Earth Day

EARTH DAY~ Trying to Leave Petty Behind
No this post is not about Tom Petty. It is about the small, often unimportant grievances that sometimes agitate, irritate and annoy a person i.e. "me" on this totally beautiful Sunday morning (Earth Day) in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

It has everything to do with coffee or what I deem to be my lack of it after just having brewed the fourth 12 cup pot of the morning, so that I could so very much enjoy my very own fourth cup of coffee.

You've probably seen/heard quotes from folks who love their guns indicating they would only give up their gun when it is pried from their cold, dead hand.  You've probably seen/heard quotes from entertainers and stand-up comics that indicate they'd only give up their microphones when that mic is pried from their cold, dead hand.

That's how I am about my coffee. I very much expect at my end that someone will be prying my cup of coffee out of my cold, dead  right hand and my TV remote out of my cold, dead left hand. (The TV remote will have to be a story for another time.) Yes, as far as drinking coffee and watching TV together I am very much ambidextrous.

My two favorite coffee cups are both 10 ounces each. When they are filled to the perfect position for me to drink from, they come at 8- 8 1/2 ounces, yeppers, I just measured several times to come to that conclusion.  My daughter's two favorite coffee cups come in at 12 ounce cups.  Both of them broke in clumsy accidents this past two weeks. (I had nothing to do with either of those two broken cups.)  So I had to go to an alternative cup approximately the same size as the two that broke to measure. It's a good guess.

Well today, daughter retrieved her 'angel' coffee cups and one of them is what she is using. I just measured, they are 16+ ounce coffee cups.  Daughter has forgotten we've had this conversation before about her extra large volume coffee cups and the havoc (chaos) it creates around here.  The bottom line is whenever I turn around to go pour myself a cup of coffee, the pot is either empty or with just a tiny bit of dregs at the bottom of the pot, empty or dregs, one or the other.

As it would turn out today is not exactly good TIMING to discuss our own 'resource competition'. This weekend my daughter took a major bathroom project on. She scraped, scrubbed and took out all the old icky caulking, put new caulking on and painted the bathroom a beautiful "Nordic Ice" color which a very white with a blue tone in it.

While I told her I would help her with it and she indicated she wanted my help, it came to she actually only wanted very little help from me and in the spirit of cooperation I will be taking on a part of her regularly scheduled household chores and duties.  We both took a favorable 'win-win'.

As you can see it would be totally ungracious of me to open up the 'coffee conversation' (resource competition) today or perhaps for a few days. The dear daughter did major work for our 'better good'.  She deserves praise and support for all her labors from me right now and that is all she needs to be hearing about.


Today is Earth Day! I think of all those beautiful pictures of the earth taken from outer space. Can you see them in your mind?  (As a new blogger I am too afraid to search and find one of them to add to this post because I'm wary of being in any kind of 'copyright infringement' until I study it a little more, if ever.)

Earth Day in Green Bay is usually about environmental things, like cleaning up garbage from a park or public place. I think the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary on Saturday hosted an organization to take old television sets, computers and other electronics that have elements in them that shouldn't really go to landfills.

I couldn't get that picture vision of  Earth as taken from outer space from my mind. Our entire Earth is into a horrible battle of  'resource competition'.  There are people including babies who have died in the short time it took me to write this from lack of water, lack of food, lack of medical treatment.  There are organized factions who will commit murder in attempts to hold grip and power over what resources are available.  There are people who would think my first three cups of brewed coffee would be equivalent to a "king's ransom".

It is so easy for me to take for granted that I and my family  live in these United States of America and no matter how precarious we feel our circumstances to be on any given day, we are truly blessed with so much.  Not only do we have 'enough' to keep going, we have the love and support of each other, we have the spirit of cooperation, we are family, we have each other. 

As an individual I may be lacking in solving the Earth's horrible battle of  'resource competition'.  I can resolve to admitting I know it exists and I should very much figure what or how I can help those in very dire need that are caught up directly within it.

I can't pretend to understand all the workings of my own mind because I don't always do. For the rest of this beautiful Earth Day in Green Bay, Wisconsin ~ I am really going to make an effort to leave the petty behind.


  1. Hi Ms. Kaye,

    Love the transition from the local to the global "resource competition".

    And, yeeeah, I'd like to think I'm allowed to be petty about a few things. Last check, I'm still within my quota :)

    Happy Earth Day!



    1. Hi Ms. Claudia, I know I will fall into 'petty' again and again. It's the natural human thing that happens.
      Now, as far as your "I'd like to think I'm allowed to be petty about a few things." ~ The important thing is 'petty' may be an alright place to visit every once in a while, but prolly not a good location to take up residence and live full-time. :)
      * * *
      I think it was when I realized my daughter and I were into 'resource competition' for our brewed coffee that tripped my brain globally. Especially this past several months there's been so many stories reported. I realized with respect to the greater globe of how things are, I was being petty. I did feel shame for it.

      Secondary, writing at least allows me to discover and run 'the rabbit trails' of my mind. Thank you for visiting me Ms. Claudia!

  2. Well said, Kaye.

    Don't feel too bad about being "petty" over the coffee resources; at the most, they probably irked you considering that your mug is pretty much super-glued to your hand. (You are a hilarious writer, by the way!)

    Worrying about the welfare of those all over the world is easy to forget when we are so focused about what is happening in our homes, what is closer to us.

    Speaking of which, I think I may brew myself some coffee right now. :P

    -Barb the French Bean

    1. Hello Barb the French Bean! You said the truth of it. We get so busy trying to stay the course (survive & thrive) within our own lives, it is all too easy to forget that our neighborhood, our town/city, our state, our nation and then the global world all have needs for resources too.
      * * *
      Truly, it all makes me ache inside and I wonder what, if any 'power' I have to help it in any small way I can. Then comes the truth of self-knowing ~ without my own daily coffee ~ I may no good to anyone including myself. Thanks for visiting...bring me back a cybercup of your good brewed coffee next time around.

  3. Great post! I am the world's hawg on Nutella, but lately have cut it down quite a bit. I don't drink coffee, but love hot chocolate.

    I guess it is safe to say anything chocolate, but I need to not be so greedy with the world's supply of anything chocolate.

    1. Hi Ms. T ~ I've heard of this Nutella. I have heard people who eat it love it a LOT and don't want to do without it. I don't know how this household has never managed to buy it and get started with it.

      Oh la, I love chocolate, daughter and Grand do too. I have too much love for chocolate, candies, cakes, anything sweets as my quickly emptying gum line now attests to. Poor dears, I'm always on their cases, especially the Grand about taking care of his teeth.

      You are a rare find for me, someone who doesn't drink coffee. That's pretty amazing! Thanks for your visit today. I appreciate it and YOU!


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