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UPDATE Twitter Scams


UPDATES are here at the TOP of the page and where this original blog began will be marked below. (If your twitter account has been taken over, remember to change your password. If you have received a link, remember not to click on it or that will 'hack' your own account.)

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: December 29, 2012 ~ Latest DM (direct message) says, "hilarious pic (followed by a tinyurl link)

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: December 9, 2012 ~ Latest DM (direct message) says, "FYI, this profile on twitter (gives a link beginning with a bit.) is spreading nasty blogs about you."

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: November 8, 2012 ~  Lastest DM (direct message) to come through, don't click the link.
"Hey you hear about the gossip your mentioned in. It started some serious drama. It fired up a lot of people on here." ~ (followed by a link that begins

IMMEDIATE UPDATE: September 26, 2012 ~I received in my DM (direct message inbox) a …


This week in TwitterVerse:

WORDS UP ~ I accidentally stumbled upon what I consider (my opinion)  PORNOGRAPHIC TWITTER this week and from what I can tell, it's fine with Twitter, it falls within their 'rules'.

This is the link to The Twitter Rules and this is the only mention I found from them about what breaks the twitter rules:

"Pornography: You may not use obscene or pornographic images in either your profile picture or user background"

SO WHAT EXACTLY DID I SEE?  ~ While in TweetDeck last week in one of my columns of lists I saw a retweet of a picture with a reply attached to it.  The picture looked odd to me. I'm thinking 'what are they talking about'?  I clicked on the picture and there was a full bottom end (butt) picture complete with a female clitoris/vaginal area that had been obviously waxed except for a tiny thin line of pubic hair.

WHAT IN THE WORLD?  ~  It shocked me that this is ok with twitter.  I went over to the profile page of the or…

Twitter Unfollows ~ Twitter Glitch Devil Back?

UPDATE: - Twitter this week seems to be doing another behind the scenes platform upgrade. Many folks (including us) have been struggling that our Twitter tech is not operating smoothly. ALSO - The Twitter Glitch Devil where Twitter unfollows people for you and you do not unfollow them usually happens when Twitter is doing platform upgrades and changes.
* * *

THE BAD NEWS ~ TWITTER GLITCH DEVIL ALERT ~  When I am in TweetDeck I have several column lists ~ three times this week I have seen in various of those columns people tweet that Twitter is once again unfollowing people on its very own. That is to say people are not unfollowing people, Twitter is unfollowing people for them.

OK, the last run time of this particular TWITTER GLITCH DEVIL that Twitter had, it helped to put major dents, rifts, and great trouble into 'interpersonal skills' including my own.  I am blessed to be following several thousand people and blessed by having several thousand people following me back. (I b…

My First Unknown Ghost

It is now 2012. With television shows like  My Ghost Story  and  Celebrity Ghost Stories on the Biography Channel along with Ghost Hunters  and Ghost Hunters International on the Syfy Channel folks seem to be a little more comfortable sharing their ghost experiences. (Or should I have said as comfortable as it gets when discussing ghosts?)

Specifically, I  know I have been in contact with four ghosts so far during the course of my lifetime. Two were family members, one was a very close dear friend and today's story is about the only 'unknown ghost' I can currently recall having personally met.

MURPHY'S LAW ~ anything that can go wrong will go wrong  ~  In the 1970's (thinkin' was middle 1970's ~ 1975ish)  after receiving a job offer which I accepted I moved to Central Texas.  Not only did anything that could go wrong did indeed go wrong, I was positive I was 'snakebit' or 'cursed' so to say. Believe me it's hard to dig deep into the re…