Trip to Lambeau Part II

Trip to Lambeau October 16, 2011
Part II
 ~ originally written by me on October 19, 2011 for Packer HQ
* * *

I'm inside Lambeau! The lady electronically validates my ticket, I stop at a rail to re-adjust myself & get my eyes used to the darkness. I see a stack of this little seats with the backs that can be rented for $7. I've brought my own cushion.

I have to remember to tell Sandra Pekez who is flying in from Australia these are available, because depending on temperature, frost or snow the stadium metal seating benches without a seat like this are gonna be even colder. She's coming in November & I'm so ashamed, I forgotten to ask her if she is going to the Monday Night Vikings game or the Sunday noon Bucs game or if she is blessed to go to both games.

I move farther in & start circling around reading signs to decide which route I shall take. I decide to walk up the ramps to level 3 & enter the bowl of Lambeau & take in the view from the top.

As I'm hiking up, I think of all the love I've received these past couple weeks. I think how extraordinary it was for Shaky Smithson to simply 'pick me' for a treat. I think of how easy it was/is for me to love & how for so many years, it was difficult for me to accept love. I think about how my late-in-life marriage after having been first widowed as a young woman changed all that. More exactly how that husband changed that. I think of all the people during the week who sent love to my extremely hurting heart over having to put my wee old sweet gramma dog down. They knew I was hurting and cared about me. I get to the top, I'm slightly (ok, more than slightly)winded. I walk around, look around. Wow, food, beverages & bathrooms are all right here, how cool is this!

I find the corridor out to seating, A little gasp/cry sounds exits my lips without thinking. I look up, the host/usher on the outside looks a bit alarmed. I give him the 'it's OK nod' and step back inside & out of everyone's way. This can't be!

Some years back before my husband passed, he was given a 'special dispensation' to take me through the entire stadium via 'golf cart'. This is the place he brought me where the 50 yard line directly splits the middle of the field & goes right down the middle of this section 120. It was quite forgotten until seeing it again brought that memory flooding back. At that time, he told me do not step over the chain as that can result in a firing (meaning himself), we both leaned way over that chain & he asked me "Well, what do you think?" ~  I replied something like "AMAZING & I don't have to think, I know I'm very very loved."

Ok, now it's get to the bathroom and comport myself for a brief spell. I head back & take a few deep breaths as I cross the threshold into Section 120. The sun is shining brilliantly upon. I stand to one side to allow my eyes to adjust to the sun. I tell that same usher it's a great job he has today & he agrees to that with me. Over from the entrance is these ginormous green & gold leather (or excellent vinyl) seats. I will find out later they are some type of promotion for people to win tickets to the 'best seat in the house'. High up above is the press box. I think about Wayne Larrivee & Larry McCarren & how this is the first game I will not hear them call & indeed have a little guilt because I know I didn't want to mess with looking around town for whatever today's modern version of a transistor radio is, so I could hear them call the game.

I find my row & my seat & there's such little wind & great sun I wonder if I have made a mistake wearing my long johns. (My Packers coat is draped across my arm). I get seated & simply enjoy the peace, the tranquility. I tell myself this is what a cat or a dog sunning must feel like. I use my binoculars to see who all is out on the field. Whoa Tim Masthay is out there early early & I really didn't even need to use my binocs as he is so easily recognizable by his unique natural red hair color.

Somewhere during this time period, I see Al Harris who now plays for the Rams & I still haven't gotten completely over his having to leave our Packers. He kind of makes brief rounds to some of the Packers players he knows that are out & they do that 'man hug' thingy. I'm also thinking man Al Harris, I just love the way you do your hair, I would love my own hair to look that 'boom' good every day!

People begin to arrive. The people of the U.K. have a slang expression 'gobsmacked' ~ have usually seen it as a positive expression for surprise, shock, astonishment, speechless (overwhelming joy).

Here's the couple who have come to Lambeau from Louisiana via Texas, first time there. The man's face is 'gobsmacked' Here's the couple who have flown in from Honolulu, Hawaii ~ he's got a #50 Hawk jersey on, first time here, the man's face is 'gobsmacked'. They also have a custom made sign by a printing company "Aloha from Hawaii Packers". NICE!

Here's the couple with two daughters that have driven in from Spencer/Hayward area of Wisconsin. I joked with the lady that they are so Wisconsin north they are almost Canadians & she laughed with a 'that's right' & a big smile. Their first NFL game & their first time at Lambeau. Her hubby's face was 'gobsmacked'.

All of the above women were happy...all of the above men were 'gobsmacked'.

Here come the Brett Goode #61 fan club x 3 jerseys in a row + 1 lady in a beautiful gold top. Here comes who would be our section cheerleader in Clay Matthews #52 and his beautiful female companion. Here comes a family of 4 along with a couple they know that I think are from here in town. The family of 4 are from Buffalo, New York ~ parents are Bills fans, 1 son is a Giants fan & the little son is a Packers fan. Here comes a middle aged man & his grown son sitting on my left. The son has the coolest #21 Woodson jersey I've ever seen. Yeah, I might have had a wee bit of 'envy' about that!

The clock is ticking, somewhere during this time, I distinctly remember someone saying 11:30 AM & I remember thinking my daughter better have my green & gold Packers colored candles lit like I gave her 'strict' instructions to do half an hour prior to kick-off or about 11:30 am.

OH crump! I'm kinda 'written out' for today! I apologize in advance I will need to go into a part III

I'm  @grammakaye  on twitter & this is football the way I see it. .  ..

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