Trip to Lambeau Part III

Trip to Lambeau, October 16, 2011
 Part III
 ~ originally written for Packer HQ October 20, 2011 by me.

* * *
It's Thursday & time to wrap this one up! I see @SenorMalcolm on twitter has asked if my seats were good seats (50 yd line) ~ it's far easier to answer here than there. Yes, Malcolm center of the field 50 yd line tickets give you a perfect straight on view of the entire field (left to right or in Lambeau, North to South) including both end zones. Section 120 is the Packers home sideline, so in addition to the field, you get to see your players, identify the backside of Coach MM by the red flag hanging out his right rear pocket & where he is at on the field on any given play if you so desire. Have the opportunity to see others in the Packers organization, the doctors, the position coaches, the trainers & I got to even see Mark Murphy.

Directly across the field at the opponents sideline at the 50 yd line is Section 119 ~ using my binoculars ~ I actually did not see one Rams jersey up in those stands on my two separate binoc pans of 119.

One ol' duffer in my section took great pride in repeating to others for the better part of 35 minutes that the way Lambeau Field is set-up there are in fact no bad seats. However those that can make available ticket arrangements for section 120 or even 119 get that 'in real life' perfect straight on "like watching a television in person" view of Lambeau.
* * *
I don't have my trip to Lambeau in perfect chronological (time) order but I'm pretty close. My story is getting pretty dang close to kick-off now, but I would be remiss if I didn't go back a little ways from where I'm at & mention the pre-game "Football Warm-Up Follies" happening in the south end zone to my right. Much to the delight and great camera shots for those end zone fans a contingency of Packers warmed-up there. I know #52 Clay Matthews was among that group.

They didn't have their unis on at that time & thus had to be identified without their numbers on. Oh my gosh, the players & the fans were having a blast with that & there seemed to be a flow of big time interconnectedness & perhaps even a bit of clowning. It was good honest fun & blast to have caught that through my binoculars
* * *
Rolling forward again ~ the Packers tunnel is at the Southeast end zone .....what a joy to see the introductions, the big flags & the players running to their sideline.

Here's my verbal snapshots of that ~ I'm now 'Smitten with Sitton' ~ (you better believe someone is gonna pick that phrase up & make t-shirts). I quickly noted he's a big ol' football player, but he didn't have his helmet on & my focus instantly went to his face, and then stayed with his hair. He has beautiful hair, it rivals #52 Clay Matthews, in fact it might even 'best' Matthew's hair. #71 Josh Sitton is a brunette with rich burnished tones of gold & red (auburn) as the sun is hitting his head & he is crossing the field to the sideline. I'm telling you right now Clairol or L'Oreal need to get a good size snip of Josh Sitton's hair & replicate that color. Yeppers, I'm 'Smitten with Sitton' and his hair.

#98 C.J. Wilson looks fabulous in his football uniform...but when you see him near #95 Howard Green or #90 B.J. Raji ~ looks like C.J. needs to add a few pounds.  OH MY GOSH ~ that Howard Green could turn into Packer Papa quite easily. I had thoughts of what would it be like to try to hug a man that large. And then of course the 'charity capitalist' in me took, if a charity could get Howard Green for a personal hugging appearance ~ they could make some dollars!
* * *
Rolling forward again ~ the National Anthem was done by trumpet ~ & gloriously done...when he got to his final "land of the free" right on the trumpet note hold of 'free' ~  the jets in perfect formation came in low from North to South. To the Northwest, the American Flag was waving straight out & they roared & zoomed what seemed like right through Lambeau Field. My physical ear never heard "and the home of the brave" ~ but my heart sure did. The whole thing was 'perfect' ~ 'perfectly executed' ~ my whole body was quivering & shaking. Then I duly noted with that waving flag, oh boy, the wind is back upon us!
* * *
THE ACTUAL GAME ~ I'm gonna apologize in advance if I disappoint any of you. Have any of you heard the term 'highway hypnosis'? It is where you are driving & your conscious mind goes somewhere. I think for most it may be to some 'thoughts' place ~ or mentally working some things out or whatever. The point is when you get to your destination, you can hardly remember doing the drive or even driving. That's 'highway hypnosis' & I had a case of 'game hypnosis' where I would drift in & out.

What I remember & maybe not even in the order they happened ~ I remember seeing the sweetest looking 'triple fake' running play that worked.
#12 Aaron Rodgers fakes the handoff to a runner, & that runner is 'hellin' with the pretend ball, as Aaron actually hands the ball off to another runner (I'm not even sure if that one was #44 James Starks or not) & Aaron immediately has his arm up throwing a pretend ball pass. This beautiful hole on the field opened up for the 'real ball' runner & I'm thinkin' he gained about 15 yards. It was sweeeeet!

 ~ I remember #89 James Jones touchdown. I remember being annoyed at not being able to see the front number of the player who made some 'juke' moves on a couple of Rams, but seeing how he ran knowing it was #87 Jordy Nelson, it was 93 yards & a touchdown. Gasp, earlier this week on a tv show (thinkin' explanation made by Larry McCarren) I am explained how Aaron had first made a 'fake pump' that caused veteran Al Harris to shift his attention & body to another direction & was the foundation of opening up that play for Jordy, & in addition Jordy had a couple of sweet moves of his own to seal the deal.

I can't remember Donald  Driver's touchdown. I can't remember all the PATs. I can't remember our field goal. BLANK! I haven't yet watched our recording of the game yet either. That's on tap later today.

I can remember suddenly verbalizing to the guy on my left ~ the team has gone into "'preserve the win mode' ~ trying to run the ball & run the clock down, they are not getting the 1st downs like they should be, & the Rams are about to force a play action (pass)"

 ~ absolute, unadulterated truth ~ right then Aaron passes to #85 Greg Jennings & it is intercepted by a Rams player. This is followed by the guy on my left staring a hole right through me. I simply look back directly in his eyes and smile and he breaks his staring at me.

The 'kicker' on all that is how a person's eye witness account can be in error. What I thought I saw was #85 Greg Jennings arms (like cradling a baby) and the ball seemed to skid across his 'cradling the baby arms' ~ I saw the television re-play of that event, can't quite recall if it was Larry's Locker Room or the Mike McCarthy show & that is not at all what that replay shows. NOT AT ALL!

The next thing I remember is two kneel downs, the second kneel down is a victory formation ~ game over, Packers win & are now 6-0.
* * *
My during the game hypnosis ~ it was them 'dayumm' feathers. I'm gonna be brave & tell you about them feathers. Two very different white feathers kept coming up in the wind & then disappearing. Logically these feathers had probably dislodged from a 'boa', a 'costume', maybe even a 'hat'. My first thought was "Well, well, who among us here is going to receive the message of these feathers?" "Who's going to get a little comfort from what these feathers are a sign of for them?"
* * *
At that point, I was not even thinking about 'ME'. After all I had already recognized with my thoughts coming up the ramps (in Part II) along with the revelation that Section 120 had in fact a special & personal meaning to me ~ that I was all good with God, the Universe & this glorious day. I was blessed to love others, I was blessed that others loved me, I was exceptionally blessed that people important & special to me & events had taught & allowed me to accept the love of others. I know and understand the world is not all about 'ME' ~ I am not the center of the Universe, and it does not revolve around 'ME'. Today, I've been blessed with perfect comfort, validation & harmony.

These two white feathers kept coming up on the wind & then going away for a while & then re-appearing. They danced & I'd follow them & became totally mesmerized. I went somewhere with these feathers, they'd go away & it would come to me there is a game, watch it. They would come back, I would follow them & I'd go away again.

Finally, I went far far away to thoughts ~ "Chicken one day, feathers the next." (this was my standard reply when anyone asked me how I was doing for years.)

It's basic hillbilly common sense meaning one day you have abundance (chicken) & the next day for whatever reason the abundance (chicken) is gone with only some evidence (feathers)to in fact prove the abundance (chicken) ever existed. It's the ups & downs of life. Everybody has them in one way or another.

My husband's reply "You & your feathers" ~ although his eyes always told his merriment about my phrase. My thoughts took me to even a deeper memory, my husband & his co-worker got caught by John Madden taking pictures of the outside of his bus/big cruising bus. It was parked in a dark spot inside Lambeau. Madden asked my hubby why was he taking pictures & my hubby replied 'because my wife loves you & I thought it would please her to get some pics of your bus'

Madden says 'I don't know why your wife would love me' ~ Husband tells Madden 'because my wife only loves the best'. Madden says, 'let's get some pictures then' ~ that entire roll of film (from one of them disposable cameras) came out dark & grainy except two of John Madden by himself with a green celery sage colored shirt, his face perfectly lit with a smile on it ~ in focus, everything surrounding him dark & grainy....the second picture is of Madden & the hubby side-by-side, again the two of them perfectly lit & in focus surrounded by dark & grainy. I always told my husband the look on HIS face is like the cock of the roost getting ready to explode a crow right out.

My conscious mind returns to the game, uh, oh no there are those two 'dayumm' white feathers once again. One does a landing at the Hawaii guy wearing #50 Hawk jersey ~ he tucks the feather away. The other does a landing to the 'beautiful female companion' to the guy who became our section cheerleader & I can't quite see, but it looks like she tucks it away.

About what I think is 5 minutes later a perfectly beautiful teal feather crosses over Section 120 headed Northwest.
* * *
On the way out I don't see her face, but I see the lady with the golden & some teal feathered boa....that's the origin of that teal feather for sure. I give her a silent "God bless you, honey."
* * *
I see two huge speakers on top of a vehicle, can't remember if it was a truck or a car...blaring the song "We Are The Champions."
* * *
I see the backsides of a tall skinny daddy holding hands with his tiny little boy. The top of the little boy's head is barely to his daddy's knee. They are both wearing #21 Woodson jerseys & I think what a beautiful picture that is & file it away in my memory snapshots.
* * *
I see my daughter driving up the lane at K-Mart. Oh my she's got our Buddy with her. He looks so majestic in his Packers collar & Packers scarf as his two front legs are on the front divider. He's standing so tall.
* * *
I get into the car & am attempting to buckle daughter is talking, "Mama, I did light your candles, but you know I had to blow them out to come get you. We've gotta go home first. I found you on tv, I got the time marked. You've gotta see this."
* * *
Whatta day, whatta game, whatta Lambeau, whatta Packers!
* * * *
This afternoon, Ima going to watch the game!
* *

* * *
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Packers HQ lives no more. You can find decent Packers fans at ----> GB Packer Addicts Forum

I can be found  @grammakaye on twitter.


  1. Wow Kaye what a fun piece, I loved it, and I also believe in feathers in rather unexpected places even. But I feel there messages from loved ones reaching out to us and letting us know we're not forgotten. Even when I find a feather or a penny I will say hello to my father or other loved ones on the other side, I think they might get the messages.
    I bought a lottery ticket last year for tickets to all the Packer away games, hotels and plane tickets for the packers, I picked it up at a kwik trip truck stop, I didn't win but I sure wish I had. I have been to Green Bay enough to appreciate the Packers, and I did consider purchasing some shares when the team gave everyone the opportunity not so long ago. Wonderful post Kaye,bill

    1. Bill, you are such a dear person! Even living right here in Green Bay, attending a Packers game can be out of reach financially. I will never forget what Shaky Smithson did for me by sending me to this game.

      This past weekend's game was also the Packers Wives Association food drive for Paul's Pantry once again. I thought I'd dust these three parts off and publish them here. I'm really proud of what Paul's Pantry does for this community.

      I never expected going to that game to open up such a floodgate of so many things for me. So many great memories and tender moments. It just happened that way. It's in the same unfancy way that I first wrote it and posted it at my then football forum.

      Yes, I believe we get 'messages', 'signs', and love from the other side. I believe we get 'messages' and 'signs' from the daily things around us too. We only have to be open to receive them. Ever so often, it'll just come to me to say right outloud, "Carry on, I'm doing fine, when it's my when, I'll see you then." Usually it just pops outta my mouth, and after I've spoken, I realize someone dear was very close by to me.

      This trip to Lambeau was a joyful day, a very joyful day. Thank you Bill for visiting and commenting ~ Kaye.


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