have not made an appearance at the East Coast Atlantic ocean close to Washington, D.C. is because they know the federal politics there is beyond a swamp but a huge, nasty, stinky cesspool that bubbles and grows bigger each and every day.  Washington D.C. and federal politics do not seem to be a sustainable environmental system in today's current climate.  
I fear for the sharks. They eat politicians and …

#TheAviators OTRB Missions Tips

#TheAviators from @theaviatorsclub on Twitter will  fly two OTRB Tribute Missions January 11, 2014 They are the Southern Mission flown first and the Northern Mission flown last. ( WorldwideTime zones and cities charts below)
We have prepared flight tips for aviators, which includes good information for attendees:
Aviators:  Wear your goggles on mission day. (Use them as your avatar)

Aviators throughout the Missions and Twitter Public participating in Open Program:

Use #TheAviators #JanTF in all your tweets as hashtags so all may see your tweets.

How to:

Bring up #TheAviators hashtag in direct (regular) twitter by placing #TheAviators into Twitter's search feature, and clicking on All (so all tweets are shown) 

Applications like TweetDeck allow you to bring up #TheAviators hashtag and add it as a column to follow.

Aviators Mission leaders: 
Mouche @clingycat on Twitter leads the Southern Mission
Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite leads the Northern Mission

You can also keep eyes out for your Mission lead…

#TheAviators Jan 11 Northern Mission Program

January 11, 2014 #TheAviators  OTRB Tribute Flights Twitter Missions Northern Mission Program 2:00 PM EST USA
(Worldwide time zones and cities chart for both missions below)

Southern Mission Information
is also included further below the Northern Mission program
Southern Mission is the first flight of the day

Hashtags to be used #TheAviators #JanTF both missions
Pre- flight Official Greeter and Introduction 
Gordon @Jayney54

Opening Mission Remarks - Mission Leaders
Daisy and Taz  @3DogsWhite
Flight Mission Prayer
Sulley @Helhawk

OTRB Tribute Balloon Check
Barley @oneinthere

Going Home - Bagpipes Music for departed #TheAviators
@theaviatorsclub which
 will also introduce @DearClyde

to bring
OTRB Tributes for departed #TheAviators
 @DearClyde - #TheAviators co-founder

Departed Aviators are:
October 22 Samson @SamsonsMama3
October 24 Bilbo @bilbo_the_bunny
October 28 ZobyDoby @ZobyDoby1
November 20 Phi @3phibotticelli
December 16 Sam (Samantha) @samthewatcher
January 5 Stewie @stewieandmilou
January 6 Miss Reine @Re…

#TheAviators Jan 11 Comprehensive Mission Briefing


MISSION GOAL:  To recognize for families and honor their pets and animals who have passed away OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge) with the great hope that by doing so we may bring comfort to their grief and loss and in some small way help facilitate their healing. 

We humbly and sincerely ask all #TheAviators to keep this mission goal heart centered and primary focus. We understand how these missions reflect so well upon the club and we have appropriate pride in flying #TheAviators.  These missions are not tasks for club glory or personal glory. They were born from love and only happen from those #TheAviators hearts dedicated to love and service to others. 

January 11, 2014 represents the seventh #TheAviators Quarterly OTRB Flight Missions. (began July 2012).

Founders @DearClyde@Shelly338  and   @cori_berman along with a small group of beginning #TheAviators could not have foreseen how their very first honor flight May 25, 2012 to recogni…

Buddy's Legacy

Celebrating Buddy's Life #CBL

A huge number of "tweeps" (Twitter people and anipals) tweeted and re-tweeted information to help us get the word out about our Buddy's last few days here on earth and what Buddy, Taz, Daisy and myself wanted to do (ADVENTURE) and hoped some of you would share ours and do your own to celebrate his life. From the bottom of all our hearts, "Thank You."

Literally, another huge number of  "tweeps" sent messages of love, support, encouragement, greetings before and after Buddy went OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge). From the bottom of all our hearts, "Thank You."

Progressing forward, please do not fear or hesitate to tweet @3DogsWhite when you have a need to be shared. We will do our best for you.  Not only does a "shared burden lighten the load" but as Charles Dickens said, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others."

We want to uphold to having a "tweet life" …

DearClyde Adventure Mission #TheAviators ~ Hershey, PA

June 29th
Celebrating Buddy's Life#CBL
The Aviators @theaviatorsclub  #TheAviators on Twitter

@DearClyde 's Adventure Mission Hershey, Pennsylvania
Meet@DearClyde, co-founder of The Aviators Club on Twitter.  DearClyde is also a member of #BBOT (Bad Boys Of Twitter), #Schnauzergang, #WLF and committed sweetheart to @MollyLaChien. DearClyde is an intelligent, busy and social dog and as great a furriend any pal could ever ask for. It is our privilege to share his "hometown" of Hershey, Pennsylvania adventure mission with you.

Last week DearClyde specifically upgraded his jet to go adventuring.Our Buddy was extremely impressed then! It really came as "no surprise" when Buddy and many of his #TheAviators pals over at The Rainbow Bridge heard that Taz, Daisy and myself were blogging ,we immediately heard from Buddy.
Buddy got on the "spirit phone" and flat out requested for them all that DearClyde's plane be shown. Not only "shown", they …