January 19 ~ @TheAviatorsClub Honors Departed Pets

The Aviators Club on Twitter will fly two quarterly tribute (memorial) missions on
January 19, 2013  to honor pets and anipals who have departed
Over The Rainbow Bridge (OTRB) in the past three months.

The Aviators Club team members fly and call out the names of departed pets in tribute to their lives and their families.  There is no fee or charge for having your departed pet acknowledged in tribute. It is open for all species of critters that you loved and have now departed.  The quarterly tribute (memorial) missions are simply an act of love.

If you would like your departed pet called out in tribute during these flights please send their name and/or a brief description (animal type, age, etc.) and feel free to contact any one of these folks:

The Aviators Club

Mouche Cat @clingycat (Pacific Team Mission Leader ~ Australia, New Zealand and relevant time zones)

PACIFIC MISSION ~ Saturday, January 19, 2013 ~ 7:00 PM Brisbane time ~ 8:00 PM Sydney and Melbourne time.  You can follow the flight mission on twitter via hashtag #TheAviators.

cori toiboi berman @cori_berman (Team Mission Leader ~United States, United Kingdom (UK), Europe and relevant time zones)  Cori is also a co-founder of
The Aviators Club. Twitter friends and anipals who would like to help with these particular missions can also contact Cori.  You can also contact  The Aviators Club if you are interested in joining.

UNITED STATES, UNITED KINGDOM, EUROPE MISSION ~ 1:00 PM Eastern Time USA; 18:00 UK; 19:00 Netherlands. You can follow the flight mission on twitter via hashtag #TheAviators.

Additional members of  The Aviators Club contacts on twitter are

Dear Clyde @DearClyde who is also a co-founder of The Aviators Club

Shelly @Shelly338

Twitelien @Twitelien

Talented designer, friend to The Aviators Club, animal and nature lover
Dawn Thomas @fraggleart created this remarkable and very special logo with the quarterly tribute missions in mind. We recognize and salute her for her talented and loving work.

Image Credit: Dawn Thomas @fraggleart 

* * *
My own very beloved The Aviators ~  @3DogsWhite will be participating in this mission. Even if you do not Twitter, but have a pet who passed away that you would like called out in tribute, please feel free to leave a comment with details. It would be their privilege to honor your pet.

Left to right Daisy, Buddy, Taz

Buddy (middle in photo), age 10 years and 9 months has been battling diabetes along with accelerated onset of blindness diagnosed in October of 2012. It is illness that comes upon many senior dogs. It is currently being managed with the medical help of our wonderful vet. It was decided that our Buddy would be the appointed Captain of our personal airplane for this tribute (memorial)  flight.

The story of how we found The Aviators is here:  The Aviators

You can find me @grammakaye on Twitter.


  1. Kaye you are a wonderful support to #TheAviators. We thank you soo much. mwah mwah. xoxoxo

    1. Hello Mouche, you wonderful clingycat! You're welcome. #LUVYA and LOVE The Aviators

  2. Hello Kaye, what a wonderful organization and I love the gang all dressed up like aviators, I am sure you have that picture framed in your home,it's so cute. Bill

    1. Yes, many fabulous animal or anipal related organizations on twitter. With my own twitter account and the doggies with theirs, they only belong to one club and it is "The Aviators Club"....they love these missions. Thanks for dropping by, leaving comment. We appreciate this very much ~ Kaye.


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