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Trip to Lambeau Part III

Trip to Lambeau, October 16, 2011
 Part III
 ~ originally written for Packer HQ October 20, 2011 by me.

* * *
It's Thursday & time to wrap this one up! I see @SenorMalcolm on twitter has asked if my seats were good seats (50 yd line) ~ it's far easier to answer here than there. Yes, Malcolm center of the field 50 yd line tickets give you a perfect straight on view of the entire field (left to right or in Lambeau, North to South) including both end zones. Section 120 is the Packers home sideline, so in addition to the field, you get to see your players, identify the backside of Coach MM by the red flag hanging out his right rear pocket & where he is at on the field on any given play if you so desire. Have the opportunity to see others in the Packers organization, the doctors, the position coaches, the trainers & I got to even see Mark Murphy.

Directly across the field at the opponents sideline at the 50 yd line is Section 119 ~ using my binoculars ~ I actually did n…

Trip to Lambeau Part II

Trip to Lambeau October 16, 2011
Part II
 ~ originally written by me on October 19, 2011 for Packer HQ
* * *

I'm inside Lambeau! The lady electronically validates my ticket, I stop at a rail to re-adjust myself & get my eyes used to the darkness. I see a stack of this little seats with the backs that can be rented for $7. I've brought my own cushion.

I have to remember to tell Sandra Pekez who is flying in from Australia these are available, because depending on temperature, frost or snow the stadium metal seating benches without a seat like this are gonna be even colder. She's coming in November & I'm so ashamed, I forgotten to ask her if she is going to the Monday Night Vikings game or the Sunday noon Bucs game or if she is blessed to go to both games.

I move farther in & start circling around reading signs to decide which route I shall take. I decide to walk up the ramps to level 3 & enter the bowl of Lambeau & take in the view from the top.

As …

Trip to Lambeau Part I

Trip to Lambeau October 16th, 2011
Part I ~
originally written by me on October 18, 2011 for Packer HQ

"I can't believe this is happening to me, I'm going to Lambeau for a noon Sunday game". Only 4 days away from 9 years since my last Lambeau home game.  While I can't hardly believe it, the first thing is prepare to go, make a plan.

My daughter helps me search the website for those things that are prohibited to bring. I decide our camera needs to stay home because it makes videos (things that make videos are prohibited). I realized how foolish this was after I got settled in the stadium & saw so many folks with cameras & phones that both take pictures & videos, and in fact pitching in to take family pictures for some of them. My daughter teases me that I can only buy two beers at a time & all beer sales stop at the beginning of the 4th quarter. She's got that 'way wicked' grin on her face because she knows I don't have…