It's Been A Long Time Coming

I've wanted my own place, my own spot in the world to test out putting my thoughts into words for a very long time.  Frankly, I didn't know how much commitment I could give to a 'writing place'. And then there was (is) the fear! I'm not so technically skilled at how to do set-up, design, templates. My spelling skills and grammar have come up lacking. I never know how much brain power I have on any given day. I don't know how much life force or energy I will have on any given day either.  I vigorously twitter & tweet in 140 character increments. My goodness if I have learned to do that, can I do this too?

What tipped the scales to that famous Nike slogan "Just do it" & I did it. It was Emily Frankel. She is a regular, consistent, hard-at-it blogger who is such an accomplished woman in  both writing & so many other areas. She said something like she enjoyed my comments on her blog so much they were liken to me having a blog of my own. Mind you EM stated this with love & generosity because that is the kind of woman she is. She has the most expansive massive brain power of any one woman I have ever met in my entire life & her brain works quickly too. She amazes me so much I would vote her for President of  the United States (if she were running for the office).  You can meet Ms. Emily Frankel & her husband John Cullum.

John Cullum is a multiple award winning Broadway actor  which includes several Tony Awards and I'm pretty sure he got the 1993 Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama for television's Northern Exposure.

Meet Emily Frankel & John Cullum over at EM's Talkery .

Ms. Emily Frankel's blog comments shall continue for me as long as she is happy about that!

I had asked my daughter if she would be interested in doing a double perspective blog about 'stuff' with me. She expressed some interest and then backed off a while back now. She has also expressed some kind of want and need to have a deeper connectivity with me as her mother.  We do spend a good amount of time together. We live under the same roof.  I've made it clear I am available to her, for her.  (I'm retired for crikey's sake, of course I'm available.) So far that's not been exactly working out like whatever it is she thinks she wants/needs.

When I asked her again about doing a blog together (a few weeks back)  ~  God bless this woman ~ she strongly & straightforwardly told me.."Who in the world would want to read or listen to anything you have to say?"  Often times she says things to me & I THINK  replies back to her "Alrighty then, GAME ON!"  ~ The funniest thing about all of this family wing fang dang fal der rah is really doesn't matter how many other folks read and listen to me, but will this act of blogging (writing) simply make me happy.  If one person enjoys one post, that's the cherry on the sundae of it all.

There are family stories, tales and legends (my own childhood memories)  I might want to write about here as best I can that she has never heard before.  I won't scheme to get daughter here, however  I'll make sure she knows where this place is.  Oh and if I figure out how to use the 'labels' function, there could be a good amount of  "Dear Daughter" labeled posts. Didn't your own Mama ever tell you 'don't get mad, get even' ~ wink & a smile & a hug!!! Aside from all of this who even knows what subject matter might show up here!

Oh boy, 'here's looking at you, kid' ~ I am about to hit the 'publish' button.

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  1. Hey Kaye, I enjoyed your first post,it will make for interesting reading, sharing your memories. I think your Daughter will jump in eventually, and you will make more memories together. Good luck! we are always learning. Mark

  2. Hi Gramma (lol I just can't call you Kaye, you're Gramma to me). Any this is a very interesting entry. I'm looking forward to reading about your childhood memories and family stories in the future. Also hope your daughter joins you now and then.

    I find yiur connection to Emily Frankel & John Cullum very interesting and have bookmarked their blog. Northern Exposure was must watch TV in our hone and John Cullum was one of our favorite residents in that wild and wacky town.

    I'll be reading your next entry soon. Oh by the way I'm Wisconsin_Mom AKA Marti :)0


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