#TheAviators OTRB Missions Tips

Heart Centered special OTRB logo patch created by Dawn Thomas @fraggleart on Twitter especially for @theaviatorsclub
#TheAviators from @theaviatorsclub on Twitter will  fly two OTRB Tribute Missions
January 11, 2014
They are the Southern Mission flown first and the Northern Mission flown last.
( WorldwideTime zones and cities charts below)

We have prepared flight tips for aviators, which includes good information for attendees:

Aviators:  Wear your goggles on mission day. (Use them as your avatar)

Aviators throughout the Missions and Twitter Public participating in Open Program:

Use #TheAviators #JanTF in all your tweets as hashtags so all may see your tweets.

How to:

Bring up #TheAviators hashtag in direct (regular) twitter by placing #TheAviators into Twitter's search feature, and clicking on All (so all tweets are shown) 

Applications like TweetDeck allow you to bring up #TheAviators hashtag and add it as a column to follow.

Aviators Mission leaders: 
Mouche @clingycat on Twitter leads the Southern Mission
Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite leads the Northern Mission

You can also keep eyes out for your Mission leaders.


Meet up for mission begins 15 minutes before mission start times.
Announce yourself at this time when you check-in for the flight. 

It's perfectly fine and welcome to tweet your avatar pic and/or your airplane.
This is for ALL Aviators flying whether they have assigned duties and tasks or not.

Aviators with assigned duties and tasks may not be able to directly reply to tweets to them as they may have to tweet sparingly or save their tweets to be able to complete (tweet their part of the mission.)

The Tribute tweet count for both missions each as of 6:00 PM EST USA on January 8, 2014  is at 195 Tribute tweets #TheAviators various pilot will be calling. Tributes are still being requested and this count is still being added to. 

Please understand this and do know they care about fellow aviators and friends and will be back in Twitter touch with you as soon as they can.

Aviators without assigned duties or tasks that are flying.  Please know that during OPEN PROGRAM which begins 19 minutes after missions begin, you are most welcome to remember your own family anipals or your close friends that went OTRB in tweets with various remembrances and farewells. OPEN PROGRAM will close at 50 minutes after each mission begins. 

General Twitter Public:

OPEN PROGRAM also applies to all of the general twitter public including the greater anipal community who are following the missions. They are welcome to tweet in their memories, farewells, pictures, remembrances. We ask our aviators to please let them know, they are welcome. Tweets just need to have #TheAviators and #JanTF in them so they may be found.

LOVE PATROL SQUADRON - these are aviators, members of the general Twitter public and/or the greater anipal community who wish to retweet during and especially following the missions.

The missions are so huge and overwhelming, it takes time for twitter to begin settling down. So in the hours after a mission to even a few days as many do take the time to review the hashtags #TheAviators #JanTF, if you see something that moves you then give a a retweet of love from your heart. This makes you part of the LOVE PATROL SQUADRON. 

Aviators:  The OTRB flights are #TheAviators most difficult flights, not only are they logistically complicated, they can be emotionally difficult. Please give them your best focus and your kindest loving hearts.

This is Daisy and Taz from @3DogsWhite. We send LOVE!
We commandeered our gramma's blog. 
Toddy @ToddyFur on twitter is in process of building #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub website and blog place. 

(Time zones and cities chart for two January 11 Missions)


  1. Hi Kaye,tell the doggies there doing a good job with the aviators and spreading the love and concern for others, always an honorable task.Bill

    1. You practically family prolly even closer than our own family is. You know Taz goes around calling you Uncle Billzzz. Mmm huh... <--- Daisy just politely told me to tell Uncle Bill thank you very much for the compliment. And as the two very good bosses with the short legs and white fur say, "We send LOVE!" ~ Kaye

  2. Fank you for honorin my sister Kiki during dis month's flight - bless U!

    1. *soft paws and big hugs* - you are welcome and thank you for the lovely compliment of leaving a comment. It is #TheAviators - @theaviatorsclub on twitter's privilege to remember you sis Kiki. - Daisy, Taz @3DogsWhite (and our gramma, Kaye).


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