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@OlCracker ~ A Love Story Begins

OlCracker ~ My next lifetime hubby

@OlCracker on twitter, not just a 'twaffair'  ~  Yes, I saw this pic, a tall man with striking facial bones, strongly sculpted arms (guns, they call arms like that guns), wearing a cowboy hat, holding a fine looking chicken. What's not to love about that?

Not being a completely  'shallow woman' affixed to a person by 'looks' only, his bio said he was an ASCAP songwriter. That intrigued me.  I've been putting song poems together since I was a teenager. Many of them were what was then called 'novelty' songs.  In early adulthood the music would come to me for some of the songs poems I was writing. Though I couldn't write the music down, I could at least sing how it was supposed to go. It was a creative outlet, it was fun. In my early adulthood, I had a very good time and some success with originating and selling some advertising jingles and donating one of my produced original songs to be used as the background music (audio) in a  regionally televised Easter Seals telethon video.   So of course, I'm going to be interested in a person that is creative in  the aspect of songwriting.


Simply: I just loved @OlCracker so much, I declared him unto the Twitterverse to be My next lifetime hubby quite a few times more than once.

(Special note to  @OlCracker  ~ "I ain't never taking that back, even if next lifetime you would turn out to be a bald  5'4" tall aluminum siding salesman from Cincinnati.  As for myself, if the Universe be with me, I plan on looking better than a young Ann Margaret." )

I believe at the time I had a personal computer that was a miserable piece of trash, it was fussy about crashing anytime it wanted to which was often. I didn't always have the opportunity to go internet snooping and exploring (nor am I a particularly inclined to do too much of that) ~  but when I found out @OlCracker was also doing some movies, I beat a path to the 'movie trailer link' he tweeted me. The movie was Lis Pendens.  It was done by some young filmakers from Florida. This clip has a 50 second run time.  (see credits below the video clip).

@DonMiller87  on twitter

OlCracker photo from Lis Pendens
Oh La! He can play a skeery man!

I come to find out that @OlCracker lives in Palatka, Florida hence the tune
"Where The Hells Palatka?"  cuz everybody always seemed to ask him that question.

You'll  find what  @OlCracker and his band TheShitFacedSaturdayBoys are creating is a "country,cracker, swampy, earthy, raw music" that reflects their own Florida culture. I say they are making their own original music genre. It's a mix of  'swampbilly''hellbilly', aw even the 'outlaw' word gets worked in their music description sometimes.

THE CORE PART OF IT ALL for me is "its fun", they are FUN!  They continue to do FUN things expressing music. I enjoy it.  I also enjoy the 'cinema acting'  @OlCracker is involved in.


The copyrighted 2:52 version via You Tube Video Credit:
@OlCracker on Twitter 
@Tampa_Rick on Twitter <----- Scroll down this page to find out "What Is A FL Cracker?"
OlCrackerTheWriter <----- This link has a wonderful biography  of his life

Here's the latest music released from @OlCracker and TheShitFacedSaturdayBoys ~  Currently available for under $5 ~

NEW CD! IS HERE! ★One of kind Outlaw/SwampBilly★ Straight out of the FL underground  Link will give u all nine tracks.

FIND AND FOLLOW ON TWITTER ~ Part of  TheShitFacedSaturdayBoys on twitter music publisher, producer and guitarist  @Tampa_Rick; along with   @MUDFISHMATT;  @Ninji_Rox ~

Please remember to find one of their biggest promoting friends @EvlRanger

I've been off the Twitter since Friday late afternoon.  This past couple of weeks I've been having circulation problems with my legs which translates to "I've been sitting at my 'non-ergonomic' computer desk chair for too many hours a day, each and every day."  So I have to take some time away here and there and get this circulation working correctly again. Another challenge I've been facing is my irrational jealousy intermingled with respect and awe of  .........


There's many beautiful women in this world that tweet @OlCracker each and every day. That don't bother me one whit. WOW!  Just knowing that Ms. Blue Betty Bam Alam Alam gets to caress his rear end about any day she wants to. OH LA! It's difficult, truly difficult for me.

I'm @grammakaye on Twitter.  Your comments are truly welcome.


  1. Kaye you are a Angel! Thank YOU,THANK YOU for the most kind words. I am now yer' #1 fan Girl!
    Aiiiieeee! @GrammaKaye < official Queen of the Swamp #SwampNation Hugs ad Kisses, Luv Ya, Tampa Rick

    1. Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm, you know how yummy good and loving sweet talk is to my ears and heart. Thanks for all the bouquets. I've never thought of myself as 'queenly' except that "Queen of the Swamp #Swampnation" could very much align with my swampy down to earth, lovin' real people personality. Luv Ya too ~ Kaye

  2. Replies
    1. You always crack me up, Ms. T. LUV YA thanks for the visit. I apologize that I missed it earlier. ~ Kaye

  3. I am looking for some latest news and good music accessories information on web during that search i got your post its also interesting thanks for sharing.

    1. Jingle Audio Production ~ that's is totally awesome for me that you were informed about this blog post based upon your internet search. I am completely flattered that you took the time and inclination to read this post and comment. Thank you so much for visiting me. ~ Kaye


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