Shelly's Adventure Mission #TheAviators ~ Maryland

@Shelly338 on Twitter
#Whippet Power

Please meet Shelly a wonderful Whippet, a co-founder of  The Aviators Club on Twitter.

@3DogsWhite are members of  The Aviators.  The Aviators fly three basic types of  flight missions.

"Porch Mission" when called for is to comfort any anipals or their pet humans in illness or crisis. A "Porch Mission" can be called for by any individual member.

Over The Rainbow Bridge ~  "OTRB Tribute Missions" are flown for anipals who have made the crossing to The Rainbow Bridge. The club leadership organizes these missions.

"Adventure Missions"  can be called for and done by any individual aviator.

When we knew our own Buddy of @3DogsWhite earthly time was shortened and this past week was his last time to fly in physical presence with Taz and Daisy, we called upon The Aviators and all our anipals of Twitter to take an adventure and by doing so we thought it would help us "Celebrate Buddy's Life" and "Celebrate Buddy's Love" (twitter hash tagged #CBL)

We actually had no idea, no clue of  the depth of comfort we would receive when we asked. Our souls were richly blessed in simply wanting our pals to adventure.... fly, soar, ride, be free, be happy, find some joy, have a journey, tweet share it with us. These are the "highlights" of the Maryland adventure Shelly brought to us.   We hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

June 27th

Shelly:  Honoring our Buddy today... taking out over the MD suburbs to show you some of our favorite places @3DogsWhite #CBL

(The doggies told Shelly they see her and are following along.)

Shelly: Heading over the Eastern shore @3DogsWhite #CBL #TheAviators  
(Our doggies were very impressed at all the colors of blue in this photograph and how well they blended into each other.)

Shelly: And our capital city, Annapolis! Let's have beer and blue crabs after our flight! @3DogsWhite #CBL #TheAviators 

(And now the conversation really gets set off. Taz tells on Buddy's ears perking up because our Buddy boy loves his beer.)

Many a human with an unattended can or glass of beer has found this to be the truth over the years and Buddy always brought the house down with loud, raucous laughter from human beings. Buddy's personality was such it was impossible for anyone to be angry with him for his "beer binges".  <-- on the "aside" paragraph for your information not having been tweeted.

Shelly: I knew he would perk up at the thought of beer and crab! There's a place that covers the table with paper... #CBL

Shelly: They give you a roll of paper towels and the pitches just keep coming !!! #CBL

Shelly:  Another look over our beautiful Bay.. 6 states and DC are part of the watershed @3DogsWhite #CBL #TheAviators

Shelly: Watershed extends from VA to Cooperstown, NY! @3DogsWhite #CBL #TheAviators
Shelly: Buddy, we cherish your friendship. Let's not say goodbye, but see you in a while... because we WILL see each other again!  @3DogsWhite #CBL

Shelly:  @3DogsWhite  OOoh, I forgot, there's a place downtown called Buddy's Crabs and Ribs!!!! #CBL

(Buddy tells Shelly: "HOW PERFECT IS THAT! YUMMY, whoops had to napkin my mouth (excessive drooling). #manners #CBL #TheAviators)

We had quite tucked this away in our memory banks, but Daisy remembered on Friday night that Buddy was born in Baltimore, Maryland. He was born on April 20, 2002 and had hitchhiked to central Wisconsin as a young pup with his first pet human. Buddy's young and early life did begin with an adventure. Daisy was sure to let Shelly know Buddy was born in Maryland. 

Thank you Shelly! 

The gift of this adventure shared is priceless to our hearts.  We encourage each anipal and our
 The Aviators to adventure.  This was our Buddy's final tweet before he went OTRB..

"Find your adventures, live with passion and love every present moment."
Captain Buddy #TheAviators

Taz and Daisy choose to remain @3DogsWhite on Twitter, the big, loving, goofy, sweet spirit of Buddy lives in their hearts, our hearts. Thanks to Taz and Daisy for all their help putting together this blog posting.  You can find me  @grammakaye on Twitter.

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  1. He liked beer,now what more can you ask for in a friend,I ask you? I believe you will meet up somewhere over that rainbow Kaye, I am sorry for your loss as well, I miss many of my old friends because they leave such a huge whole in our lives. I am glad you had the wisdom to do what the Dr. said, I couldn't, my sis n law had to do the job. We buried him in the Barkyard by his favorite place, don't worry though, Buddy will come to visit from time to time, just to check on things.bill

    1. I am proud to report that Mr. Buddy Boy was allowed 8 ounces of what else but Budweiser beer in a bowl of his own and all to himself Friday night. He really enjoyed it.

      The Vet did a physical examination and affirmed, validated that we were indeed doing Buddy right. He couldn't believe Buddy was still "here" and able to get around at all. He told daughter she came at exactly the correct timing. Buddy's internal was actually closer to that final emergent, dramatic and cruel fail than what anyone of us had suspected. We all had suspected it was bad.

      Isn't that just like our Buddy and his personality to be calm, funny, dignified, sweet, uncomplaining when he was "that sick". Such a good dog.

      Buddy's final resting place is on friend's property in the Northwoods, a plot where they have their pets buried. It has a shade tree, green fields and pastures with Lilac bushes close by.

      I tell you now there is a reason that dog is God spelled backwards....they are all about unconditional love. It was Buddy's time to leave us, but as friends have repeated to us we have to look no further than our hearts to find him close by. That Buddy!

      Thank you for all your concern, compassion, love and comfort for our situation. Oh how wonderful people like you and these anipals, their pet humans have all been to us this past week. We couldn't have asked for more. Buddy had a blast his final few days on Earth. He's beaming at us right now. ~ BIG LOVE to YOU ~ Kaye

      P.S. ~ I have 'no doubt' that Buddy will visit and check up on us. Right now, he is having a great time at The Bridge. He did stop and take time to get on the spirit phone and call us a couple times already. That Buddy, ever our protector!


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