#TheAviators Jan 11 Northern Mission Program

January 11, 2014
OTRB Tribute Flights Twitter Missions
Northern Mission Program
(Worldwide time zones and cities chart for both missions below)

Southern Mission Information
is also included further below the Northern Mission program
Southern Mission is the first flight of the day

Hashtags to be used #TheAviators #JanTF both missions

Pre- flight Official Greeter and Introduction 
 Gordon  @Jayney54

Opening Mission Remarks - Mission Leaders
  Daisy and Taz  @3DogsWhite

Flight Mission Prayer
 Sulley @Helhawk

OTRB Tribute Balloon Check
 Barley @oneinthere

Going Home - Bagpipes Music for departed #TheAviators
@theaviatorsclub which
 will also introduce @DearClyde

to bring

OTRB Tributes for departed #TheAviators
 @DearClyde - #TheAviators co-founder

Departed Aviators are:
October 22 Samson @SamsonsMama3
October 24 Bilbo @bilbo_the_bunny
October 28 ZobyDoby @ZobyDoby1
November 20 Phi @3phibotticelli
December 16 Sam (Samantha) @samthewatcher 
January 5 Stewie @stewieandmilou
January 6 Miss Reine @Reine1Reine

Pudding @Ms_Pud 

will  then remember departed #TheAviators
December 26 Jane (human fly partner) to @JessieJaney
(Australian #TheAviators were able to find and determine that Jessie the cat is safe and in new home with extended family member of Jane. )

Call for #TheAviators Tributes to begin 
@3DogsWhite (14 minutes after mission begins)

Program Music Northern Mission
Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD 

#TheAviators Tribute Callers Northern Mission
Cook @CookTheDog
Angel Smokey @Smokey8
Toddy @ToddyFur
(Jazz) Mouche @clingycat
Emmett @Emmett_dog
Crystal @7Trekky
Sammy @SammydaBulldog
Simon @simonsterpug 
Sulley @Helhawk
Sadie @Sadie_D_Doxie
Bode @4catsstrapski
Ama @Amadeusivan 
Pudding @Ms_Pud
Yeppe @Yepsels
Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy
@OscarandJessieG has one special tribute call
Peyton @IamCindyBush has one special tribute call
Pepper @PepperTheBoston has one special tribute call
Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite

Call for Open Program 

Open Program is open from 19 minutes to 50 minutes after mission begins
It is a time where ALL may tweet in pictures, memories, various remembrances of their beloved pets who have crossed to the Rainbow Bridge. 
Please use the hashtags #TheAviators #JanTF

#TheAviators Flowers, Poems and other Add-Ins
Dame Aggie @dame_agnes 
Jim @SallyjainW
Annie and Roxie @radianttabby
Oscar and Jessie G @OscarandJessieG
Sulley @Helhawk
Molly @msmollyyoda
Bode @4catsstrapski 
Pudding @Ms_Pud
Harley @HonorUSA1211

Call for Missing Man Formation with Fly Above
 @3DogsWhite (29 minutes after mission begins)

Missing Man Formation with Fly Above 
Wing Commander Sir Herbert @CelpiesCorner
(30-34 minutes after mission begins)

Call For Tributes to continue
 (35 minutes after mission begins)
Commending departed to the Rainbow Bridge
  (45 minutes after mission begins)

Call for fliers who need to complete their Tribute Calls to do so  
Calls for families and friends to complete their Open Program Tribute Calls
Calls for fliers who have completed their tasks to return to base
 (50, 51 and 52 minutes after mission begins)

Closing remarks
 (58 minutes after mission begins)

Flight Sekurity
Northern and Southern Mission 
provided by
 Terence @TerenceTerrier and crew

Tweet Support Publicity
 generously done by 
Sunny @KimVanspauwen

Southern Mission Program
Will follow a similar format to the Northern Mission
 is being planned and led by Jazz (Mouche)  @clingycat

Tribute Callers Southern Mission
Cook @CookTheDog
Angel Smokey @Smokey8
Toddy @ToddyFur
(Jazz) Mouche @clingycat
Ashley @dog_chelsea
Miranda @Miranda_Kitten
Thomas Archer @puppynumber7
Penne @KillerParrot
Harley @HonorUSA1211
Miss Lucky @lucky_GSD
Angel Peggy @MundarePeggy 
Dugal @WhatDoingDugal
Sir Scamp @SirScamp
Jim @SallyjainW 

Program Music Southern Mission
Thomas Archer @puppynumber7

Missing Man Formation Southern Mission

 Tribute Calls assigned for both missions

This program is finalized. We are not expecting any further updates or revisions to it.

This is Daisy and Taz @3DogsWhite having commandeered our gramma's blog. 
@ToddyFur is currently in process building a website and blog place for @theaviatorsclub #TheAviators.
We hope you shall be able to participate with
 #TheAviators two January 11, 2014 OTRB Tribute Flights Twitter Missions. 
Time zones and cities chart for both missions January 11, 2014.


  1. Thank you very much. We are all on our way to worthy and solid missions. Together! It takes all we #TheAviators in unity. We send LOVE! Daisy, Taz (and our gramma).


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