Intro to Marbs and Ted's Excellent #MI Adventure ~ #CBL

Who are these "crazy" cats?
"crazy" meaning the good kind of crazy 

Please meet Marble Supercat @marblesays on Twitter
She is a #Michikitty (Michigan Kitty)  founder, #warriorprincesscat fighting for #TWCD
 (Total World Cat Domination) as well as a Corporate CFO (Chief Feline Officer)


Please meet co-adventurer Teddy B @TeddyB_cat on Twitter.
Teddy is a Ginger Tabby, bird watcher, lover and #dieseldudes. Teddy also lives in Michigan.

Last week we put out a blog call via Twitter to all our anipal friends including fellow #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub on Twitter to please help us Celebrate Buddy's Life and Celebrate Buddy's Love (hashtag #CBL) by taking an adventure.  It was our Buddy dog's last few days of life before he was scheduled OTRB. (Over The Rainbow Bridge).

Who showed up to bring joy, delight, adventure, so much fun in the spirit of camaraderie and love to Celebrate Buddy's Life but Marble and Teddy.

They prepared all day long, for a driving and flying adventure. They flew an airplane for the very first time as pilot and co-pilot. They goggled up to travel and fly.  Friday night they took us Michigan touring to Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Grand Rapids, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinaw Bridge and Tahquamenon Falls. They swung by Green Bay, Wisconsin and picked us all up and we headed for Las Vegas.

Sometime after leaving Green Bay, I think we also went by an Egyptian pyramid (ooooh, that was the Luxor in Las Vegas), on the way to enjoy an Elvis impersonator show there in Las Vegas. Wow that cat could 'really sing'. We all ended up at a #SouthMeow BBQ pawty. We had two full action packed hours of adventuring fun on Twitter. It was so much fun that BUDDY, Taz and Daisy went to Twitter Jail, however the doggies arrived and ate sumptuously at that BBQ, they just couldn't re-tweet the pic of how good looking the meat was or other pawty pics, conversations or even thank the hosts who so graciously provided it.

BUDDY, Taz, Daisy of  @3DogsWhite  and grammakaye (me) loved every thrilling minute. We know there were Twitter folks and anipals that followed along with the mission. We LOVE and appreciate you did that.   #TheAviators Sadie D Doxie @Sadie_D_Doxie on Twitter was even able to fly in for part of the adventure which only added to the fun.

Marble and Teddy aren't currently with #TheAviators but are very close friends to many of the Pacific Rim flying #TheAviators. Pacific Rim aviators fly missions out of Australia, New Zealand and many parts of Europe and the United Kingdom for The Aviators Club on Twitter.  One of Marbs and Ted's primary friendships is with #TheAviators Dugal Downunder @Whatdoingdugal on Twitter. It was nice of  Marbs and Teds to goggle up.

As Marble says how Teds is looking good in his goggles, we agree and we agree with Teds that #gingersrule

Marble pawparing to unfold the maps, deep in planning catemplation for their adventure.

 Marbs and Teds all goggled up and checking out the ride for comfort.
They know it is catemptible not to be comfortable while traveling.

Never will there be enough words to thank you Marble Supercat and Teddy B for your kindness. This is just the introduction to your adventure. Next blog will be the actual sightseeing adventure you so graciously provided.

We give so much thanks to so many of our friends and anipals who helped love and support us through the final days of our Buddy dog's life and joined with us to #CBL ~  Celebrate Buddy's Life.

It amazes me when one "puts themselves out there" by requesting what they need in clear heart how beautiful and kind other hearts are to help meet that need. What a "magic gift" two cats can be.

 You CATS DOMINATED our world with love!
Thank you Marble Supercat and Teddy B!

We loved it! BUDDY LOVED IT!

Image Credit:  All of today's blog images belong to Marble Supercat and Teddy B. Please do not borrow, copy or use unless you are saying good things about them and tell folks the images belong to them. 

Also coming soon  #TheAviators @theaviatorsclub co-founder @DearClyde Adventure Mission to Hershey, Pennsylvania.

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You can find me @grammakaye on Twitter and find Taz and Daisy @3DogsWhite 


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