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Litany of Complaints
Let Me Unload My Gunnysack
Dear Daughter
Life in America

"Gunnysacking is when someone silently collects irritations and slights until "the last straw is placed on them" causing an overblown reaction." ~   Definition source: Gunnysacking Wikipedia

Dear Daughter,

You abundantly fill my life with many treasured moments. I do my best to relay these to you when you are available to me.

However recently we've once again hit a 'rough patch'.  "Timing" is everything, right now the 'timing' for me to speak with you face to face is plainly 'not good'.  I do have extreme need to clear my mind of a few things any way I can (my blog) to cast out some irritations before they build so high that a nuclear detonation followed by an intense heat meltdown occurs.

MY PICTURES ~ Yes I did notice my 11th grade school portrait showed up on the living room bookcase a couple months back. I don't mind it is there. It actually reminds me that once I was really a young person.  That is not one of the pictures your loving gramma so carefully went through, particularly chose and sent you before she passed away. That one came from MY PICTURES or boxes of pictures to be exact.

There have been other signs here and there that you have chosen, picked through, picked out, TOOK FOR YOUR OWN MY PICTURES.  Please knock it off.  Today, I've taken my voluminous amount of lifetime picture gathering and placed them on the dining table in the basement to begin my figuring it all out project. I am unsure to what progress I shall make, but with the heat of this summer, so happy to have a cool basement and good enough lighting. You are not to help yourself to any of those pictures at this time.

PLEASE THINK ~ If I had done or did this to you, exactly what would your response be?

MY PAPERWORK ~ Some months back I did not have a comfortable feeling when you were 'uh' organizing the basement. I pretty much knew you couldn't resist going through my files, my medical records, my old income tax returns, my other legal papers and in fact it comes to surface YOU DID THIS.  You have given yourself away about it in several subsequent conversations.
Please let me remind you:
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I've already shown you what life insurance policy I have and where it is. MY PAPERWORK is not your business.

PLEASE THINK ~ If I had done or did this to you, exactly what would your response be?

MY CD COLLECTION ~ You may or may not be aware that I divested myself of multiple thousands of pounds of my precious vinyl recordings during the decade of the 1990's.  I began to replace that which I could, plus buy other compact discs. We both know that while official count has now been lost, I own 800+ of them. I am weary that you so 'disdain' of my collection and yet you don't hesitate to borrow from it anytime you want without putting them back when you have finished. Now Grand is doing the very same thing. It happened again this week. I have heard and I appreciate that you think I should put all my music on 'flash drives' and sell the compact discs. Please refer the the above sign...

 "I Ain't Dead Yet!" When I am you can then get your $1.00 each by selling them all.  I appreciate that you replaced a specific CD that you broke in the past few months.  Please knock off helping yourself, not treating them well and not putting them back.

PLEASE THINK ~ If I had done or did this to you, exactly what would your response be?

MY HOBBIES ~ OK, I have almost forgiven you for being MEAN to me about my singing and/or karaoke hobby. I have not forgotten when you told me you accidentally deleted all my karaoke from the computer, accidentally deleted the microphone function from the computer. The breaking of the actual microphone you said to be accidental too.  Then some months later you taunted me with you had actually done all this on purpose not only because I cannot sing, I am a terrible singer.

 I am not a delusional young person who cannot sing trying out for American Idol or America's Got Talent. I know I have some solid and good singing capability. I also know I am no 'superstar'. I'm the one who has to take their time with a song, try some things out, work on and work through it, so yes there are times when it is awful sounding and seeking redemption.

I am not an 'instant, got-it' song study. I put time and effort into it.  I never sang when you were working in your home office. In fact, I didn't overtly schedule time when you were specifically home to drive you nuts like you tell me I did. I recognize there were some singing practice sessions when you were around and you hated it and you hated me for it.  THIS IS ALL JUST PLAIN WRONG of you to be so mean, judgemental, and controlling of what my hobbies should and should not be.

Thanks for the loan of Grand's karaoke machine until y'all had a recent session that broke it. So am I supposed to believe this breaking was indeed a 'real accident? Yes, I did integrate together all of the karaoke compact discs. Did you happen to note that while all together, the ones belonging to you and Grand are marked as yours with permanent Sharpie marker?

PLEASE THINK ~ If I had done or did this to you, exactly what would your response be?

Thank you for your 'vote of approval' for  when and if  I need to write up anything Packers or write up at my blog.

WRITE UP AT MY BLOG  ~ So tell me in the song of Toby Keith "How Do You Like Me Now?"  More importantly, I am an average ordinary person, if things like this are happening with me, chances are other people are having similar situations in their own lives.  (This could help them.)

PLEASE REMEMBER dear daughter that I would NEVER tolerate these things in either a boyfriend or husband. 

PLEASE THINK ~ my patience is gone.  I shall not be allowing you any special dispensation to continue doing these things.

I am @grammakaye on Twitter. All are welcome to comment. If you would like me to find you on Twitter, please leave your Twitter ID (handle).


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