Wisconsin Post-Election Spin ~ Part II

Subtitled:  How Tammy Baldwin Got my Vote For Senate

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It's a given in my opinion in any election that candidates work hard to be elected.  I'm not 'in' with whatever the political 'in crowd' is.  I avoid most all of the political shows on television or radio because I find that most of the hosts are biased, slanted in one political direction or the other which means I am not getting 'the truth' but their truth as they know it which is often untrue, unfair and unnecessary.

The trend continues in both politics and sports broadcasting of the 'rants for ratings' talking heads. It's less about the topics or the guests and more about the hosts getting market share ratings for their own network continuation. That about sums it up for me regarding mainstream media.

With one big exception, ( Hoosier Daddy Pooped) that also sums it up for me as far as the voluminous amount and voracious topics that full and part time political bloggers write.

Few are to be trusted.  It takes far more than an equal amount of my life force and brain power to even attempt wading through it all.  I am not 'active' in the political process volunteering for candidates or participating in political action groups even though I am retired and I now have some time to put in. Why do I not want to put my time toward political activism?

The answer is especially since early 2008 and especially since the advanced technology of the Internet, people who do not believe as others believe want to 'snoop', find out any actual 'dirt' on others and their entire families or twist what information they do find as to make it 'dirt' and thereby publicly humiliate in any fashion possible those who do not agree with them.

This happened to not only me, but a lot of others in 2008.  While not the entire motivation behind this group of organized cyberstalkers, the national elections, particularly the Presidential election played a major role in their motivation.   If all these viewpoints and experiences defines me as a cynic, so be it.

I knew little about Tammy Baldwin. I knew her basic platform is "middle class", "veterans" and "Medicare".  It just so happens these are three for three as far as main topics in our family. Our other main concern is the 'economy' as I am sure is also a main concern for her.  For that which I did read, for that which I did hear from Tammy Baldwin she was speaking as though she already represented me and my family.

While I know Tammy Baldwin worked hard  to win this election, in truth and complete respect for Tammy Baldwin, it wasn't all Tammy Baldwin's doing that determined my vote for her on General Election Day, Tuesday November 6, 2012.

Singularly, the final and absolute determination to vote for Tammy Baldwin was one particular political attack ad against her.  I hear there were some real wing fang dang fal de rah hard hitting political attack ads toward both sides in that Senate race. I 'hear' because I missed most of them except...

This one particular attack ad was overbought and thereby overplayed.  It had to have been when I don't think I or my family missed one single airing of it.  Mind you, we record 85% of our television programing and fast forward through all the commercials including political ads.  So 15% of the live television we watched, this ad unrelentingly grinded on us.

Either the woman was 'the devil incarnate' or if she was being so 'slickly' or should I say 'sickly' reviled, then maybe, just maybe there was that chance she was actually about accomplishing something correct for the benefit of the people of Wisconsin and the United States of America.

Video from You Tube: Crossroads GPS "Dang Right" WI

I was far more willing to trust Tammy Baldwin with my vote than I was to to trust her opponent with a vote.  Now begins the true test of the next four years of public service in the Senate for Tammy Baldwin.  I want her to succeed so that we can also succeed at making progress for America's middle class, veterans, and retired folks like me that need Medicare and of course the economy.

I write this blog to let you know, that specifically this political attack ad against her nailed my vote down for her.  Hopefully some of you will find a political marketing lesson in all this.

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