A Pixie Named Dana and a #Pawcircle Too

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Please meet this pixie named Dana!

We all know a part of loving a pet is the excruciating heartache that happens when as a responsible pet human it is discerned the quality of life due to medical conditions for your pet will not improve and it is far kinder to assist them with a final end of life care decision.

Intellectually, we are all capable of processing this, but emotionally it is still very devastating to have to let that animal go.  This was the situation we found ourselves in for our beloved dog Buddy this past week.

As many of you know, we simply wanted to Celebrate Buddy's Life and Celebrate Buddy's love, a #CBL hash tag on Twitter. Never have the words "Kindness Matters" meant more to our hurting hearts than this past week.  We could never possibly find all the right words or say enough "thank yous" to Dana for her kindness to our Buddy @3DogsWhite, Taz, Daisy and me. 

"Thank you, Dana!"

She stopped and made the time to give nurturing, tender, loving support. 

 April 20, 2002 - June 29, 2013

@Pawcircle on Twitter ~ their hash tag is #pawcircle
administrate this
"...a loving place where we can send good thoughts for those anipals in need..."

This is where Tiger Boy The Cat assists in hand making or is it paw making (?) greeting cards.

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 Please do not borrow, copy or use it unless it is to say good things about them and tell folks the image belongs to them.

You can find me as @grammakaye on Twitter. Taz and Daisy can be found @3DogsWhite.


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