Buddy's Legacy

Celebrating Buddy's Life #CBL

A huge number of "tweeps" (Twitter people and anipals) tweeted and re-tweeted information to help us get the word out about our Buddy's last few days here on earth and what Buddy, Taz, Daisy and myself wanted to do (ADVENTURE) and hoped some of you would share ours and do your own to celebrate his life. From the bottom of all our hearts, "Thank You."

Literally, another huge number of  "tweeps" sent messages of love, support, encouragement, greetings before and after Buddy went OTRB (Over The Rainbow Bridge). From the bottom of all our hearts, "Thank You."

Progressing forward, please do not fear or hesitate to tweet @3DogsWhite when you have a need to be shared. We will do our best for you.  Not only does a "shared burden lighten the load" but as Charles Dickens said, "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others."

We want to uphold to having a "tweet life" of caring, concern and compassion. This is what is in our hearts and Buddy's legacy to us that we have this wonderful opportunity to carry on. Please remember we may not see each and every tweet out there when a pal is having challenges, but we will respond as carefully and often as we can.

Here are some "tweet moments" and "tweeps" we'd like to share with you...

@AmandasRascals Harper & Palz along with a big furramily of aviator kitties are are members of @theaviatorsclub #TheAviators on twitter. These sweet kitties made sure to fly several comforting visits to our home.

AmandasRascals: "plz meet Buddy ::::) he's named in honor of youz brudder :)"

AmandasRascals "What we left in da sky over Buddy's house on our adventure today"

Our new cat friend is Livingston @livvyoldcatHe followed along with every adventure and maintained supportive presence. It was only later that we found out the #southmeow twitter hash tag is very Livvy specific, (it is his hash tag) so in some way that wonderful BBQ food  Buddy, Taz and Daisy had in Marbs and Teds Adventure is directly related to Livvy.

@Sadie_D_Doxie  Our doggies adore this head shot of  Sadie because she is looking up. It's just like Sadie!  Whenever she is around everything is "looking up".  When Sadie is around it is like being blessed with just that right blend of  "sunshine and magic".  Sadie came along to fly on several adventures during the week, while flying she "sky wrote" a huge heart for Buddy, and she is very excited to be attending The Aviators (#TheAviators) Flight School. Sadie makes our hearts smile, we are so proud she is our furriend!

@ABettyWhite  (lower right) did "light the lamp in Buddy's honor" for his flight and to make sure he could find his way around The Rainbow Bridge his first night. 

@Race_Dog Dakota followed along with all the adventures during the week. Dakota lives an adventurous life. He is a racing crew dog. His Daddy is NHRA Division 3 Super Street racer. Dakota sent this "special" tweet for Buddy
"Our eye to the sky from the dragstrip start line..."

   WILD (not feral) and CRAZY cats Marbs and Ted  @marblesays and@TeddyB_cat
took a big adventure that simply embraced us with their love! They joined in and rode along with the Hershey, Pennsylvania adventure while #TheAviators flew.  Taking a wrong turn in Hershey, this is how they made it to Hershey Water Park. Purrfectly ameowzing cats, we hope Marbs and Teds come fly with #TheAviators.

Schnauzers Yoko, Irie, Lucky and their typist Twitty @Twitelien  sent "pressies" (presents) to Buddy right before his departure OTRB. They sent treats, "bankies", a teddy bear, light and booze. We think the booze was less for Buddy than it was for this gramma's quivering, trembling heart and jittered nerves. All "pressies" were very appreciated.

Mark and Beagle Echo @Dontignoretruth sent us a very wise memo quote by Kahil Gibran.

The Aviators (#TheAviators@theaviatorsclub sent a picture of Buddy in his golden frame. We cherish this.

@DearClyde tweeted by to check on us.

Miss Lucky Dog @lucky_GSD (above left) and Riley the Devil Dog @RileyDevilDog (center) with their combined loving hearts, intelligent minds and willing hands did break us into an immediate, overwhelming, torrential downpour of tears when we saw what they sent to us. Oh, how kind of them and how treasured by us
..... our Buddy.....


We think our Buddy had a pretty good life, most importantly it was Buddy that made our lives so very GOOD! Thanks to ALL who understood how important Buddy was/is to us and helping us...
Celebrate Buddy's Life!

Find Taz and Daisy @3DogsWhite and me @grammakaye on Twitter.

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#CBL = Celebrating Buddy's Life #TheAviators


  1. Kaye, this is such a beautiful tribute to your loving companion. I'm sorry I missed the celebration of Buddy's life but grateful to see it documented here.

    1. Hello Ms. Jacqueline, you sweetness. It was so wonderful to find you had visited and commented.

  2. Hello my sweet friend. I am sorry I was not more engaged during your celebration of Buddy's life. You are wonderful and I think of you often. Sending hugs from Sammie Vito and me all the way from NJ
    much love

    1. We send love Lori....happy we got the opportunity via Ms. Daisy to catch-up some. We just didn't know what to do knowing Buddy needed to go OTRB. We were shocked, stunned and "beside ourselves" even though we knew he wasn't entirely well. Personally, for couple, three months I already suspected his time was shortened and days numbered. I think I may have just not wanted to accept that and was 'in denial'.

      It is just that simple, so we followed our hearts and asked for what we thought we needed...so much "kindness" poured in. Kindness is always appreciated in our home and in our hearts. Daisy n Taz send lovie dovies to Sammie and Vito too... ~ Kaye

  3. Hello Kaye! Checking in on your blog to see how you and the pack are doing. Wishing you a wonderful end of summer, beginning of fall!

    1. Oh Friday, you darling you! I haven't been blogging because Twitter world groups like The Aviators, really life activities and family things have been so incredibly busy. I haven't set aside the time. We love you. How wonderful for you to think of us. ~ Kaye


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