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Twitter  blessings ----> THE AVIATORS 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012 the biggest twitter blessing of the week came while I was helping  Taz, Daisy and Buddy @3DogsWhite with their twitter account.

They had received a tweet from Lolly  @LollyMadonna  about a 'memorial flight' scheduled for 5:00 PM Eastern Time. I didn't understand what that was about.  Me and the doggies stumbled upon something beautiful. Right then it was 4:00 PM Wisconsin time which is 5:00 PM Eastern time.

We found THE AVIATORS  (their twitter hashtag #theaviators).  We began to see tweets and retweets happening about a flight mission, a memorial flight for all departed pets and animals who went OTRB <---  Over The Rainbow Bridge and GTRB <---- Gone To Rainbow Bridge

  ~  For those of you who do not know what the concept of The Rainbow Bridge is, here is the story. People who love their pets and animals that die often find great comfort with this.

So many tweets and retweets began to show up on the doggies timelines,  it 'felt' that a very important event was happening.  In the beginning, it was a bit 'chaotic' for me to follow, thankfully the doggies were patient with me.

Yes, it all began to reveal to us.  We saw friend Bode @4catsstrapski  show up with a leather flight helmet to pilot one of the planes and we had the opportunity to follow his entire flight mission for one full hour.

The Mission ~  This was a memorial flight to honor anipals who had passed away (died) both known and unknown. People were invited to call out names during the flight, share photos, or memories of their beloved pet, cherish their spirits, the joy they brought each family, the celebration of their lives.

Lennox had been euthanized in Belfast, Ireland during this week. News of his death broke the day before on July 10th, 2012. This flight was dedicated the memory of Lennox the dog.

The politics of what happened or bad words about those who sent Lennox to death were asked not to be said.  The mission was an honorable, respectful, focused mission ~ It was ALL about the animals ~ who had passed away no matter the circumstances of their passing.

This mission originated from The Aviators Club   @theaviatorsclub 

Memorial Flight Mission begins with a prayerful poem ~  we saw a retweet from Molly LaChien  @MollyLaChien timeline that began this mission:

Image credit: Molly LaChien's twitter timeline @MollyLaChien     

And so it was ~  so many names, so many departed pets, so much love, cherish, honor, while there was that sorrow in their passing, there was celebration as to exactly how much they meant to friends and families there was joy in releasing them to their beyond.  It was beautiful, moving, touching, heartfelt and kind. The doggies and myself were so happy we were there and we could follow the flight and retweet as much of it as our often baaaad twitter tech would allow us to.

It was personal ~  I thought of the two beloveds that left my life in the past two years. Little sweet ol' gramma dog Ms. Pee Wee who was gramma age herself in October of 2011.  Mr. Sonny Beauregard Beagle (aka FRANK) who left our lives in May of 2010. Old age along with  infirmities no longer possible to be medically cured or managed took them away from us. I had raised FRANK from a round bellied six week old pup. My husband had 'stolen my dog' as in 'stole his heart', when my husband died, ol' FRANK grieved heavily right along with me. I grieved heavily when ol'  FRANK's time to go happened.

I also felt 'guilt' and mentally called out the names of all the anipals who came and went during all the years of my life, especially for those during the 'adult working years' of my life.  Why the 'guilt'? No, no animal was ever deliberately mistreated in any way, however with an extremely busy working life, often their valuable presence, that absolute appreciation for them as family members simply had been 'taken for granted'.  I asked a prayer of forgiveness for that.

I thought of my twitter friend Jim who so recently faced the agony of losing his beloved Peggy dog. She meant so much to him.  The doggies compelled me to shout Peggy's name and Peggy was honored.

By this memorial flight's end, I was in 'mushy tears' about exactly what a kind and loving event this was.

My mind didn't stop when the flight ended ~  I thought of the Lennox situation not only what happened to Lennox, but also what happened to my very first dog Blackie when I was a wee tiny little girl. I realized I may have to blog that story as best as I can put it together from wee tiny girl memories combined with family heresay about it. It still is a worthy story to be told.

In addition,  I am proud to report my doggies were invited to be a part of  The Aviators and they immediately accepted the invite.  I may have to give that a  'near future' quick blog post.

Not to get too preachy, but I will ~  Proverbs 11:17 "Your own soul is nourished when you are kind; it is destroyed when you are cruel." It is the opinion of me and the doggies that The Aviators are very very very kind, indeed they are.

THE AVIATORS related tweets and retweets we saw on July 11, 2011 came from:

Lolly  @LollyMadonna

Bode @4catsstrapski

Tiny Pearl @TinyPearlCat

The Aviators Club  @theaviatorsclub <---what future missions they will fly located here

Dear Clyde @DearClyde <--- co-founder of The Aviators

Pippy @Peppino2005

Molly LaChien @MollyLaChien

ArlieJo @ArlieJo

* * *
Post flight: Here are some of  The Aviators twitter friends the doggies discovered they already had made. However, the doggies suspect that many of their current twitter friends are also in The Aviators and would like to discover who you are as soon as possible.
Jack Hall @snuggledogH

Brand new The Aviators friendship found:

Shelly   @Shelly338

Twitelien @Twitelien

Sarah Szajnuk @BlessedBeagle

Signing out of this blog, on twitter, I'm @grammakaye  and my doggies are @3DogsWhite ~ all are welcome to leave a comment.


  1. We're blessed to know you, Kaye. This is a lovely post and makes me think of all my pets who've gone OTRB. I'm Paige - Sarah's Mum. (Sarah is @BlessedBeagle). We are so happy you and @3DogsWhite found and joined #TheAviators.
    God Bless!

    1. Dearest Paige, thank you for your visit here, your kind, thoughtful, meaningful and loving words. Please give Sarah four extra hugzzzz from our family, one for each of the doggies and one from me. Consider yourself hugged x4 also! God bless you and all yours also. Thanks again from Kaye.

  2. OMG, what a wunnerful blog post! There were 2 OTRB misshuns for #TheAviators (due to time diffrence). Darn it, I was on da misshun you didn't see. No matter, fabulis anipals on ebery misshun. Your post brot tears of happiness to Mom's eyes. So glad ur pups have joined us & can be on future misshuns. We do any misshun, no matter how large or small. We gotta sick pal, we fly to dere #Porch. Now I gotta go look u up so I can see will you be my Twitter pal. Big hugs GrammaKaye!

  3. Thank you Connie and Arlie Jo ~ I realized me and the doggies were highly impacted by The Aviators. I didn't quite realize in that exact present moment, I would actually write about it.
    * * *
    Later on:
    Our direct twitter tech has been awful (freezing, locking-up)for months now ~ so to go back and pick up aviators timelines including the doggies timeline etc. to get tweeples like you and the 'links' turned out to be quite an intense adventure.
    * * *
    And then..... somehow I inappropriately exited this blog draft and lost about 80% of everything written and everyone I had researched and identified. (the links)
    * * *
    I had to go back to twitter and start again. So while I am 'mistaken' about you being on this specific mission I know at some point through all of this writing adventure, I'd seen tweets or retweets with your name on them. So pardon my #oldladyitis confusion about that. Your name must have meant to be included, however it happened.
    * * *
    We think THE AVIATORS is a fine group of people. We look forward to being your friends. ~Kaye

  4. Hi Kaye - Know wut? I fink my mom had a bwane cwamp, cuz I fink I wuz on da misshun u blogged about. Duh! *whispers* Mom has dat #oldladyitis tew (reel bad case). :D No matter...glad we got to meet & so glad your pups are now goggled-up & reddy to fly wif The Aviators. Big hugs!


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