Irish You Love

Irish you this, Irish you that, Irish you the other ~ Irish you joy, but most of all each & every day Irish you love.

* * *
These 'Irish yous' are really suited for a closing or an 'outro'. I'm using them for an introduction just in case you don't read to the ending of this blog post.

Here I sit at 6:30 a.m. on St. Patrick's Day in the draft I started two (?) days back and got too tired and too cranky to get back to yesterday afternoon and evening.  It held only a wee kernel of an idea and few scarce words.  I've put on my Celtic gene stubborn and I shall conquer this post right now.

If you find yourself sitting in a church or a tavern today or both ~ or anywhere else, may you feel  light hearted and happy. I do mightily harp if you are drinking today, please do not drive. Make appropriate transportation arrangements before lifting any alcoholic beverage to your lips.

Alrighty then, let's get on to the "Irish You Love" part. Some years back I stumbled upon this written piece titled  "Benediction".  A benediction is the words/blessing the clergy says last for you to leave church services on.  (I don't want to see any 'eye rolling' here, I'm not going to go all  'preachy' on you.)  This written piece never has failed to uplift and inspire me. It soothes, smooths, softens and comforts about every worry, every concern I have. It helped me through my time of a very hurting heart.

As you leave this place
may the Living Lord go with you;
May he go behind you, to encourage you,
beside you, to befriend you,
above you, to watch over you,
beneath you, to lift you from your sorrows,
within you, to give you the gifts of faith, hope, and love,
and always before you, to show you the way.

Benediction  by Blair Monie
 ~ (other credits at blogs end)

* * *
I did say this Benediction inspires me didn't I?  It helps me reach out to others and 'try' to be that tangible earthly person who practices encouragement, befriending, keeping an eye out for, comforting, sharing and walking the path of earth's journey together. It hopefully helps me reflect God's love. Mind you this does not mean I am a perfect 'hot shotter' at this. It simply means I get up and give it a work out every day I can.

Our current world seem so full of hate and I believe the more we all love, the more we can dispel hate and darkness.  It's St. Patrick's Day.  The Irish can begin by loving the Irish.  We all can begin with  loving the Irish first! (Smiling big here)

"....but most of all each & every day Irish you love."

* * *
The Benediction by Blaire Monie reflection and many more beautiful reflections from all faiths, traditions and cultures around the world may be found at  World Prayers

This particular title is indexed under the Celtic traditions there.

* * *
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  1. Fantastic sentiment, Kaye. You do a wonderful job embodying "Benediction". Thank you for all your encouragement, my Irish friend!


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