SHORT TAKES April 4, 2012

Oh!  I so lose track of time. Just about at least once a day there is just a little short something or other that happens. I tell myself I should write that down.  Then I promptly forget to write it down. I figured out my own remedy, we'll see how this works out. I'll put all them 'short happenings' here into Short Takes with a date on it. After I get enough of them to make what I consider a proper length blog post, well then I'll publish it.
* * *

Your Room Is Too Messy

A few weeks back I had to have that "your room is too messy" talk with Grand without directly saying "your room is too messy".

I began with an entrance I've have used before ~ "Wow, looks like a lot of electrical cords and electronics on the floor in your room. You know that's one reason I don't hang your clean laundry up in your closet or put it in your chest of drawers. I might fall and break my hip or worse break one of your expensive electronics."

Grand replies, "Don't gramma, I just had this talk with my mother."

Daughter replies, "Mama, leave it alone, I just talked to him this morning about it."

I reply, "Oh Grand, you are so lucky to have such a nice Mama, you can't ask for better than her as a Mama. I'll bettcha she told you your room is too messy without directly saying your room is too messy. How good is that?"

And there we were all grinning at each other. Mmmm you should know that Grand put his room in order over the next couple days. Then exactly to the day one week later, his room was too messy once again.

* * *

THE SCHOOL CALLED  ~ April 4, 2012

Early this morning Grand's school called.  My daughter was home and answered the phone. (She was scheduled to work in her home office today.)  Seems Mr. Grand skipped out of after school homework tutoring program on Monday and Tuesday which he is really lucky to have at his school.  Grand especially needs to be attending these tutoring sessions because he has an explicit problem not doing and not turning in some of his homework assignments. When he regularly attends this after school homework program he completes most, but not all of his homework. So if he doesn't do his homework, he will either not be graduated to start high school next year or he will have to go to some kind of Summer school to get to high school. Needless to say, Grand has a big problem here that we have not been able to help him fix.

My daughter assigned me to my very own 'secret agent mission'. I was to go to school and wait out front by the flagpole and if Grand came out the school doors, I was to get hold of him and walk him to the after school homework program.  BUSTED! I busted him. He made it to his session.

I tell you what, I'm only human, it felt pretty dang good to have that much POWER. I tweeted about it, took me forever to figure out that tweet.  I think I started it off with "(background music track playing I GOT DA POWER)..."

They've had an opportunity to speak about this subject this evening. My daughter said to Grand... "Now do I need to send Gramma to walk you to your after school homework tutoring session every day?"

Grand replies "Please, don't. I'll go Mom, I'll go."

I was smiling really big. Only thing is I've got to figure out how to pray about this homework issue/situation big time. When Grand does get to high school, high school will not have an after school homework tutoring program.

* * *

CLUES FROM DAUGHTER  ~ from ummm I think just this past week

Oh yeah, y'all are going to have to pardon my ego with this one. I may get a little 'braggolicious' about myself on this.
Let's update you from these two paragraphs in my first blog post.

"I had asked my daughter if she would be interested in doing a double perspective blog about 'stuff' with me. She expressed some interest and then backed off a while back now. She has also expressed some kind of want and need to have a deeper connectivity with me as her mother.  We do spend a good amount of time together. We live under the same roof.  I've made it clear I am available to her, for her.  (I'm retired for crikey's sake, of course I'm available.) So far that's not been exactly working out like whatever it is she thinks she wants/needs.

When I asked her again about doing a blog together (a few weeks back)  ~  God bless this woman ~ she strongly & straightforwardly told me.."Who in the world would want to read or listen to anything you have to say?"  Often times she says things to me & I THINK  replies back to her "Alrighty then, GAME ON!"  ~ The funniest thing about all of this family wing fang dang fal der rah is really doesn't matter how many other folks read and listen to me, but will this act of blogging (writing) simply make me happy.  If one person enjoys one post, that's the cherry on the sundae of it all."

I got very excited when I saw on my blog that I had folks from the United States of America and nine other countries that had visited and read my blog postings.  I say to daughter, do you remember when you said "Who in the world would want to read or listen to anything you have to say?" Well, just so you know I have people from 10 countries total who read and listen to what I have to say.

Daughter replies, "I didn't say that (long pause), oh yeah, I did say that didn't I."

I say, "Why yes you did."

Daughter responds, "Well, Mama if you would just talk to me like you talk to your friends on the Internet, have you thought I might really want and like that?"

I answer, "No you don't, unless you think you might be ready for that now. For your information, I have always talked with you for a good many years now exactly like I talk to my friends on the Internet. Do you know what you say to me? I'll tell you exactly what you say to me, 'Mama, quit treating my like I'm a child'."

Daughter (actual eye rolls followed by) "Oh, Mama!"

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  1. You have some fun and interesting challenges with Grand and Daughter.

    The room cleaning thing is always interesting with youngsters, and as for adult children, they will always have their own perceptions about how they think they're being understood.

    Great food for thought, my friend!

    1. Hello dear person and friend Michael Monaghan! Yes Sir, it's always interesting around here in that everyday, ordinary, average life kinda sorta way. Just the actual action of writing some of these things outs has become a positive catalyst toward some kind of clarity about it I'm truly hoping it will help me push off and shoosh away any type of senility or dementia that would even dare think of visiting my mind and body! (SMILE) thank for being such the person you are, I really appreciate having you as my friend!


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