The Magic of Eilif ~ Part Two

Subtitled: Eilif, I Have Great Ambitions for You

This story is dedicated to Eilif Skodvin and  Eilif Kiland.

Please remember to read The Magic of Eilif ~ Part One so you may catch up to this point in the story.

Some few days passed. I can't remember exactly how many. I am fairly accurate on keeping track of what day it currently is.

One morning I have awakened myself, talking (babbling?) in my sleep.  I lift up, swing out of the bed, put my feet on the carpet and have that very rare moment of being able to capture what it was I was talking to myself about before I woke myself up doing it. The magic of Eilif has once again come into play.

"Eilif ~ I live because I matter. Eilif ~ I matter because I live."  ~ these are exact words ~ I kept repeating them out loud on the way to the bathroom.  After that necessary relief, I went to my computer desk and I scrawled them in a spiral notebook I keep there.

Before this morning event I had already decided that while Grand is only 13 years old and there is no hurry in procreation at this point in time, I was going to 'lobby' him to name any child he has much later into the future ~ "Eilif".  When I looked up the meaning for the name "Eilif" it showed it was a male name.  I wondered if there was a female name that was close. It is always good to be forward thinking and prepared.

I get to Twitter, I have a new follower from Sweden.  I "tweet him up" (write plural consecutive tweets to him) about the name "Eilif".  I never hear back from him.

Some few days passed. I can't remember exactly how many and I receive a tweet from @Eilif  (Eilif Kiland)  ~ don't run this is not hieroglyphics it is twitter.

Eilif Kiland@Eilif
I also think Eilif is a great name. It's rather rare, and I was named after my grandfather :-)

I think I reply to him about the 'specialness' of his name.  I am in Tweetdeck (a Twitter application) and I pop up his name so I can see his picture better.  He has a most pleasant face, a very nice jaw line. It is straight and solid. He wears stylish glasses that seem harmoniously perfect for his face. Those eyeglasses seem carefully chosen. He has good taste. He has sparkling eyes behind his eyeglasses. The kind of eyes that hold keen intelligence and mirth, with more than a hint of mischief. I think to myself one day if it hasn't already happened he is going to wonder where his children get their mischief from and he need do nothing more than to look into a mirror to answer that question.  He does not 'fear' people, he reached out and tweeted me.

You only have my word these are my first thoughts because after perusing his picture, I popped up his 'about me' link:  About Me Eilif

For the most part, I think it highly confirmed my first impressions.
Some few days passed. I can't remember exactly how many.  I remember thinking where has @Eilif   gone, what is he up to? I have seen no tweets sent out by him. I go to his profile page and I find the tweet I have posted below this paragraph.

I don't remember ever having received this. This is a hugely important tweet. EILIF KILAND is a Packers fans ~ that is Green Bay Packers, (American NFL football team headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin USA) ~ THE team I love in the small city I live in and the primary reason I was ever invited to Twitter in the first place.

Eilif Kiland@Eilif


  1. You have incredible sincerity and heartfelt gratitude about life, my friend.

    Love this trip down Eilif Lane. How fantastical, and yet down to earth.

    Loved reading it.

    @mjmonaghan_ on Twitter

  2. I love the way you write, so simple and natural and clear. Happy New Year Kaye! Thank you for stopping by my blog.

    1. Hello Francesca! I was glad to be here today and notice you had a brand new blog posting! I thank you for dropping by, taking the time to read and leaving a comment also! :)


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