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Thinking Dandelions ~ I was just thinking about Dandelions this weekend, I even took this picture over the weekend, with a 'maybe' on if  I'd work up a Dandelions blog post. "Direct synchronicity" hit this morning...

@WISCTV_News3 (Madison, Wisconsin television station)  twitter feed had a story indicating Dandelions will be abundant this season:  Dandelions More Numerous This Spring.

I love to think. Sometimes my brain simply will not cooperate as I would like it to. This weekend's Dandelions 'think festival' was actually fairly brief.

1.  I've always loved the bright yellow color of blooming Dandelions. Such a happy color and easy to see.

2.  It took time for my fingers to 'catch on' when I was a child to make those Dandelion chains and Dandelion crowns.  My Auntie who grew the Shasta Daisies surely did not offer the precious dedication of raising them flowers up as to allow their blooms to be sacrificed in these ways. Dandelions were in…

Alleged Panties Flashing Brings Healing

Subtitled:  How My Alleged Panties Flashing Brings Some Healing to The Disconnects

 School ~ Learning in school was not hard for me. Reading far in advance of my age level was not hard for me. Sitting still all day long in school was very hard for me. I think I was 'in motion' since I was born. I loved recess at school and I put every fiber of my being into it. The other girls didn't do the 'monkey bars' or even half of what playground equipment was offered. I did all the playground equipment. Of course, my family's penchant for cleanliness and washing up, meant I had to wash my hands and face, get the dust off my socks, sometimes wash the playground dirt and dust from my legs in the girl's bathroom and make it back to my classroom seat on time. It was worth it.

I did not have a hard time with the other girls.  A small group of about four other girls sometimes seemed to have a hard time for me. I didn't understand it, I usually ignored it, …

The Disconnects

Subtitled: The Prelude to How My Alleged Panties Flashing Helped to Heal The Disconnects 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident...." ~  The "Preamble" the the United States Declaration of Independence.  As a little girl, "truth and truths" were not always self-evident. The only thing self-evident were the consequences if you did not tell the truth (or were thought not to be telling the truth) and sometimes the consequences when you did tell the truth. 
TWO TRUTHS ~  The two truths that became evident about me and my life that have stood the test of time are
1.  "Smart as a whip, dumb as a rock all at the same time." (I tweeted this to a friend the other week.)
2.  "Catalyst" as in no matter who or what, anytime I was around, things were bound to happen.
BusyAuntie E2 was a complete busy body and I mean that in the kindest, most loving way. She got me off to school every morning, spent her first two hours cleaning house (she…


Image Credit: Bing Images Additional attribution Marcus Ward & Co. greeting cards
Forgive them for any mixed messages moments that you considered unjust at the time.
THE RULE ~  Do not accept candy from strangers, do not accept rides either, in fact do not get into a car with any person you do not know.
While living with Auntie E2 and Uncle Earl 2 was less strict, this was also one of their stated rules of conduct when I came to live there. As a young child, I was known to drive people crazy with my questions. Previously, I had questioned Mama as to why. Mama's long index finger pointed at my face and the 'absolute' tone of her voice as in, "You will do as you're told." more than implied and inspired complete loyalty and acceptance to this rule. 
My Sunday Schedule ~  I went to Sunday School, I loved it.  Now, I had the freedom not to be parked on a church bench for the morning service that followed Sunday School. Auntie E2 provided me with a Timex watch …


Welcome Green Bay Packers rookies to Green Bay, Wisconsin

You will be officially orientated and inundated with vasts amount of information and abundant work as you begin the path to your professional football career through your new employer.  I don't want to complicate that, I do want to give you these few tips. Several of these tips are targeted for the time not that far away when you officially begin to settle, get your own place and live in Green Bay.

FEELING AT HOME ~  I understand that you are now fully grown men who first left home to go to college. There still might be a few times you miss family members, loved ones, significant others. There may be times when your new place simply doesn't feel 'at home'.

BUY A BAKING SHEET or COOKIE SHEET  and a spatula  ~ You don't have to make a mess trying to mix from scratch cookies or invest in all the ingredients and supplies to do so. You can buy cookie dough from the grocery store, follow directions, cut it up, put…

Remembering Them and Then

FAMILY STORIES ~ Here's the thing, they are as you remember them in your own life or as best as you can recollect the telling of other stories, some from before your own time spoken by other family members. Just like the orally told origins and family provenance of some of the items shown on the Antiques Road Show (television show on PBS), they can be accurate, partially accurate with some additional information provided right there, partially inaccurate or even totally inaccurate. The point is they are family stories.

You have to 'call 'em as you see 'em' and simply do the best you can do. Sometimes they are patchwork pieces put together from long, long ago memories and family hearsay. I had the hardest time putting together Blackie and Me  because my old lady brain had to reach back to some of my very earliest childhood memories and historical family hearsay to piece it together continuing with a very strong belief that a serious "wrong" was committed i…