#CBL = Celebrating Buddy's Life #TheAviators

April 20, 2002 to June 29, 2013

As it so happens we have come upon Buddy's last few days to fly before his last great flight Over The Rainbow Bridge.  Buddy is in end stage of life. His circulatory system has slowed. He has all the indicators of impending organ failure coming upon him very soon.  He has had several difficult and extreme episodes in the past six weeks. They took a lot out of him.  He does have an extraordinary need for rest and napping throughout each day now and during the night.

As much as our entire family would like to be the pet humans holding Buddy to our chests and willing him to be healed and whole, that is not the way it works. Instead, we hold Buddy to our chests daily and tell him how much we love him and how much he means to us.

Veterinary consultation, family conferencing, soul searching, prayers and a lot of tears have brought us to an end of life care decision.  Buddy is my Grand's (grandson's) dog and final agreement had to come between us all as a family as we answered this primary question:

 "What is in the best interest of Buddy?" 

ADVENTURE MISSION(S) ~  Instead of asking for or a calling a Porch Mission for Buddy, we are asking The Aviators Club and our #TheAviators pals for ADVENTURE MISSION(S).  We invite any other anipal groups to 'ride in' with us at any time. We know recently the Bad Boys Of Twitter #BBOT and Pink Angels #PA have so lovingly been including #TheAviators in their rides.

Phase One:

1.  The @3DogsWhite  with a very live Buddy will be flying around to various places the next few days. This is their final opportunity to fly together in physical presence with each other. No set flight dates or times.  Brand new #TheAviators who have not yet had opportunity for flight school, don't worry about that, we will keep you aloft.  Pick out your flying machine and for others who already have theirs:  Hop into your flying machine or on your bike! Feel free and welcome to join them  if you are around Twitter and/or....

2.  Share your own "Adventure" places, pictures, flights or rides. As your own time and Twitter schedule permits you to...

3.   In all cases: please use the hashtag #CBL for Celebrating Buddy's Life (we are also Celebrating Buddy's Love).  All aviators please include your #TheAviators hashtag please.  Other groups that would participate may use their own hashtag if they desire as long as they get the #CBL in so we may find the tweets please.

Phase Two:

An open invitation for any and all animal lovers:

Any animal, wildlife, pet group or organization that pertains to the welfare, compassion, concern, care, adoption and good treatment of animals (any and all animals) are welcome to tweet out  Internet links. Again, please include the hashtag #CBL so we may Celebrate Buddy's Life and Celebrate Buddy's Love. It would be our honor to retweet those links.  

Sending love out and asking for your assistance with as strong and brave hearts as we can possibly muster here, I'm @grammakaye on behalf of myself and these precious @3DogsWhite.

We love you so much!



  1. You are all in my thoughts and prayers ... Many *purple hugs* and blessings. Angela & Harry

    1. Thank you so much Angela and Harry. We appreciate you and we thank you for helping 'loving us through' this one. ~ Kaye

  2. Buddy had a great deal of love and many adventures with his family and I know the entire family will be missing him, but I feel we will all meet up again somewhere down the road. Much love and hugs to you and your family Kaye,especially Grand,boys miss there buddy's I should know,I still miss mine,bill

    1. Oh Bill, I can already hear 'grampa' playing Wabash Cannonball (his favorite song of all time) all gathered together with Beagle Frank and Malti-poo Pee Wee awaiting Buddy's arrival.

      Grand who has been involved in discussion and convo as a teenager seems at this time "intellectually" able to process this event. He is at his Daddy's for the Summer. They both came by on Sunday evening to spend time with Buddy and the rest of us.

      However, you are so correct Bill. I think it may 'hit' him upon his return home. We'll have to see how it goes. He is next scheduled to come here briefly the afternoon of July 3rd. He and his Mama will immediately be heading to a Northwoods campground coming back here the night of July 8th. I think he will be spending that night and then he's back off to his Daddy's place. I have this certain feeling already that Taz is going to be sleeping with him that night.

      Thanks to you too, for helping us and 'loving us through' this time. These doggies mean so much to me Bill. While sometimes a little on the bossier side than even me, they totally and completely LOVE unconditionally.

      LOVE to you and LOVE to the memory of your own childhood Buddy dog now passed. I'm sure our Buddy will make friends with at The Rainbow Bridge. Love ~ Kaye

  3. How can I share this on StumbleUpon? Should be widely read. Should be seen by all...

    1. Billy, I don't know "how" to share things at other resources other than Twitter and G + ~ You are more than welcome to share this anywhere out there on the internet you want to.

      We just wanted to honor our boy Buddy, adventure all together in physical presence his final days here in this world with us.

      Thank you for being such a loving thoughtful friend. ((BILLY))) ~ Love Kaye


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