This week in TwitterVerse:

WORDS UP ~ I accidentally stumbled upon what I consider (my opinion)  PORNOGRAPHIC TWITTER this week and from what I can tell, it's fine with Twitter, it falls within their 'rules'.

This is the link to The Twitter Rules and this is the only mention I found from them about what breaks the twitter rules:

"Pornography: You may not use obscene or pornographic images in either your profile picture or user background"

SO WHAT EXACTLY DID I SEE?  ~ While in TweetDeck last week in one of my columns of lists I saw a retweet of a picture with a reply attached to it.  The picture looked odd to me. I'm thinking 'what are they talking about'?  I clicked on the picture and there was a full bottom end (butt) picture complete with a female clitoris/vaginal area that had been obviously waxed except for a tiny thin line of pubic hair.

WHAT IN THE WORLD?  ~  It shocked me that this is ok with twitter.  I went over to the profile page of the original tweet and that is exactly what that page is all about.  They love to post naked women pictures.  I made sure that I blocked them because personally I don't want to see naked women pictures.  I de-listed the person who did the reply retweet because I simply don't want to see this stuff or have it in any part of my life whatsoever.

THIS POST MIGHT IRRITATE TWITTER ~  It's not ok to put obscene or pornographic images in your profile page or background, but it is ok for an account to tweet naked pictures that graphically depict the butt, clitoris and vaginal nether regions anatomy of a real female person.

THROW-UP SICK ~ It especially made me throw-up sick when I considered my doggies twitter account had gotten themselves inadvertently suspended for breaking the rules and all we went through to get their account unsuspended. Yet PORNOGRAPHIC TWITTER breaks no rules.

NO, I WON'T MAKE THEM FAMOUS ~  If you want to ask me who they are, you can ask me via direct message.  I refuse to do my part to help make them 'famous' in my tweets or in this blog.  I wanted to make sure you know that PORNOGRAPHIC TWITTER exists. I sure did not know until this past week.

I'm @grammakaye on twitter.  All are welcome to comment. If you twitter and would like me to find you, please leave your twitter ID (handle) along with your comment.


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