It Was An Accident ~ TWITTER STORY about "Language"

"...and oh, yes, there is always the Orbit gum lady to bring around the Orbit to help clean up 'dirty mouth'."
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Ding ding ding ding, that is the bell going off in my head! I'm so 'losing it'.  I had a twitter accident this past weekend I think it was. I only put the pieces all together just today.  A person whom I consider a dear tweep (and still do) was in distress over not being able to post pictures. Sometimes she posts pictures, sometimes sayings, she always funny, she always loves me, sometimes her stuff is a bit bawdy for my personal taste, but I love her and I 'get her'. It's her choice, she's my twitter friend and we've been friends for a good long spell now.

That very day while I was in direct twitter (as opposed to being in Tweetdeck), I noticed all the Instagram pics from other tweeters could not be viewed there, but those pictures were visible in Tweetdeck.  I rushed to RT (retweet) with reply my dear tweep with my gush of what I had noticed happening on direct twitter that day.

Thinkin' it was the next day when I checked into twitter, I got a tweet from a new follower to myself and my dear tweep that spoke of my LANGUAGE. I didn't understand that at all.  I took all this time to look up what is this new tweet talking about. I realized my dear tweep had used the 'eff' word in her tweet which I replied to and retweeted with that 'eff' word in it.  In my rush to respond to my dear tweep, I had missed the 'eff' word that was in it. Had I actually seen that 'eff' word, I may have edited my reply and retweet to my dear tweep. My dear tweep would have understood that coming from me. I haven't even mentioned at the time this originally happened I was under the influence of post dental surgery high powered pain medication which may have hampered my ability to see and comprehend the 'eff' word was in that tweet! Ha! While that may be very convenient, it is also the truth, ala 'a convenient truth'.

Well mistakes on my part happen, it was an accident and truly I felt in the best interest of us all to simply 'let it go' as in 'do nothing'.

I don't advocate to using baaaad words. I sometimes use baaaad words. I sometimes think baaad words.  I try to keep my baaaad words a little more controlled and harnessed.  I go with the 'less is more' principle on using baaaad words. I have my own baaaad words skill set. My personal preference is to be as word clever as possible.

I DO defend folks right to use what language they want to. I often take the stance, 'just because you can, doesn't mean you always have to'.  I think George Carlin and Richard Pryor often over done it even if I did/do think they had many funny things to spout about. Really, sometimes just how they said those dirty dirty words was like hilarious. I think during their days and time, the funny 'shock value' of their propensity to use baaaad words was so much more than what it is in this present age.

BOOM! The LANGUAGE tweeter unfollowed me. I just noticed that today. She made her judgement call and POOF I was gone. Oh well! SCHTUFF happens!  I was hit by 'karma' here because when I first came to twitter I think I left a couple people behind, but it wasn't on the first time, only time dealy ~ I defend my own then judgement, it was too much repeated use that I wasn't comfortable with, didn't know the people or any people well enough or how to address/cope/deal or not deal with it.

Now as far as my dear tweep, Ima let her know she better continue to always be my dear tweep because I like her as she is baaaad words and all.  I value and appreciate my dear tweep for liking me just like I am too! My dear tweep has always been loving and good natured when I have previously chided her about her use of baaaad words.  After putting all the pieces of this together today, my dear tweep better not ever unfollow me, ever!

FOR THE MOST PART:  I do my best to keep the shortened common word for "fornication" out of my Twitter timeline. There was this accident and one never knows if there should be another, "accident" being the key word here.

Sigh, as ever, the more I try to figure things out, the more I know I don't know about so many things and never will.

I'm @grammakaye on twitter. All comments are welcome. If you twitter (my primary social media) remember to leave your twitter handle (ID) in your comment, so that I may befriend you or uh don't leave it, if you don't want me to find you. (SMILING)

Edited update: April 23, 2013


  1. I know just how you feel, once I wrote a blog and was using a play on words how I followed Jesus but he wouldn't follow me back and I had to "unfollow" him, well some people seen the headline in their timeline and sent me direct messages, your a bad person and unfollowed me. Well I got extra people who were going to "pray" for me from that headline, now I was just making a joke and a play on words and it all worked out fine after I explained myself. Sometimes people over react but you can't let them slow you down, you gotta keep chugging on. I love your post Kaye-Itshoosierdaddy

    1. Oh la BILL! I will promise myself to please remember never to peep a tweet about following and unfollowing Jesus. I appreciate the tip.

      Ima gonna double share this in my comment replies but, this teeny tiny event was only the tip o my icebergs <--- PLURAL ~ during the past couple social media weeks. It was the only one I could process and quickly articulate into a post. It did give me some good relief to get this one outta my mind. (Cleared some clutter.)

      Other icebergs events Ima still processing. This ol g-ma ship is refusing to go down. Whether I shape shift into a train, tugboat, bus, taxi ~ Ima 'keep chugging on' ~ in my own g-ma sorta kinda way. Thank you for your encouragement.

  2. Oh, well. It was the Twitter-follower's loss if they un-followed you. I've been followed and un-followed so often that I have become callous to this whole ritual. --.--

    (Mine happens to be @TwoBeansOrNot. Feel free to follow it. Then subsequently un-follow.)

    -Barb the French Bean

    1. Barb the French Bean ~ I'll be looking you up on twitter next time I get in there. As I was trying to explain to my friend Bill @itshoosierdaddy on twitter ~ this was a teeny tiny event that I was able to fairly quickly process and articulate. It felt really good to clear at least this little bit of clutter outta my mind.
      * * *
      I've had a rough multiple icebergs <-- PLURAL week, Ima still trying to process all of it, to figure out what I can let go, how fast I can let it go, what not to let go, what I may or may not write about, so on and so forth.
      * * *
      Lest I forget over the past six months twitter itself has had the 'twitter glitch devil' which twitter unfollows people for you who didn't actually unfollow you on their own. This has personally put a dent in many folks 'inter~personal skills'. That for sure wasn't the case in this particular writing.
      * * *
      Ima tell you right now, out of all my social media 'angst' this past two weeks ~ CRACK YOU WHIP, SUPER EARTHLING and now you THE BEANS somehow 'found' me. Y'all pure treasure. I really do thank you.


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