This That The Other July 16th

Formerly known as "Short Takes" here is "This That The Other " for this past week.

Rockin' The Star Spangled Banner ~ Ms. Janet Hansen@Scout66com on twitter, a music marketing specialist and publicist out of Nashville, Tennessee asked me if I'd be interested in giving Madison Rising and their rock version of
The Star Spangled Banner a mention at my blog site.

Now, even though Ms. Janet knows I pretty much adore her, I will not go 'outta my way' to be obliging unless I listen and make up my mind for myself.  I'm a hard headed woman that way. Ms. Janet would expect me to be just the way I am.

 I enjoyed my listen and I enjoyed reading Ms. Janet's blog post.   The lead singer for Madison Rising is a U.S. Navy veteran. You can read more about them at Ms. Janet's Scout66com blog post
Madison Rising: Rock 'n Reverence Like You've Never Seen .  If you came here today with a limited amount of time, here with permission, their song video is posted.

(Special note for Ms. Janet Hansen ~ OH LA LA LA LA Ms. Janet, first time I've ever attempted to post a video in my blog, I credit you with "I learned a lot today, oh that 'trial and error' life of mine." Translated: it may not be perfectly done, but it is here. I am smiling BIG.)

Sinning is just an IHOP awayRED VELVET PANCAKES

Picture source:  DELISH Food Blog
DELISH writer/editor: Kiri Tannenbaum
Photo credit: Westminster IHOP

The newspaper advertising ads/coupons came in Saturday morning. These pancakes were included. My daughter and I are in anticipatory heaven. That's correct, we haven't even gotten there and tasted them yet. Mmmmm, here's hoping they taste every bit as goooood as they look!

I tweeted I am now aware of  what the 'ultimate sin' is and I shall be sinning there soon. Oh and by the way, unlike a certain  'genius' and very wealthy marketing family whose first names begin with "K" with most of their last names also beginning with "K" ~ I don't get paid to advertise, write, tweet, mention, etc., etc., etc.  It's a simple matter of when I see things or people that interest me, I talk about it.  


"It's OK, you can call me 'scattered"

Image credit: mydigiverse

In passing I saw several blogs and articles this past week that spoke of this BLOG IDENTITY  subject.  I know I have some 'faithful' readership from countries all over the globe including these United States of America. I appreciate YOU.  I also appreciate those writers/bloggers who enjoy having a 'set identity'.

My  personal BLOG IDENTITY is SCATTERED,  random, various, sometimes rambling, mmmm little bit of ranting here and there, some RUH-ROH ~ (thank you credit goes to Scooby Doo)  whatever or whoever I have on my mind on any given day. Obviously, it's not fancy at all. It is FUN, it is a place for me to be who I am, even as a 'senior'  woman,  it expresses the 'myself' still a work in process or a process in process or something like that. It is a blessing to be able to share it with YOU.  It is also a huge help as to keeping me out of the pool halls, bars and taverns.  My gramma brain just happened to take note that it was a topic on my twitter timeline this past week.

Tweep of the WeekBill Pierce @itshoosierdaddy  on twitter. Bill is a prolific blogger. Bill has a great sense of humor and a lot of common sense. His current Twitter followers are rapidly skyrocketing. Yet each and every week Bill goes out of his way, makes it part of his Twitter life to promote me, my doggies, this blog. He needs to know I give him a lot of credit for 'driving traffic' to come visit me here. I also want Bill to know how much I appreciate everything he does in support of us.

You can find Bill's blog Pooped <---- Oh yes, I encourage you to find out 'what's with that name'?

It's now a wrap for "This That The Other" for this time around.  You are always welcome to leave a comment, with or without your twitter ID (handle) included. (Of course, if you leave your twitter ID I'd love to find you on twitter.)

Have a wonderful week. I am @grammakaye on twitter. My doggies are @3DogsWhite 


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