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Image Credit:  EPA Government
Growing stronger around me on a daily basis has been the vibe of the SMUGGIES ~ the SMUGGIES not to be confused with the MUGGIES although both do have some commonalities. ~

The MUGGIES is a weather term used in Northeast Wisconsin for high heat days that come with high humidity. These days typically occur in late Spring and throughout the Summer seasons.  Air quality therefore breathe ability is usually low.  It is suffocating to be outdoors for more than brief times and when a person walks outside into it, one feels as though they have hit not only a wall of heat, it is oppressive.  Strenuous activities like running or jogging can be dangerous. (Green Bay recently had a marathon canceled after it had started for these very reasons.) Even short-term activities less strenuous like mowing the yard can be dangerous in a day besieged by the MUGGIES.

 MUGGIES can happen on bright sunshiny days exactly like the day that marathon had to be cancelled.  Usually co…

Donald Driver Dream and A Whole Lotta Other Things This Week

THE DREAM  ~ I am in a lovely church. I can see I am standing right behind the pulpit in the main sanctuary. There is two tall  medium skinny windows with  oval  (rounded tops) behind me in the back of the church ~ one on each side of the pulpit and they are streaming a beautiful filtered sunlight through them. I don't recall either of them being 'stained glass' , but one of them particularly I notice  has some art within it.  I think I remember seeing a blue bird, and then realize, it's a robin, the wings are blue color, but the orange breast is true to color.  It is sitting beak open on a tree branch. The wooden walls and features in the sanctuary are polished, clean & there is no dust in the rays of streaming sunlight. I am wearing a pink blush almost white blouse with short sleeves that are a little bit puffed.  Further on to my left side beyond the window, there is a gospel choir in a 'choir cove'. They are wearing deep golden choir robes that have a s…

Gramma and Drugs

The reason for this particular blog subject is more 'serious than a heart attack'.  I want to reveal to the best of my recollection three events that transpired over the past approximately three years in our family lives that could be of present and real importance in your own current lives.

Event One, Last Weekend ~  Daughter's mother/daughter together project scheduled for last weekend had been Spring cleaning the garage.  The prevailing cooler temperatures here in Green Bay, Wisconsin made that a 'not so much desirable' chore.  We began another together project by sorting through and digging out the linen closet which by chance features the deepest shelf space in our home.  My daughter handed me out a huge, heavy plastic shopping bag that rattled. She stepped off the stool and said "Let me see that."  She gasped when she opened it and croaked out an "Oh, MOTHERRRR" !!!! (She usually calls me Mama as I did my own Mama, "Motherrrr" is…