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This is a follow-up blog post to Twitter Suspended My Doggies @3DogsWhite

I received notification from Twitter Support via e-mail dated Monday, April 9 at 5:11 AM (Pacific Daylight Time) that upon our appeal reviewed that @3DogsWhite were scheduled for unsuspension within 24 hours.  There was no indication of why the suspension had originally been triggered, another 'read the Twitter rules' message was included in their verbiage.

When that unsuspension had not happened by the morning of Wednesday, April 11~ I sent a reply to that same ticket help number that they were still suspended. Only thing is  I got a reply back from Twitter Support saying that help ticket had been closed.

So I then had to send another help request to Twitter Support that requested they were scheduled for unsuspension but had not been unsuspended yet and I made sure to include the original ticket help number .  I think I also included in that message that the Twitter Rules had been read.  The only reply I think I received from Twitter Support was the general information about appealing a suspended account with the brand new help ticket number.

So approximately, Thursday, April 12th, (I think it was) the doggies came back to Twitter but they didn't tweet again until about Tuesday, April 17th.   That's because I was in 'such a dental mess' .  I had gotten an appointment for the dentist on April 12 and had to have dental surgery (that needed an oral surgeon) and all of that took up more than half an entire day between arrival at my appointment and getting everything done and returning back home. God bless that office, they figured it out and was able to get it done all on the same day and take me out of  some of my dental misery. I was blessed! Then of course, the aftermath of this dental surgery where I discovered that while needed, somewhat high powered pain medication may not be exactly the right thing for me.

ALSO, in complete, truthful, transparent honesty I had several other social media (primarily Twitter) situations that had evolved over some few weeks that were on my mind and one Twitter event that happened during the weekend after surgery itself which I did manage to figure out, articulate and write up a blog post to clear some some of the nagging clutter of Twitter social media 'angst' off my mind.
It Was An Accident ~ TWITTER STORY

What Triggered @3DogsWhite Twitter Suspension?

Since Twitter via Twitter Support is a  'read the rules' and 'read the best practices' company, one has to continue from that point to search your heart and discern with your own mind  what sins you may have or have not committed,  I now have three guesses as to how the doggies got suspended.

1.  At the time of suspension, helping the doggies with their account, they were logged into direct Twitter, Tweepi and Follow Friday Helper  all at once. (Tweepi and Follow Friday Helper are two individual "helper" Twitter applications people have available to use.)

I had tabs up for all three at the same time.  Previously, when I was taking care of my own account, I only had the Tweepi and Follow Friday Helper up or two tabs. (NOT three tabs).   I'm wondering (but not knowing) if that in someway may have appeared or triggered an alert of some sort that indicated more than one party was trying to use this account at the same time and it got shut down. (The appearance of  a possible 'hacking attempt'.)

2.  At the time of suspension, I had just managed my own account in the two tabs as described above, and know I had logged out of my own accounts before logging into the doggies account. I was fairly 'low energy' by that time. I had decided to post the Follow Friday Helper hash tag #Gratitude with the @names of the other tweeters and no other verbiage. I did this in  several subsequent tweets to all different people.   It might be against the twitter rules to be doing this thing. I am not certain or positive of that. I won't be doing that again.

3.  (OBVIOUSLY, I read too many international crime thrillers and watch too much television with this one.)  Was there 'intrigue' involved?  An international mystery afloat in cyberspace happening or not?  Were the doggies (or someone they were in contact with) on the Twitter 'watchlist'?


I'm thinking I am up to six complete readings of  the Twitter rules and best practices. I will post their links once again at the end of this blog. The Twitter rules and best practices are still to this day are not exactly clear to me except I think probably almost every day in some way they are in fact being crossed by the majority of  people using Twitter.  I like to think the best I can about people, I would say the majority of the majority of those who cross the rules are probably 'just like me'. It was an unintended/unintentional crossing. Then those who have been on twitter a year or more do know many (most of whom are now gone) that did set out in the first place and did  intentionally cross the twitter rules and best practices boundaries and guidelines.

TWITTER ~ It's their world first, their ownership and while it is a shared world we love to use, it doesn't 'belong' to us. I believe that 'suspension' is at their discretion, thereby at the discretion of what employees they have trained to monitor and administrate this responsibility.

Even through all of this 'schtuff'  I still like Twitter the very best. I'm not a Facebook person.  While in Follow Friday Helper today I saw an 'account suspended' when I clicked on something and experienced heart attack symptoms thinking  it was my own account got suspended. It happened right after I finished out  a certain sequence of #FollowSaturday tweets. I got the hey out of there and back over to to Twitter to see if I'd been suspended or not. I WAS NOT ~ thankfully, I WAS NOT!  It really is a bit like 'walking on eggshells, walking on eggshells.'   I'd like to think somewhere in Twitter Support headquarters they do in fact know that me nor my doggies want to be the baaaaad ones.

I think I will be writing up the many things I think I know and have learned about Twitter this past year and a half in future blog posts to come. Here's those links from Twitter, about Twitter immediately following this sentence.

The Twitter Rules

Following Rules and Best Practices

I'm @grammakaye on Twitter and my doggies are @3DogsWhite  ~ all are welcome to leave a comment. Those who Twitter and wish to be found, please leave your Twitter handle (ID) with your comment.


  1. Well I am glad all is fine, I have been wondering for quite some time :) I use who.unfollowed.me and when you run a report and click on a name you will see all the accounts that have been suspended. One day it was like 17 accounts suspended, I don't know if their criminals or the accounts were hacked or they made errors unintentionally and got suspended. Have a great day, bill

    1. Oh Bill, now you got me thinking some more (ruh-roh). I just had brief 'convo' with a tweep yesterday who had questions. He had another friend who had been suspended and unsuspended <--Twitter Support's own used word. It seemed his friend also received 'no explanation' or 'no satisfactory explanation' of why it happened also. This means y'all been seeing a 'suspension' thingy going around.
      * * *
      All of this could be something as simple as 'new Twitter staffers on duty' that have the 'suspension' capability. Twitter has and is growing in such popularity so additional staffers due to either growth or employee turnover (their own kind of 'churn') may be happening and newly trained may be really watching hard for those things they think 'break the rules' and institute immediate suspension action.
      * * *
      I was really shaken and while I don't feel even now I have an exact understanding of it all (their rules and practices), I am whole lot more 'skeered' of doing something wrong that I ever was before. By reading I can see there are literally hundreds of ways to 'go wrong' even if I don't understand what it all means for me not to ever go there again!

      Translate that to mean especially @3DogsWhite are coming back tweeting very slowly is all. They tweeting slowly.

  2. What a headache! And all while you were dealing with a toothache!
    I'm glad the doggies got cleared eventually. Twitter is mostly run by algorithms that have a formula for things that look suspicious. A computer program shuts down accounts and then, eventually, a real person will look at them. It probably was the followfriday helper app that got the account suspended. Many of the Twitter apps are not Twitter approved and are used primarily to spam it. Most of them also give inaccurate information about your account; who follows, unfollows, retweets, etc. TweetDeck and HootSuite are probably the best applications to help manage your Twitter account.

    Hope all dental issues AND Twitter issues are over now. :)

    1. Good Sunday morn. Happy EARTH day Ms. Jaq. Thank you for some 21st Century what sounds like 'modern common sense' thoughts.

      Your algorithms and shut down explanation is quite plausible. I too have certainly have tripped over some non-approved by Twitter applications that were indeed 'evil'.

      Up unto these recent events I've never had a problem in Follow Friday Helper or in Tweepi. Those two have been around as far as I know well before I came to Twitter (around October 10, 2010).

      We know Twitter had the 'twitter glitch devil' whereas Twitter itself was unfollowing people for you and you weren't unfollowing them. This dented/bit into 'inter-personal skill levels' between tweeps a whole lot.

      Now, I simply wonder, is Twitter perhaps tinkering with their algorithms & formulas for suspicious activity resulting in immediate suspensions?

      Just this morning, I accidentally tripped over yet another tweep with a HUGE (he was well over 20,000 followers months and months ago)who was suspended and just got his Twitter account back. Something going on, somthing going on!
      * * *
      Dental issues will be on-going until I get some dentures but the emergent issue of the three teeth in extreme need is over for now. And this Twitter, pfwhewww, still so much to ponder and figure out, I'm optimistic, but unsure I'll ever conquer all the challenges.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I recently read your "Leo" story and I was so overcome by it, I had to run away from it for a while. That does happen at times.

  3. Hi Ms. Kaye!

    I'm just glad the suspension has been removed. Whew! Thanks for sharing what you learned through all this. Learned a bit from "Hoosier Daddy" and "JaqStone" too.



    1. Oh Ms. Claudia ~ Forgive me, I missed seeing this comment, YIKES. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and let me know you been here. It was all a very strange experience. Today is Friday, April 25th and I seem to be having troubles with Tweetdeck not operating correctly all week. Some really what I consider 'strange' happenings yesterday and today I think it is. I'm like 'walking on eggshells' again, just simply wondering if anything else is going to be happening. I tell ya, all this twitter stuff ~ I can't stay up on my toes that long, or am I waiting to exhale and then the other shoe will drop? Shaking my head, shrugging my shoulders. LUV ya, thanks again for coming by.


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