Donald Driver Dream and A Whole Lotta Other Things This Week

THE DREAM  ~ I am in a lovely church. I can see I am standing right behind the pulpit in the main sanctuary. There is two tall  medium skinny windows with  oval  (rounded tops) behind me in the back of the church ~ one on each side of the pulpit and they are streaming a beautiful filtered sunlight through them. I don't recall either of them being 'stained glass' , but one of them particularly I notice  has some art within it.  I think I remember seeing a blue bird, and then realize, it's a robin, the wings are blue color, but the orange breast is true to color.  It is sitting beak open on a tree branch. The wooden walls and features in the sanctuary are polished, clean & there is no dust in the rays of streaming sunlight. I am wearing a pink blush almost white blouse with short sleeves that are a little bit puffed.  Further on to my left side beyond the window, there is a gospel choir in a 'choir cove'. They are wearing deep golden choir robes that have a shimmer shine to them. I begin to speak.....

"You know those Las Vegas odds makers are in business because they are mathematically smart and skilled, their primary main business is getting 'our money'. Just because they declared our Donald Driver and his dance partner
Peta Murgatroyd the favorites to win Dancing With The Stars doesn't mean we can take anything for granted.  We need to take care of our own business, we cannot be complacent, we need to get our votes in and do our part to make sure our Donald Driver  wins this thing."  I then hear one "Amen" and that pleases me. I shout "Thank you for the "Amen corner"! The choir breaks into the song "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing". I wake up from my dream and my very first thought is "I think I just preached at Packers fans church."

POST DREAM ~ I then spent time shaking my head, getting my morning coffee and trying to track my dream from early this morning. I did track it to Twitter social media, my football board, other  media ~ news, pop culture  (mostly Television and the Internet) vs. my brain.  My brain went into some kind of  'information overload'  and began dreaming. Gosh! Mostly it was 'all good' both the dreaming and the tracking.  I then thought might as well try to write it all out and share it with you.

BACK STORY ~  Last Monday (daytime) on my football board I started this topic:
Good Indications For Donald Driver?   ~ Donald is a 13 year veteran of the Green Bay Packers and the subject of will he be with the Packers for a 14th season has been on going. He is certainly a 'beloved' player here in Green Bay.

Monday night ABC's Dancing With The Stars built the drama on Tuesday night's results show with our Donald Driver and his dancing partner
Peta Murgatroyd being in jeopardy only to bring us great relief that he made it to the finals. His competition is intense. William Levy and Katherine Jenkins are very worthy top competitors.  Dancing With The Stars Episode Guide

During the week in passing I saw a tweet with a link that said Las Vegas had put the latest odds on Donald Driver winning the whole thing this week. I didn't go to the link. I didn't know I would need to reference that tweet, so I am unable to give credit where credit is due as to who tweeted it.  I couldn't find what I think that link might have been on the net to take you there.

I saw a story this week where Pastor Marvin Winans was the victim of  a a carjacking and robbery in Detroit this week. You may remember he was part of Whitney Houston's funeral and spoke then of  how good it is to have an "Amen corner" when one is speaking.  I thought other than the circumstances of Whitney Houston's funeral how much I would probably very much enjoy being parked on a church bench in Pastor's church. Seeing he was carjacked and robbed really kind of distressed me.  Pastor Marvin Winans Carjacked and Robbed In Detroit

The deep golden color choir robes as I got to thinking more clearly were in fact the same as a the soft football jersey material, the ones that have the bit of shimmer shine to them. I am unsure as to whether I should feel disturbed that I dreamed and I was watching myself in the dream just like watching a movie or not. I'm probably gonna have to let that go.

I gave up watching American Idol every single week this season, mostly I abandoned it, with a few happen to see exceptions ~ this week I did catch Jessica Sanchez sing Aerosmith and Steven Tyler's  "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" song.  I also caught Joshua Ledet (who very sadly got eliminated) sing and I think I heard Randy Jackson (or someone) reference how when Joshua sings he 'always takes it to church'.

Way early into the beginning of this past week, yes I dare to mention that ABC cancelled GCB
ABC Cancels Controversial GCB ~  it was said that a lot of Christians and a lot of moms didn't like it.  Yeppers, it certainly had some irreverence about it and  actually some exact truths too. ABC says it lacked viewership. I wonder how much viewership considered it a very 'guilty pleasure' and simply never said anything about it before now (as am I). But to begin with  I didn't 'catch on'  to this show until the TV just so happened to be on the ABC channel one Sunday evening.  "Whaaat in the world is this?" I watched and I was hooked. I had to go look up all the 'on-demand' episodes I had missed.  In short, ABC it very well could have been a whole lot of folks simply had too much going on to also know this show was happening.

 I'm will tell you right now the church I grew up in while not nearly as affluent and certainly not Texas had certain social hierarchies that interacted and interrelated together in many of the same ways as did the characters of this program's ensemble. Gasp! I had many, many, many fits of loud, raucous, roaring laughter.

In my best Kristin Chenoweth voice "I do ask the Lord's forgiveness for all the times I was watching that I whispered other church members names out loud (from my youth) and ask Him to note I did put my own name in there a few times on my very own." 

Actually I began to find most of the reality housewives series from Bravo TV much more offensive to my particular senses, quite some time back now,  so much so that I quit them all but one.  The one show I have kept in my viewing is because it has one primary housewife I really do like. (Are you listening Lisa Vanderpump?)

The bottom line is we are all human beings and for all of us, myself included there is room for correction, evolving, improving and forgiveness.  For me this goes 'double dawg dare' as for recognizing my own foibles so frankly I don't understand why folks get so wing fang dang fal der rahed all up in arms individually and collectively.

DOUBLE CONCLUSION ~  It was a great adventure to track and travel the rabbit trails of my own mind. I'm not going to worry about it or what other folks think (especially the ones who may think negative of all this).

However 'uh' creativity came, I am going to 'use it'   ~ Remember to vote this Monday night for Dancing With The Stars ~ I hope fervently that you will vote for Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd. They need us. It always feels good to be needed and wanted!

VOTE DONALD & PETA  1-800-868-3403 or Text 3403
Can vote at Vote ABC Dancing With The Stars ~
We vote at this on-line ABC link, however you must 'join' as in be registered and 'sign-in' to vote there.

we'll vote


You can follow Donald Driver on twitter Donald Driver
You can follow his beautiful Mrs. Driver on twitter  Betina Driver
You can follow Peta Murgatroyd his Dancing With The Stars dance partner on twitter Peta Murgatroyd
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  1. I think I am the only person in the world who doesn't watch Dancing With the Stars. I used to watch American Idol, but have limited time, so television takes a back seat to my lifestyle of not really getting anything accomplished.

    Have a great week!

    1. Aww Ms. T. don't worry about being the only person who doesn't watch Dancing With The Stars. Truth is I gave up on that show some years back EXCEPT when they announced Donald Driver our Green Bay Packer was coming on, it was a family decision to watch and support together. I had to let my Packers fan heart win out for Donald and even over Gladys Knight who was also competing this year. I am a long time fan of hers. I so hear and very much appreciate your "my lifestyle of not really getting anything accomplished" comment. They is way more days than not I 'resemble that remark' myself. Much love to you! Thanks for visiting.


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