DearClyde Adventure Mission #TheAviators ~ Hershey, PA

June 29th
Celebrating Buddy's Life #CBL
The Aviators @theaviatorsclub  #TheAviators on Twitter

@DearClyde 's Adventure Mission Hershey, Pennsylvania

Meet @DearClyde, co-founder of The Aviators Club on Twitter.  DearClyde is also a member of #BBOT (Bad Boys Of Twitter), #Schnauzergang, #WLF and committed sweetheart to @MollyLaChien. DearClyde is an intelligent, busy and social dog and as great a furriend any pal could ever ask for. It is our privilege to share his "hometown" of Hershey, Pennsylvania adventure mission with you.

Last week DearClyde specifically upgraded his jet to go adventuring.  Our Buddy was extremely impressed then! It really came as "no surprise" when Buddy and many of his #TheAviators pals over at The Rainbow Bridge heard that Taz, Daisy and myself were blogging ,we immediately heard from Buddy.

Buddy got on the "spirit phone" and flat out requested for them all that DearClyde's plane be shown. Not only "shown", they insisted it had to be as big a picture as our blog page could hold. "SALUTE, you #TheAviators now at 'The Bridge', we got it done! Thank you for the call, Buddy!"

This mission was Buddy's last earthly flight in physical presence with Taz and Daisy and all their friends and furriends. They took me along for the fly too. We shall never be able to express how very much this adventure mission along with our fellow #TheAviators meant to Buddy and each of us. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

DearClyde had tweeted, "Dere might be chocklit" and he wasn't kidding......

Flying into Hershey, Pennsylvania:  DearClyde reports "Our street lights really duz be shaped like
Hershey Kisses & our air often smells like choklit.  Mmmm" (#CBL #TheAviators)

DearClyde:  "We have our main streets named after choklit, of course!  Chocolate street signs" #CBL #TheAviators

Dear Clyde: "And a wunnerful man named Milton S. Hershey founded da chocolate
factory & gave tons of $ to da community. Bery kind man." #CBL #TheAviators

DearClyde:  "Dis be wot da factory looked like when my mum packed Reese's pnut butter cups for 2 summers!" #CBL #TheAviators

(First, we think we heard the love and pride in DearClyde's tweet when he spoke about "mum". Ah, but then you all must know the tweeter began heating up with talk of chocolate as in finding chocolate, eating chocolate, much tweet convo building and centered around chocolate. We began to have thoughts that perhaps it is chocolate that contains some of the true magic of the Universe.)

DearClyde:  "Dis be Milton Hershey.  Wuz a true philanthropist & bery caring boss.  We can't go visit him tho." #CBL #TheAviators

DearClyde:  "Reglar ppl can't tour da actual factories anymore but Choklit World shows how it's all done." #CBL #TheAviators 
DearClyde:  "Raining from da skies of Hershey, PA today to celebrate Buddy's life! Plenty for all." #CBL #TheAviators

(Total and complete chocolate chaos breaks out as each flyer, each rider, each tweet follower is scrambling for the candy, as much chocolate as they can get, eyes are glowing, lips are smiling, faces, noses and whiskers are smeared, paws and hands are chocolate smudged and being licked upon. It is the chocolate break of all chocolate breaks.

I felt so badly for my doggies because chocolate is the one thing I don't share with them or let them have at all. I've heard it can be very dangerous to doggies. They held themselves back, that is until DearClyde tweeted, "Dey did a speshul run of it just for Buddy & us.  It's safe." #CBL

THEN ~ The doggies went for it, chocolate scrambled and made up for any lost time. We also heard tweet gossip rumors that 95 pieces weren't enough for some.)

DearClyde:  "Hershey is also famous for da Hershey Hotel, high on a hill overlooking da town.  Let's go see it" #CBL #TheAviators

DearClyde:  "Hotel Hershey has big Rose Gardens.  Mebbe we can sniff dem if der's no wedding happening dere." #CBL #TheAviators 

DearClyde: "... Blooming extra strong for Buddy today!" #CBL #TheAviators

DearClyde:  "OOOOPS!  Efurryone wotchin out for da medical helicopter! We be near Hershey Medical Center." #CBL #TheAviators

The Twitter Back Story:  That OOOPS n helicopter tweet of DearClyde got retweeted several times including from the PenStHershey, some EMS places and by a Doctor too.... now how fun is that adventuring #TheAviators??? (Pretty fun!)

DearClyde:  "We be quite proud of Hershey Medical Center & der cool research.  But dey don' help animals." #CBL #TheAviators

DearClyde took us by both Hershey Park and Hershey Water Park, the above pic is of Hershey Water Park.

DearClyde:  "Der's Founders Hall built in memory of Mr. Hershey & da schools he built for boys wifout daddies." #CBL #TheAviators

DearClyde: "We finish dis #CBL adventuring wif view of where da Hershey Bears play. Dey a  AHL team." #TheAviators

Dear Clyde sent this to Buddy
"Wif enormous luff in our hearts for all our pals, & espeshully Buddy, we head bk to da barn now."

.....oh we all had huge lumps in our throats when it arrived, and exactly like Buddy replied......

Find Taz and Daisy @3DogsWhite and me @grammakaye on Twitter.

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