Early Morn Fly-In Adventure Mission #TheAviators

June 29th
Celebrating Buddy's Life #CBL

The Early Morning Fly-In Adventure

And so it was that DearClyde@DearClyde on Twitter,  co-founder of
The Aviators Club @theaviatorsclub  had issued an invitation to adventure to his hometown
Hershey, Pennsylvania .

In the wee early morning hours of the USA, far away across mighty oceans, seas and shores there are three black and silver miniature Schnauzers ~ Yoko, Irie, Lucky and their typist Twitty (all can be found @Twitelien on Twitter) awake and busy.

Taz, Daisy and Buddy have great special affection for them all. For they taught @3DogsWhite how to FLY.  Yoko, Irie, Lucky and Twitty are flying-in to take part in the Hershey, PA adventure mission, and their early morn fly-in would prove to be an adventure unto itself.

Yoko tweet reports the Schnauzers are are in the air, "flying in circles".
Yoko indicates the need to step out of the cockpit and check the baggage distribution.

Irie then says "maybe we should land the plane and reload"
Irie lands the plane.

Lucky reports "all done now, let's go"
(Meaning the baggage all had to be unloaded, re-loaded and evenly distributed.)

Yoko, Irie, Lucky and Twitty are now "on their way"

"Are those coordinates or calories listed here?"
Uh-Oh! Destination Hershey, Pennsylvania seems confusing for Yoko, Irie, Lucky

Meanwhile in the USA

Dakota Rzepczynski @Race_Dog on Twitter is wide awake!

Dakota tweets:  "Bark! Bark! Bark! Get up, Mama! It's Buddy's Day! #TheAviators passing over soon! #CBL @3DogsWhite @Twitelien @DearClyde @jdpoohbear"

Then, one of our most poignant moments in our Twitter and #TheAviators history and our doggies have had many "moments":

Jill F n my 3 pups @jdpoohbear announces that Tater (Tate, Jr.) even without flying lessons is gonna fly the Hershey, PA  Adventure Mission.  How bold, how brave, how beautiful! Buddy said his heart was so swelled with Tater pride, it was about to pound out of his chest. All of #TheAviators promised to help keep Tate aloft and safe. They did!

Douglas @SNUGGLELICIOUS  on Twitter gives a big shoutout to please pick him up from Tennessee 

Now, where did  Yoko, Irie, Lucky and Twitty go?
Oh! Here they are

Now over land, much closer by to Hershey, Pennsylvania and only as highly skilled aviators can do Yoko, Irie, Lucky take the time to play.

Now safely landed in Hershey, PA ~ Yoko, Irie, Lucky and Twitty head out to stretch paws, limbs, get a few good barks out before flight departure with DearClyde to adventure and explore Hershey.

We thank you all so very much for extending time and love to help us Celebrate Buddy's Life #CBL while Buddy was still here to enjoy these adventures, receive this love and comfort we his furramily and family through this time.

Next blog posting out @DearClyde on Twitter:  DearClyde's Adventure Mission #TheAviators ~ Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Find Taz and Daisy @3DogsWhite and me @grammakaye on Twitter.

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