Marbs &Teds Michigan #MI Adventure #CBL

Adventure Mission
Michigan, Wisconsin, Las Vegas
June 28th

  Marble Supercat @marblesays on Twitter and Teddy@TeddyB_cat

 Celebrating Buddy's Life

They got their ride
(Teds on left, Marbs on  right)

They got their plane.
(Marbs on left, Teds on right)
Marble says someone actually noticed their plane is named after the first child, a recently born new baby girl of a high profile celebrity couple.

Adventure Time

Ann Arbor, Michigan ~ Marble began their #Michikitty (Michigan kitty) adventure in her hometown of Ann Arbor, home of the University of Michigan. Marble says, "Ann Arbor is great for cats, lots of trees to scratch and climb, plenty of varmits to attack."

Marble is a LOYAL and faithful #GoBlue fan and she showed off her tank "in da Big House". 

Marbs even got the marching band to play a Three Dog Night song just for Buddy. All of the @3DogsWhite were singing along at the tops of their lungs.  What a band!

Marble told Teddy B he was out kind of late, better stop and buy some flowers for Mom at the Farmer's Market.

Royal Oak, Michigan  ~

Teddy's Turn ~  Teddy B (Teds) educates us that the Detroit Zoo is not actually in Detroit.
 It is in Royal Oak.

Teds tweets "Good place to have a pint Downtown Royal Oak.
 Lots of places to eat too and shopping."

(" a pint" ~ you must know that Buddy's ears perked up once again and the tweet convo was ON)

Teds says Royal Oak has 50+ parks.

Teds tweets "Big Festival over Labor Day, 3 days of fun and lots of food (I love food)."

Teds wanted to grab some fresh fruit before departing to rest of #Michikitty adventures and reminded folks there is a fish store across the street ~ Tuna!

Marbs and Teds now depart Royal Oak and picture tweet adventure tour us to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Mackinaw Bridge, a Grand Rapids art sculpture. (Marbs referred to it as ".. the biggest cat scratching post ever!")  We then went on to Tahquamenon Falls. They showed us two visuals of that Falls. The one with the Fall colors had to be the one chosen to share with you today. It is breathtaking!

Mackinaw Bridge ~ "top #Michikitty sight"

Tahquamenon Falls in the Fall

Marbs and Teds now depart Michigan, next stop Green Bay, Wisconsin.
They see the doggies see them overhead and are swinging around to pick us all up and take us to Las Vegas. The doggies are positive Marbs and Ted knew it was them by their Packers scarves. They had already heard the doggies are big Packers fans. The doggies are so proud to be Packers fans. Most all the tweets hash tagged on Twitter that say #Packerspetnation have originated from them.

Here comes #TheAviators Sadie D Doxie @Sadie_D_Doxie flying in to join us.  Marbs, Teds and Sadie all get their planes coordinated and it is off to Las Vegas for us all.  Flying by that pyramid (I found out later was the Luxor in Las Vegas), there was much tweet talk about how "cat worshipping" should be re-instated as it was in the days of ancient Egypt. We are now thinking in this home, how can one not worship cats like Marbs and Teds who took us on this great and grand adventure.

Known as BW,  here is the Elvis impersonator we all saw on the Las Vegas strip. Marbs and Teds found the show and even bought our tickets. What a great show and we all meant it when saying "WOW that cat can really sing!"

Leaving Las Vegas, this adventure was not quite over, here is that #Southmeow BBQ.  Marbs has a hashtag that is #CRDD which means Cats Rule Dogs Drool..... oooooo 3 doggies were drooling and chewing, chewing and drooling, drooling and chewing and ate like two Kings and one Queen that night. Buddy was ecstatic!

Buddy's cheeks were pink by the fine and sincere acknowledgments, recognitions, compliments and tributes that Marbs and Teds tweeted about him during this adventure. Buddy was so pleased and yet just like Buddy, he was so humble. Buddy was tickled to have inspired.

Marble  tweeted this on June 30th:   "@TeddyB_cat and I knew Buddy 3 days, inspired by him for life. More Marbs&Teds Most Excellent Adventures to come. #CBL"

We love you Marble Supercat and Teddy B!

Find me @grammakaye on Twitter. Taz and Daisy can be found @3DogsWhite

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  1. Hi Kaye, I took my wife to Tahquamenon Falls and we seen bear and moose and an eagle swoop out of the sky an he grabbed a fish,it was cool. It's about 90 minutes from Mackinac island. She an I visit at least once a year, it's only about 8 hrs from us so not a long drive an I know where the good food is,so it's all good. Have a great trip Kaye an watch out for moose.bill

    1. Bill, it looks very breathtaking, seeing the animals and birds as you described only make it even more special a place.

      Between my own " bad computer tech, including blog space challenges" I couldn't place all the pictures Marbs and Teds shared on Twitter, but that falls had to be included!

      It was PAWSOME these two "Cats" took the time to do this adventure. It was dearly appreciated by Buddy, Taz, Daisy and me! Thanks for visiting, Bill! ~ Love, Kaye


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