The recent event of 25 Great White Sharks counted so  immediately close to an area of the California coast beach line is not an anomaly - it is a subtle warning message to American politicians - they are wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner, more precisely to be the main course of each shark's feeding. I can only hope that regular citizens have the common sense to behave and stay away until those sharks head back to sea. After all it was and is their ocean first.  

Getting back to those American politicians and those sharks: The only reason the sharks have not made an appearance at the East Coast Atlantic ocean close to Washington, D.C. is because they know the federal politics there is beyond a swamp but a huge, nasty, stinky cesspool that bubbles and grows bigger each and every day.  Washington D.C. and federal politics do not seem to be a sustainable environmental system in today's current climate.  

I fear for the sharks. They eat politicians and the toxicity kills them. Such a genocide of those sharks would be so wrong, much like the attempted genocide the politicians themselves are  trying to commit on the American public with the latest health care reformation boondoggle the House of Representatives passed and is going forward the the U.S. Senate. 

I sincerely believe the majority of Americans want to see all politicians work with the existing health care program and make it work better. Contrary to all the gloom and doom words of imminent collapse - tell the exact truth!  Health insurance corporations want as much PROFIT as possible (GREED), have a powerful lobby and any talk of "imminent collapse" is them putting the squeeze on. 

American politicians are wasting valuable taxpayer paid work time jawing around with each other instead of putting in productive work time improving the current health care system. Even the sharks know they are the true masters of jawing and all politicians both state and federal need to get the message! 


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