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Subtitled: Dear Oprah

To those of you who think I'm writing to 'bite' Oprah ~ I sure am in hopefully a gentle, kind and loving way that the strength of my opinion (as it is) will shine through to her. If that's not the type of 'bite' you were looking for here in my place of opinion (not NEWS, but opinion) then go on and depart right now.

FIRST, I am quite taken by Super Soul Sunday only thing is I have far too many unwatched recordings and several I started to watch, couldn't stay up with them and the time demands of watching them and needed to erase to make room on the television recording system.

NEXT, it took me 24 hours of incremental watching to get through 3 consecutive hours of Dr. Wayne Dyer's THE SHIFT which aired for Super Soul Sunday yesterday. I was blessed by it and yet I was aggravated by it ~ too much time all at once for my brain to process.

Dr. Wayne Dyer has the ability to articulate with fluidity and smoothness some processes that by my own 'instinctual knowing' I  knew I was/am/will continue to be flowing through.  As good as the film was, it didn't stop me from losing about 40 minutes of it yesterday because I dozed off, and never re-wound to the point of where I dropped off snoozing.  When I awoke from my nap, I stopped it and I began it again today from that stopped point, and finished it out.

Point 1 for Oprah & OWN ~ 45 minutes w/commercials is equal to 1 hour of programming ~ the majority of movies I rent run 1 hour 38 minutes to 1 hour 45 minutes.  All of these I can pause to take breaks, etc. but other than an NFL Football game on television,  I prefer 1 hour per program at a time.  If a movie has to be aired on television in two parts, I'm one of those people who most often is thrilled by that and will make sure I get it recorded. Especially on subjects of spirituality and personal growth, (these are subjects of great depth) folks like me need this extra time to process in our brains before we go on to the next part.

TODAY, I see where Oprah had an interview on morning television where she talks about the difficulties of having started her own television network (OWN)  and yet the optimism she continues to hold toward OWN being able to make positive changes in people's lives while thriving financially as a television network.

 (I tried to say it in my own words what I thought Oprah said because the article I read says COPYRIGHT 2012 NBC NEWS or something like that and I am not putting even the link to them in here. I don't need them folks getting all over me. What I read can be found on the Yahoo News Home Page right now ~ 02/02/2012).

In approximately 1999 WHO WATCHED THE MOST TV?  ~ WOMEN age 55 years and older watched MORE than 25 hours of TV each week, followed by WOMEN ages 25-54 coming in second at 21 1/2 hrs per week. (Source: The Ladies Room Reader by Alicia Alvrez, published in 2000, page 234) THESE are the same women who built your viewership numbers for The Oprah Winfrey Show. THESE are the same women who contributed to your profile going so high on this planet that your first name is a one word icon ~ Oprah.

Point 2 for Oprah & OWN ~ ask THESE women about programming. Figure out how and ask them. ASK them what programs would they find beneficial, helpful, practical in their lives, their personal journeys, their personal development and their personal growth. TUNE IN to these women, get back connected to them and they will TUNE IN to you and OWN and get back connected with you. These women will deliver their children and grandchildren to your programming. In my heart I believe this is your 'core' viewership and the viewership that will build your network.

I particularly love this reality television show on OWN ~ "Welcome To Sweetie Pie's" ~ It don't matter Miss Robbie got a bigger, beautiful, more substantial closet of clothes way better than mine. Her heart matters to me. I feel her heart. I love the family and extended family dynamics. I love the multi-generational aspect of the show. I truly adore those people. Miss Robbie probably in her 70's is out there on the front line, still working, still alive and kickin',  in the trenches of life's struggles, giving it all she has and 'leading the way' for the rest of us. The show is serving up a secondary portion of soul food every episode that is not anything about that wonderful food they also serve.  I dang sure want Miss Robbie and everyone in Miss Robbie's 'camp' to WIN!

Point 3 for Oprah & OWN ~ like Miss Robbie does, show us your heart and we'll show you ours. (somewhat connected to Point 2)

The next two items may be a bit 'nit picking' but I've searched my heart and they still need to be said. Have I enjoyed the shows and the people who have shared much of their life stories with each of us in MASTER CLASS. Yes I have very much. I just hate the title. Yes indeed I used the "h" word.

I don't mean to undervalue the average, everyday, ordinary American like myself.  It's just in this 'pop culture' day and age I question how many folks really know or understand 'master of my soul' from Invictus and that may be from whence this particular show title has come.

 When I first saw that show title, MASTER CLASS it gave me the shivers ~ my first impression was 'master and slave'; 'master and servant'; 'master race' and frankly I avoided watching it. That is until I saw a preview of the show with Goldie Hawn. I'm a big fan, I missed her segment and ended up having to watch all  the rest of them I could until her particular show came up on OWN On-Demand. Thank goodness for On-Demand!  I consider the show more to be gaining 'mastery' ~ skill, knowledge, information, inner growth, soul work through these folks' life journeys that they are sharing their experiences with us frankly and candidly.

The second 'nit picking' thing is I know it's easier to say "Oprah's Lifeclass" but sincerely feel  "Lifeclass with Oprah" is better ~ because it's supposed to be a 'together thing'.  I haven't had the computer capabilities until recently to get around to an abundance of web sites. I now have a refurbished CPU so that I can.  I'm not a 'big joiner' of a lot of things. One website I did join, I have great angst (uh, guilt) because I haven't made it back there yet. I'm probably not the the specific person or personality type  who would join "Oprah's Lifeclass" on http://www.oprah.com/index.html . I do think it could be priceless place of learning and offer invaluable tools to those that do 'work' there.

Point 4 for Oprah & OWN ~ really think your original programming titles over even more carefully, so that people may understand more easily.

I'm not a highly paid television programming or advice genius or guru. I am truly a gramma. I am sincerely an expert in television watching!  Oh la, Oprah, I do expect you may have some fans that love you to come and hammer on me for writing this. Let us all remember, I would never have written this if I didn't care about YOU, and YOUR television network OWN.  I wouldn't have written this if  I didn't watch any of your programming.  I wrote it because I care very much.

Point 5 for Oprah & OWN ~ there may be times everyday, ordinary people show up in your life.  There's always a reason. Discern for yourself why and if it helped you in any way.  

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