Twitter Suspended My Doggies @3DogsWhite

Subtitled: So Far Not A Happy Easter Weekend

Crump! Crump! Crump! (These being said in lieu of bad bad baaaaad other words, I'm a trying not to think, let alone say.)

When one bad word pops up into my mind, I 'crump' it away!  Bottom line is so far I'm not having a Happy Easter weekend and it is only Saturday!  I'm about worked up to "pissedamonious" which is standard and used cuss word in this household that I feel no moral or ethical need to block from my mind or mouth. For those of you who do not follow along my blog regularly.....

Pissedamonious ~ any combination percentage of beyond peeved, sanctimonious and acrimonious. It is prevalent and happens in our home, the social media, politics, and in the world at large.

I first directed that word at myself early this morning upon awakening. I have put off a dental need for too long until now it is almost an emergent situation. I'm aching and in terrible pain and doing everything in my power to hold it off and hold it over until I can beat a traffic path to a dental office next week. I'm angry with myself because this need is gonna take from my financial resources and what may be left is going to have to be mightily stretched to make household ends meet.  Simply it's just part and parcel of life's struggle and I gotta get the gumption to stand up, face it and figure out a way through it. Exactly like so many other human beings are doing with this, that or the other right now in their own lives.



@3DogsWhite ~ Taz, Buddy, Daisy

Here's our sad story ~ after taking care of as much of the dental pain as I could this morn. I came to my computer to try and catch up on my @grammakaye account. I followed my new followers and to welcome them, I opened both & Follow Friday Helper and sent out thank you messages. I signed out and went over to @3DogsWhite and did the same. They had 10 new followers. I followed them. I then opened up Tweepi and Follow Friday Helper and sent out #Gratitude hash mark message to only some of their 46* followers and promptly got suspended.  They weren't being sent to each individual, but sent 3-7 persons on each tweet.

You've heard  the cliche 'ignorance of the law' is no excuse.  You still need to know exactly which law or laws you broke.
I attempted to send three twitter support help requests once I figured out how to find that. This all takes up a whole lotta time. I got a message on the first request I sent that it wasn't being received. That is the only reason I sent two more after that. Then it dawned on me, maybe I need to go check their e-mail account. I did read through both Twitter rules and I read through the other one Twitter's Best Practices and I still could not figure out exactly how @3DogsWhite broke the Twitter laws to get suspended.  (46* followers, I may have told Twitter Support 56 in my confusion by mistake.)

I get over to their e-mail account and sure enough there is some information from Twitter Support, seems all three help requests had in fact been received but can not continue forward to the 'queue' place to be worked on until I reply to the e-mail.

I was good. I apologized for sending so many help requests and told them I was only going to respond to just this first one.  I did ask if my response can be considered like 'an appeal' to get @3DogsWhite  their account back.  That is yet to be determined. When we find out what laws we broke, we will update this blog with what they have to say.

I did tell Twitter Support we are glad they work hard to keep twitter a clean, fun, decent, creative place.

Ima tell YOU what...this has been a complete shock to this Green Bay gramma who lives in such a tiny local world.  I realize my doggies are not vanity plates, but I was very proud of them. I had seen so many other pets, critters and animals on twitter. I thought them having their own account would be a fun extended adventure for us.  This adventure has ended in less than two weeks by being suspended.  I'm truly hoping they get their account back, we'll just have to see.

Currently, I am the gramma with the highly flushed red face partially from dental problems, the rest from complete and total  continued shock and embarrassment.  I just wondered if I wrote this up, if it might help some of you sorta, kinda, maybe find the Twitter Rules and Best Practices just a little easier or not.

 All of today's events took up what would have been a whole lot of possible twitter convo time today. That's it for now, yeppers ~ SO FAR NOT A HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND

I'm @grammakaye on twitter. If you twitter and tweet,  Twitter is my primary form of social media. All are welcome to leave a comment here. If you also tweet, please leave your twitter handle (ID) so that I may befriend you.


  1. Hi Ms. Kaye,

    I read this and felt...this just sucks! I'm so sorry this happened. I hope the doggies' account will be allowed back up in very short order. I think it's good to have this account dedicated to the dogs. I kept a blog for my dogs, so I know micro-blogging for them surely has its place. And, yes it'd be good to know which rules were "broken". If for nothing else, should worse come to worst, you could perhaps start anew, being more knowledgeable the second time around.

    Hope you will get a remarkable amount of ease re the dental prob.

    And, above all, that the Easter weekend will get so much better, you yourself will be amazed!

    Blessings and a long tight hug (I'm a hugger),

    Claudia (@cyopro)

  2. Nice shower and pulling together some clothing for an attempted evening church service Ms. Claudia. Thank you for caring. Hug very accepted and shared back.

    Ima only very worried about if you can't figure out what rule or rules you broke to be 'contrite' about it to Twitter Support, then are you too stupid to be on twitter? Will Twitter Support be like some other web sites that I have only just heard about from another in that if you can't figure out how you do wrong on your own, they won't tell you either?

    Thirdly, as really stupid as I myself (@grammakaye) was trying to figure out twitter and build with it and other people, how did I ever survive approximately the last year and a half without getting suspended myself????? LOVE YOU Claudia and thanks!

  3. Unbelievable, I am interested in knowing what mess the dogs made that got twitter all, well a twitter. Bill

  4. Hey Bill, the cynical old lady in me says 'just another good ol American swat down for me' ~ just when you think you are finding some mastery,(being able to use twitter); contentment & appropriate pride (ya give your sweet lil doggies an account of their own); SWAT! ~ suspended ~ ya broke some rule(s) you still don't even know what you broke(s) and therefore become suspended and ARE NOT WORTHY.

    No word today from Twitter Support. I didn't expect any since it is Easter Sunday.


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