Welcome Green Bay Packers rookies to Green Bay, Wisconsin

You will be officially orientated and inundated with vasts amount of information and abundant work as you begin the path to your professional football career through your new employer.  I don't want to complicate that, I do want to give you these few tips. Several of these tips are targeted for the time not that far away when you officially begin to settle, get your own place and live in Green Bay.

FEELING AT HOME ~  I understand that you are now fully grown men who first left home to go to college. There still might be a few times you miss family members, loved ones, significant others. There may be times when your new place simply doesn't feel 'at home'.

BUY A BAKING SHEET or COOKIE SHEET  and a spatula  ~ You don't have to make a mess trying to mix from scratch cookies or invest in all the ingredients and supplies to do so. You can buy cookie dough from the grocery store, follow directions, cut it up, put it on the baking sheet and in a few short minutes ~ you have warm cookies fresh from the oven.  The smell of cookies baking in your new place is going to lift your spirits and make your new place feel more HOME.  The challenge to this is the smell of cookies baking also bring any room mates right out to that kitchen, it's like a magnet to the football players that may live in apartments close by.  You may have to purchase more cookie dough than what you think you will need for yourself. I have also heard that football players can drink a lot of milk...have plenty of milk for yourself, tell the others to bring their own gallon of milk with them. This is my top tip for you.

FIND A DECENT MEAT STORE AND/OR GROCERY STORE that includes a good meat and deli counter  ~  I live on the west side of Green Bay which puts me very close by to Maplewood Meats.
This is our meat store as often as possible. It is reasonably priced for meat. You may pay a little bit more there, but there is NO WASTE ~ NONE.  You are getting the high quality and value for your money. (We are not related in any way to any of the people at this meat shop, we just like them and their products and we shop there.) Be sure to note their hours. They close at 12 Noon on Saturdays.

There are several stellar grocery stores in our area also. A couple of them are really gems as far as their meat counters, deli counters, even their bakeries. A particularly excellent resource for these various grocery stores PLUS many community activities that are happening in this area is Green Bay Consumer . They are @GBConsumer on Twitter.

Remember ~  Football is what you do, not who you are.  While football may be a vital component in your current life path, being a productive, happy, healthy man is equally vital, worthy and necessary. Personally, I wish you the very best of successes in what you do and who you are.

If other folks would like to put their tips in the comment/reply section...feel welcome to do so.

You can find me @grammakaye on twitter.


  1. Hi Kaye, I would recommend that these young players get good money managers to put them on a budget which they will adhere to. We read all the time about some athlete who made zillions but is filing for bankruptcy. Ordinary folks can get medical bills which can wipe them out, but if you earned $50 million over your career you should be fine and many players are not fine.
    Live with another rookie to save on living expenses since you will be returning home likely after the season is over. Don't be trying to keep up with the higher paid players and there million dollar homes and fancy cars. Your time may come, but don't rush it, you will likely be an entrepreneur after your career so enjoy your time on the field and set yourself up for your life after you have left the field.Bill

    1. Really good tips Bill, I like get into good money management habits early. I like the how important it is to be committed to this current career with a mind to prepare/be prepared for 'second life' 'second career' when the football is over. ~ Kaye


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