Green Bay, Wisconsin

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Growing stronger around me on a daily basis has been the vibe of the SMUGGIES ~ the SMUGGIES not to be confused with the MUGGIES although both do have some commonalities. ~

The MUGGIES is a weather term used in Northeast Wisconsin for high heat days that come with high humidity. These days typically occur in late Spring and throughout the Summer seasons.  Air quality therefore breathe ability is usually low.  It is suffocating to be outdoors for more than brief times and when a person walks outside into it, one feels as though they have hit not only a wall of heat, it is oppressive.  Strenuous activities like running or jogging can be dangerous. (Green Bay recently had a marathon canceled after it had started for these very reasons.) Even short-term activities less strenuous like mowing the yard can be dangerous in a day besieged by the MUGGIES.

 MUGGIES can happen on bright sunshiny days exactly like the day that marathon had to be cancelled.  Usually consecutive MUGGIES days will bring in overcast skies that can lead up to a shroud of fog like mist I've most often seen in the heat of the evening under the street lights. A stretch of MUGGIES time can burn out lawns and suck every drop of necessary moisture out of flower beds. It is not exactly drought condition, though it can get to that. More and most often raging thunderstorms are created when cold air incoming on a jet stream connects with MUGGIES hot air. Depending on wind/air currents these thunderstorms cells can progress to create rotation which can then spawn tornado or tornadoes. In certain sincerity, long time stretches of  the MUGGIES can personally dull my senses and impact my ability to reason although I do make every conscious effort possible not to let the weather 'get to me'.

People have various ways they deal with the MUGGIES.  Drinking plenty of water to personally keep their bodies hydrated is one.  Most employers and homes have some type of air conditioning.  Most homes here do have a basement feature for folks to gather in under a severe thunderstorm and/or tornado warning.  For those days with simply the MUGGIES and without storms, the community has some public swimming pools. Some folks have their own private swimming pools. Many folks change their scene by having a place to go in the North woods be it vacation home, cabin, an RV or even a tent camp place. These MUGGIES are a natural occurring weather condition which can lead to damaging disastrous results if not paid attention to.

The SMUGGIES is not a natural occurring condition. It is an acquired persona. It is a 'chosen state of being'.  Smug is being self-satisfied  and conceited.  Yes, sometimes it can be a deserved flash of such as in when one knows they have done a fabulous accomplishment and then congratulates themselves with that brief gift of self-satisfaction. I understand that, I have not always been humble in my humbleness when I've been excited and happy about something I have done well. Certainly, I know there have been occasions where I patted my own back.

SMUGGIES is an on-going every day social trend and condition that is wildly popular and has taken hold in America currently appearing to be highly reflected in both mainstream and social media.

It begins  'my ideology is better than your ideology'  ~ 'what I am is better than what you are' ~ 'what am I is superior to you' ~  it cuts through all subject matters of race, religion, politics,government, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, marital status, professions, careers, bank accounts, material possessions. It is clique and clannish that is non-inclusive, thereby isolating individuals that are not deemed acceptable.  It serves to further fragment society.  SMUGGIES could be the 21st Century version of human fracking.

This is not to say that some discernment and judgement calls aren't necessary.  I personally know I am not tolerant of pornography, prostitution, child abuse, human trafficking, slavery and animal abuse for instance.  These discernments are not SMUGGIES based, I know I have not one smidgen of smug in my heart about it, I just plain think they are WRONG.

It's simple, plain feeling about those matters. I don't hold myself superior to the people who do these things because I try so hard to do my best to live with 'equality' in mind: "I am neither superior or inferior to any other human being". It should never go without saying that for me this is always a work in progress. I certainly hold no ill will for any person who has their own discernments when they are simple, plain feelings about any subject versus being SMUGGIES based.

I believe folks who keep holding their SMUGGIES near and dear will stagnate. While a group dynamic of like minded individuals may currently sustain them, it won't hold up forever.  Holding on to the SMUGGIES will not allow folks their own soulful freedom to evolve as human beings.  I believe this current SMUGGIES trend is part of the core of the bullying issues. I think there are children and teens who are bullying who are doing so because of the trickle down of seeing their parents being SMUGGIES.

Please note continued SMUGGIES mindset can lead to damaging disastrous results. One can very well see exactly how the MUGGIES directly correlate to the  SMUGGIES.  The one very important difference is  folks (people) can change their own mental weather at will and possibly transform their lives for the better.

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edited update May 15, 2013


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