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 "and the plan is there is no real plan..." 

Daisy, Buddy, Taz

Taz, Daisy, Buddy
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Giving credit where credit is due: The first pet on twitter I can remember seeing was Tucker James @pugbeaglemix whom  Dustin (@siouxhockeyfan1 on twitter) belongs to. Dustin is a Packers fan.

I follow Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Lisa Vanderpump (@LisaVanderpump on twitter), so following her Sir Giggy (@giggythepom) was a natural progression for me. Here, there and everywhere on twitter I'm seeing a veritable upward trend of pets on twitter.

Well, me and my doggies wanted 'in on the trend'. We know the legion of Green Bay Packers fans have pets they adore and share pictures with us. We know the Green Bay Packers players themselves have pets they adore and share pictures with us.

We know that retired actor Ken Wahl (@KenWahl1 on twitter), his wife Shane Barbi, her twin sister Sia Barbi (@Barbi_Twins) are not only Packers fans, but are in the business of saving as many animal lives as they can.

Having one common interest together as human beings, be it the love of pets or all animals can surpass and get beyond political, cultural, racial, economic and gender differences and issues (I haven't even mentioned how it might bring fans of various sports teams around the world together either.) 

Having one common interest together can promote harmony, unity, respect and the best foundation for us all to build upon ~ love. It's just that simple for me.

Twitter and tweeting is my hobby.  Twitter is a valuable resource to bring awareness about many people and many things and simply have fun. @3DogsWhite have the hashtags #Packerspetnation & #Globalpetnation for any of you that want to give your pets a twitter account, a voice or voices, and have FUN!

Besides all that ~  Ms. Betty White (age 90) has taught me that old ladies can get away with a lot and I'm here today to tell you that I'll just bettcha three doggies I know can get away with even more.   (see my big wink here) ~

 "and the plan is there is no real plan..." 

Now you know about 3DogsWhite (@3DogsWhite on twitter).

I'm @grammakaye on twitter. All comments are welcome. If you twitter, please leave your twitter handle (ID) so that I may befriend you.


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