The Magic of Eilif ~ Part One

Subtitled: Eilif, I Have Great Ambitions for You

This story is dedicated to Eilif Skodvin and  Eilif Kiland.

I became delighted in watching the NetFlix Original Series LilyHammer. The premise is an American mobster (gangster) relocates to Lillehammer, Norway via 'witness protection' and re-starts his life.

The mobster is played by Steven Van Zandt.  I'm so proud to say I already knew of him as an accomplished musician with "Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band"  long before I held on to his every word, breath and frowning nuance playing character Silvio Dante in American television's The Sopranos.

I would watch LilyHammer. I would smile. Smiles became chuckles. Chuckles became roaring laughter. My basic 'social media' is Twitter. I began to tweet and tell people about LilyHammer. In some way, I felt connected to this show. I needed to figure out why?  I did figure it out.

I grew up in an isolated mountain place in America near a 'company' or 'mill town' that was specifically built where only big trees and landscape had previously existed. The majority of these workers and eventually their families traveled across the United States for the family that founded and would own this mill and village. The men came first. Many of them lived in tents (even during the winter).  They first built temporary shelters for themselves. Then they went on to build the village and the mill.

This village was planned, patterned and built like a village of Scandinavian culture. Some said "Swiss" and others said "Norwegian".  It was very special, although at the time, I may not have been aware or grateful of how special indeed it was.  I lived in the area, actually only lived directly in the village itself with an auntie and uncle for a couple of years. I went to school in the village, I shopped in the village. Everyone in the entire region knew everyone else. The village was the 'seat', the 'hub' of all activities.

And oh, how so very amusing it always was when someone new came to the area and our village!

In  my old lady way, I found myself charmed by LilyHammer and was very curious (snoopy) as to who created this show and who wrote it?  The answer:  Anne Bjornstad and Eilif Skodvin created the show. They also wrote the show and Steven Van Zandt is additionally credited for the writing.

To first retrieve this information, think about how hilarious it was for me to get the correct frame stopped at the end of an episode. Proudly I tell you, I went from a zero skill level to excellence at frame stopping.

The strangest thing happened to me when I saw the name "Eilif".  I think my heart began to 'quiver' and not in a bad way. I began to murmur "Eilif, Eilif, Eilif ~ I LIVE, I LIVE, I LIVE".

I had a huge moment of some sort there and I have little internal understanding of exactly what happened,  perhaps a full realization of  "I live" and what a perfect, incredible, stellar name "Eilif" is. Right then and there I  had been taken over by the magic of "Eilif" and something (though I didn't know what yet) would never be the same for me from that moment on.

I immediately went searching on-line and found out that "Eilif" is a Norse name that has the meaning 'immortal' . It is indicated there is a Norse legend connected with the name "Eilif". As yet I have not made the time to follow through on what that story is and where I can find it so that I may read it in English.  Hint: One of you may be able to help me with this.

(Why was it, that I  didn't immediately go on-line searching for who created LilyHammer and who wrote it at that time? Answer: Because I was supposed to learn the skill of frame stopping?)

The Magic of Eilif ~ Part II  shall contain the continuation of  how all these events came together to connect me with Eilif Kiland via twitter. It will also reveal the "Eilif, I have great ambitions for you."

 A wee preview ~ This is Eilif Kiland  ~ He is @Eilif on twitter.

I tweet @grammakaye on twitter.  Please feel free to leave a comment.  If you do use twitter, please leave your twitter handle (ID) so that I may befriend you.

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