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Coming Through When Life Sucks


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At the exact point, you realize (become aware) you may be in a when life sucks cycle, consider it a vital message. Receive it. There is work to be done. It may be external or internal work or both. Take the time to pinpoint those whats and whys, decide what you are going to do about it ~ Kaye

It's been "blog quiet" around here for newly published work since around February 9th this year. I believe one reason for this is because our family as individuals and collectively were/are in our own cycle or season of  "life sucks" or "when life sucks", recognizing this and attempting to come through it. While "misery may enjoy company", I certainly was not prepared to do any type of public sharing of such. Now that my particular senior brain is under much less stress and able to process a bit better, there are some aspects of coming through when life sucks I think I can comfortably and judiciously share.