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The Little Prayer Book That Could and Did

Subtitled: Are You Grieving and Hurting Right Now and Think You Might Be Crazy?

Introduction: "Pfwheww"! ~ This is a hard one.

I have this story I want to share.  I have been in writer's avoidance of doing so because to put it to words means I have to re-visit some deeply personal and painful places in my psyche and mind and share them. Even though I feel healed and wholeness now, it is very difficult to 'look back on the sad days' so to say.

 My main social media is twitter and several people have recently come under my observation at having lost to death very meaningful people in their lives this past three months. Some are folks who don't follow me and I don't follow them, I just heard about what happened through the 'twittervine'.

So here I am attempting to reach beyond myself with the hope, this little blog post will reach out, touch and positively impact one person who may be feeling empty, completely alone, perhaps in question of their own…

About @3DogsWhite

Introducing 3DogsWhite @3DogsWhite on twitter!/3DogsWhite
 "and the plan is there is no real plan..." 

Daisy, Buddy, Taz
Taz, Daisy, Buddy ~ from bottom to top their twitter profile picture
Giving credit where credit is due: The first pet on twitter I can remember seeing was Tucker James @pugbeaglemix whom  Dustin (@siouxhockeyfan1 on twitter) belongs to. Dustin is a Packers fan.
I follow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump (@LisaVanderpump on twitter), so following her Sir Giggy (@giggythepom) was a natural progression for me. Here, there and everywhere on twitter I'm seeing a veritable upward trend of pets on twitter.
Well, me and my doggies wanted 'in on the trend'. We know the legion of Green Bay Packers fans have pets they adore and share pictures with us. We know the Green Bay Packers players themselves have pets they adore and share pictures with us.
We know that retired actor Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1 on twitter), his wife Sh…

The Magic of Eilif ~ Part Two

Image Credit: Blogs Nosey Parker Toronto Sun
Subtitled: Eilif, I Have Great Ambitions for You

This story is dedicated to Eilif Skodvin and  Eilif Kiland.

Please remember to read The Magic of Eilif ~ Part One so you may catch up to this point in the story.

Some few days passed. I can't remember exactly how many. I am fairly accurate on keeping track of what day it currently is.

One morning I have awakened myself, talking (babbling?) in my sleep.  I lift up, swing out of the bed, put my feet on the carpet and have that very rare moment of being able to capture what it was I was talking to myself about before I woke myself up doing it. The magic of Eilif has once again come into play.

"Eilif ~ I live because I matter. Eilif ~ I matter because I live."  ~ these are exact words ~ I kept repeating them out loud on the way to the bathroom.  After that necessary relief, I went to my computer desk and I scrawled them in a spiral notebook I keep there.

Before this morning eve…

The Magic of Eilif ~ Part One

Subtitled: Eilif, I Have Great Ambitions for You

This story is dedicated to Eilif Skodvin and  Eilif Kiland.

Image Credit: Blogs Nosey Parker Toronto Sun
I became delighted in watching the NetFlix Original Series LilyHammer. The premise is an American mobster (gangster) relocates to Lillehammer, Norway via 'witness protection' and re-starts his life.

The mobster is played by Steven Van Zandt.  I'm so proud to say I already knew of him as an accomplished musician with "Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band"  long before I held on to his every word, breath and frowning nuance playing character Silvio Dante in American television's The Sopranos.

I would watch LilyHammer. I would smile. Smiles became chuckles. Chuckles became roaring laughter. My basic 'social media' is Twitter. I began to tweet and tell people about LilyHammer. In some way, I felt connected to this show. I needed to figure out why?  I did figure it out.

I grew up in an isolated mount…

Irish You Love

Irish you this, Irish you that, Irish you the other ~ Irish you joy, but most of all each & every day Irish you love.
* * *
These 'Irish yous' are really suited for a closing or an 'outro'. I'm using them for an introduction just in case you don't read to the ending of this blog post.

Here I sit at 6:30 a.m. on St. Patrick's Day in the draft I started two (?) days back and got too tired and too cranky to get back to yesterday afternoon and evening.  It held only a wee kernel of an idea and few scarce words.  I've put on my Celtic gene stubborn and I shall conquer this post right now.

If you find yourself sitting in a church or a tavern today or both ~ or anywhere else, may you feel  light hearted and happy. I do mightily harp if you are drinking today, please do not drive. Make appropriate transportation arrangements before lifting any alcoholic beverage to your lips.

Alrighty then, let's get on to the "Irish You Love" part. Some yea…

It's Been A Long Time Coming

I've wanted my own place, my own spot in the world to test out putting my thoughts into words for a very long time.  Frankly, I didn't know how much commitment I could give to a 'writing place'. And then there was (is) the fear! I'm not so technically skilled at how to do set-up, design, templates. My spelling skills and grammar have come up lacking. I never know how much brain power I have on any given day. I don't know how much life force or energy I will have on any given day either.  I vigorously twitter & tweet in 140 character increments. My goodness if I have learned to do that, can I do this too?

What tipped the scales to that famous Nike slogan "Just do it" & I did it. It was Emily Frankel. She is a regular, consistent, hard-at-it blogger who is such an accomplished woman in  both writing & so many other areas. She said something like she enjoyed my comments on her blog so much they were liken to me having a blog of my own. Mind …