Kindness Matters

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Really, having never been one for the whole New Year's Resolution(s) thingy, the mention of 'resolving(s)' at least did spark this question, I asked myself:  "If there was one thing that could be done regularly (consistently) to have a positive impact in the world in the year 2013, what would that thing be?"

That answer came fairly quickly in the form of  promoting  "Kindness Matters".  I had several sources of inspiration for this.

I am out there in 'social media' (i.e. Twitter) on almost a daily basis. I see a lotta baaaaad schtuff. I also see some very good, loving and KIND schtuff.  I had seen the Twitter hash tag #KindnessMatters. On several occasions I had also used the hash tag #KindnessMatters. In addition, I had also found the picture above while doing an image search for "Kindness Matters" and had used it on Twitter. 

Next inspiration source:   I was 'gifted' in December, 2012 with Hal Urban's  2004 book "Positive Words, Powerful Results" Simple Ways to Honor, Affirm and Celebrate Life ~  there is a powerful lot of information about KIND, KINDNESS, KIND WORDS in this writing. There are powerful life lessons about positive language/negative language (words) in general in this book and the impact/effect of the language (words) one uses in their daily life. Language (words) used negatively can not only 'drag the person using them down', it can 'drag others down' or put people completely OFF towards them.

I Didn't Want To Go It Alone ~  I asked my "furramily", Taz, Daisy, Buddy those @3DogsWhite on Twitter if they would be the "Lead Dogs" on this project for 2013. I would then 'back them up with support'.  Thus, #KindnessMatters, a regular and consistent tweet reminder was begun in January.

Grass Roots or Organic ~ Now 'we' me and the doggies have begun. You are most welcome to participate. There are no formalities, fees, dues.

It's very simple: you can tweet your own "kind tweets" hash tagged with #KindnessMatters. 'We' will retweet them IF and WHEN we see them! You are also always most welcome to bring those to our attention or send them specifically to us, remember @3DogsWhite are the "LEAD DOGS" and  @grammakaye is back-up support.

When you see anyone's tweet out there that represents something kind, you can respond or RT (retweet) with a reply and hash tag #KindnessMatters (tweet space permitting) to let them know you think their tweet was kind. (It doesn't HAVE to be either me or the doggies you retweet AT ALL, although we too are always appreciative of any retweets we receive.)

When you see a news story or feature that represents an act of kindness you can tweet that link with the hash tag #KindnessMatters (tweet space permitting). 

Time permitting, you can always Twitter search and review the hash tag #KindnessMatters and perhaps find something worthy of being retweeted by you. 

No Big Plan ~ there is 'no big plan' or complication(s) to this #KindnessMatters. The reward/results for those times you would like to participate is personal and tangible within YOU. 

Taz, Daisy, Buddy say HI ~ 

From left to right Daisy, Buddy, Taz @3DogsWhite on Twitter
 Feel free to tell us what you think, leave more ideas or simply comment.


  1. I love it, Kaye! Kindness does matter and it makes a big difference, not only for those we are kind to, but in us as well.

    1. Thanks Jacqueline very much! "but in us as well" ~ since we began our 2013 #KindnessMatters project on twitter, it has made a 'big difference' inside me. I know the three doggies seem to be very happy each day too.
      We just wanted something simple, affordable, positive that was sincere, soulful, and would put a little more "good schtuff" out there in the cyber Universe. Thanks for visiting, reading and commenting. You are very appreciated. ~ Kaye along with Taz, Daisy, Buddy :) :) :) :)

  2. Hi Kaye and Gang, I hope you're all warm and have wet noses :) I wrote a blog about that article you sent me Kaye, about the man and woman who took care of the baby deer and a man who helped a dolphin who sought him out to ask for help. Kindness does matter and it takes such a little of our time to have a big impact on someone else's day. Now if only the universe would have a little kindness for us and let us win the lottery all would be swell:))

    1. Fantastic BILL, I felt so badly for the folks that took care of that wee fawn and then got into trouble. Yes we all could use a bit of universal kindness right now very much, mmmm and that lottery win wouldn't hurt at all. Thanks Kaye ~ and of course Taz, Daisy, Buddy :) :) :) :)


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