DAISY on Barkyard Drama

Barkyard Drama by guest blogger DAISY of  @3DogsWhite on Twitter

Introduction ~  Hello! My name is Daisy.  I have two brothers.  Taz is my brother from the same litter. We've never been apart our entire lives. When we were adopted in late Fall of 2011 we had to stay together. The gramma and her family that adopted us were delighted with that. Gramma has some trouble remembering dates and time passages, but she thinks we were born on February 2, 2006.  Not only are we now 7 years old, we were born on Donald Driver's birthday and live in Green Bay, Wisconsin. For those of you who don't know, Donald Driver is a recently retired Green Bay Packers NFL football player and one of the most loved players in Packers history.  Taz and I are Maltese breed dogs.

Buddy is our brother from another mother (and father).  Buddy is 1/2 Jack Russell Terrier and 1/2 Rat Terrier. His birthday is April 20th.  He just turned 11 years old.  Buddy technically "belongs" to gramma's grandson.  Buddy has diabetes and needs two insulin shots each day.  Buddy is pretty much blind now, but that doesn't stop him from still being able to get around in the barkyard.  Both Taz and I help him along when he needs us to. We get along wonderfully. The few times Buddy has given me his infamous nose push, I have stood my ground and told him where he can get off.  He hasn't done that nose push in a long time,  last week he did nuzzle my ear gently with genuine sweet affection.

Barkyard ~ We call our backyard, our barkyard.  We are basically homebodies and our barkyard is our fenced-in kingdom.  We are not exceptionally big barkers except when the back neighbors have people coming and going.  It's our duty to be friendly with barking greetings and goodbyes when we are in the barkyard. There are those times only at the barkyard gate where we can see the street, we have to greet the dogs being walked and their owners, the small children going to and from school and the teenagers too.

We usually bark a little more quietly after 10:00 PM at night if we need to go out to the barkyard.  We don't want to unduly distress any neighbors. Realistically, we are not usually up that late ourselves.  All bets are OFF and the barking is ON if  we hear anyone 'rustling around' to the back, sides or front of our home at anytime. This means if we are inside or outside!  Gramma refers to this as her efficient three dog alarm home security system. Gramma has also told us as far as barking dogs go we are very good dogs.  We don't bark without very good reason. We are not "yippy, yappy" dogs.

Daily life in the barkyard is usually positive.  Gramma's daughter has hung bird feeders out this year.  We have beautiful song birds to behold. They came earlier this season than in the past few seasons.  Gramma was non too pleased the Red Tailed Hawk that usually shows up sometime in July showed up when the song birds did.  She only caught two sightings of that Hawk on two consecutive days.  The barkyard and surrounding area then went "Hawk quiet".

What happened? ~ Last Friday, you may have seen my brother Taz tweeting of  barkyard drama on Twitter. You can always tell when Taz tweets, he tweets like he talks and he loves the letter "z".   For example "it's"  is "itz". While we share our Twitter, brother Taz is our often prominent spokesperson.

We all went out to the barkyard.  Over the fence at the neighbors, Gramma caught sight of the back end of a teeny tiny little critter dashing for a wood pile of twigs and branches. She thought the fur looked "yellow" and didn't see any tail.  Later on she thought that "yellow" may have been the way the sunlight hit upon the critter's fur.

Immediately a SUPER sized Crow swooped down.  Gramma does have various Celtic genes, but she did not exaggerate the size of this particular Crow.  It was about 3 feet tall and approximately 6 inches around at the point of  largest girth.  It was definitely a Crow, unless it was a Raven.  Ravens and Crows are in the same bird family, except Ravens are BIG like this. Gramma said it was the largest one she has ever seen.

That bird stomped, pecked and peeked around that large pile of twigs and branches for five straight minutes before it got bored and flew away.  Gramma said she was in such a state of shock about the size of that bird that she doesn't dare to estimate what the wing span of that bird is except to say large, long wing span. Gramma said it was a good thing that Red Tailed Hawk has not been around lately or that teeny tiny little critter would have been a goner for sure.

Taz may have gotten his feelings hurt just a little bit.  Gramma told us, "the baby rabbits may be out of their nests, that teeny tiny little critter might have been one and you all have to be good."  I am the calm, peaceful one. I understood Gramma about being careful about chasing if a bunny comes across your path.  I only hope I can remember that when the time comes.  Taz lives in the very present moment, he told me he loves Gramma too much to talk back but he was thinking, "Fence, Gramma, fence, no wayzzz weez couldz haz chased thatz baby rabbit."

This morning ~ Ah ha! Two different times, Gramma spied baby rabbits. She was only able to get a picture of one of them, the larger of the two.

Then what?  ~ The tiniest rabbit (no pic) both Gramma and her daughter saw this morning. Then Gramma's daughter shared she had picked up Grand (grandson) near the high school at a bus stop on West Point Road yesterday. He came rollerblading toward the truck, herding a small doe (female deer). Daughter said the rollerblades must have 'spooked it up' and there boy and doe were side-by-side until the doe took the lead and cut across in front of Grand and deer hopped away. 

Joy ~ Small city living can hold such fun and positive drama.  Open your eyes and look around you! See and appreciate what you have! We love our barkyard!

Fun ~ it's been fun to share my first blog post with you.  This is my brother Taz's first blog post from last summer TAZ On Home Dog Grooming.  We all have "paws crossed" that very soon Buddy will want to do his own guest blog.

June 29th ~ with deep sadness I report for Gramma, Taz and myself that our beloved brother Buddy went Over The Rainbow Bridge (OTRB).  Our barkyard is a little quieter now. Buddy does keeps watch over us from The Rainbow Bridge.

Find our Gramma @grammakaye on Twitter. Find me DAISY there along with Taz and Buddy @3DogsWhite.


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