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Austerity Evolution II

We have covered  "The Company Store" and how too much dependence upon charging goods/groceries was creating financial problems for the families, particularly my Aunties and Uncles where I grew up. We wrote how this began their own self determined Austerity Evolution.  They accepted their part of the responsibility in this issue, began to buy The Company Store groceries with cash and use the charge feature only when either weather conditions (primarily in the winter)  prevented their usually once monthly trip to the nearest city North or another emergent (urgent) family need arose they had to use the grocery money for.  They looked to what self sufficiency they had in their past to better their present.  My Auntie E1 put in a garden and then many of the community began to do the same.

Auntie E1 and Uncle M. ~  THE FREEZERS ~ My Daddy had recommended to the Uncles if they were to make ONE purchase on credit to buy a freezer, make sure that all the kids got their deer every yea…

Austerity Evolution

Subtitled: Austerity Brings Prosperity, Peace and Yes, Happiness!

Austerity Evolution ~ It naturally evolved for the sisters (my Aunties) much to the great relief of their husbands (my Uncles) to triumph over their over dependence on charging at  "The Company Store" creating a large monthly bill .  Daddy and Mama were quite involved in this evolution.  They didn't charge at "The Company Store", but you must know grocery prices and products there were at least 33% more than what the items cost in the nearest city (50 miles North to the city limit sign and another 5-8 miles to the inner city where the big grocery stores were). More often village "The Company Store" goods/groceries were actually DOUBLE to about 60% higher than grocery stores in that city North where the nearest doctors, dentists and hospital were also located.

Accepting Responsibility ~ A Beginning to Action ~  They all agreed "The Company Store" wasn't a bad thing to exist. …

The Company Store

This particular post prompted by ~

My brain having once again been 'running the rabbit trails' of my mind, like an exuberant Beagle out having a great time exploring and following the all the scents and wondering if it will 'trip across' a rabbit. My brain 'tripped across' a big rabbit~ The 'real challenge' was in how to share this exploration with YOU!

Image credit: Bing and Brandywine Beagle Club
MEMORY  ~  My brain had a childhood memory, a vision picture of our village market which was our version of "The Company Store."  It was owned by the family that owned our mill and operated by folks they specifically hired that knew how to run a market, grocery store, general store. I was a little girl. There is much about it all I didn't know and then some things I do know. 
Most of the families had a monthly account with "The Company Store".  To the best of my knowledge they were supposed to pay that account up in full one time each…

Kindness Matters


 Image Credit: Bing Images and  Because of Grace Word Press
Really, having never been one for the whole New Year's Resolution(s) thingy, the mention of 'resolving(s)' at least did spark this question, I asked myself:  "If there was one thing that could be done regularly (consistently) to have a positive impact in the world in the year 2013, what would that thing be?"
That answer came fairly quickly in the form of  promoting  "Kindness Matters".  I had several sources of inspiration for this.
I am out there in 'social media' (i.e. Twitter) on almost a daily basis. I see a lotta baaaaad schtuff. I also see some very good, loving and KIND schtuff.  I had seen the Twitter hash tag #KindnessMatters. On several occasions I had also used the hash tag #KindnessMatters. In addition, I had also found the picture above while doing an image search for "Kindness Matters" and had used it on Twitter. 
Next inspiration source:   I was 'gift…