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Buddy's Legacy

Celebrating Buddy's Life #CBL

A huge number of "tweeps" (Twitter people and anipals) tweeted and re-tweeted information to help us get the word out about our Buddy's last few days here on earth and what Buddy, Taz, Daisy and myself wanted to do (ADVENTURE) and hoped some of you would share ours and do your own to celebrate his life. From the bottom of all our hearts, "Thank You."

Literally, another huge number of  "tweeps" sent messages of love, support, encouragement, greetings before and after Buddy went OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge). From the bottom of all our hearts, "Thank You."

Progressing forward, please do not fear or hesitate to tweet @3DogsWhite when you have a need to be shared. We will do our best for you.  Not only does a "shared burden lighten the load" but as Charles Dickens said, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others."

We want to uphold to having a "tweet life" …

DearClyde Adventure Mission #TheAviators ~ Hershey, PA

June 29th
Celebrating Buddy's Life#CBL
The Aviators @theaviatorsclub  #TheAviators on Twitter

@DearClyde 's Adventure Mission Hershey, Pennsylvania
Meet@DearClyde, co-founder of The Aviators Club on Twitter.  DearClyde is also a member of #BBOT (Bad Boys Of Twitter), #Schnauzergang, #WLF and committed sweetheart to @MollyLaChien. DearClyde is an intelligent, busy and social dog and as great a furriend any pal could ever ask for. It is our privilege to share his "hometown" of Hershey, Pennsylvania adventure mission with you.

Last week DearClyde specifically upgraded his jet to go adventuring.Our Buddy was extremely impressed then! It really came as "no surprise" when Buddy and many of his #TheAviators pals over at The Rainbow Bridge heard that Taz, Daisy and myself were blogging ,we immediately heard from Buddy.
Buddy got on the "spirit phone" and flat out requested for them all that DearClyde's plane be shown. Not only "shown", they …

Early Morn Fly-In Adventure Mission #TheAviators

June 29th
Celebrating Buddy's Life #CBL

The Early Morning Fly-In Adventure
And so it was that DearClyde@DearClyde on Twitter,  co-founder of
The Aviators Club@theaviatorsclub  had issued an invitation to adventure to his hometown
Hershey, Pennsylvania .

In the wee early morning hours of the USA, far away across mighty oceans, seas and shores there are three black and silver miniature Schnauzers ~ Yoko, Irie, Lucky and their typist Twitty (all can be found@Twitelien on Twitter) awake and busy.
Taz, Daisy and Buddy have great special affection for them all. For they taught @3DogsWhite how to FLY.  Yoko, Irie, Lucky and Twitty are flying-in to take part in the Hershey, PA adventure mission, and their early morn fly-in would prove to be an adventure unto itself.

Yoko tweet reports the Schnauzers are are in the air, "flying in circles". Yoko indicates the need to step out of the cockpit and check the baggage distribution.
Irie thensays "maybe we should land the plane and r…